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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Soap Free Wash

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Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Soap Free Wash is a soap-free, pH-balanced cleanser for dry or sensitive skin that’s suitable for use on the face, body and hands. The gentle foaming formula contains mild plant-derived surfactants to cleanse the skin without stripping away natural oils. It also contains aloe vera, calendula and chamomile to soothe irritated skin.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Soap Free Wash


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If you have sensitive skin, eczema, itchiness, or from reactions to treatments like Chemotherapy, then NS Soap Free Wash is the one for you. This product is Sulphate free with no added perfumes.  Its ph balanced to be kind to your skin and is packed with natural ingredients. This is not an indulgent luxurious body wash, but for some using that type of body wash will mean that they will have to pay with upset skin afterward.  This product is a gel type liquid that lathers only lightly but even so it leaves my skin feeling clean without feeling tight and stripped of natural oils.  It's very gentle.  So gentle in fact it would be lovely to use as a baby bath wash.  I do find that I use about 3 pumps in the shower and it does take a little getting used to not having all the lather and bubbles, but it's worth it for happy skin.  You can also use this on your face but I haven't ventured there as yet. The 500 ml pump is easy to use and perfect if you wanted to have a bottle next to the sink for hand washing.  A great alternative to standard liquid hand wash especially if you have problems on your hands such as eczema.
My husband has extremely dry, sensitive skin so he only uses cleansers that are soap free because they don’t strip the natural oils from his skin.    The Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Soap Free Wash is a favourite everyday wash, and he really notices the difference if we go away for a few days and he forgets to pack the wash.   Instead of his skin feeling soft and non-irritated, it flares up and becomes dry and itchy.    The wash is packaged in a 500ml pump bottle which makes it easy to dispense the product.  The wash is clear, has a light consistency and is fragrance free.  The gentle foaming formula lathers well providing a very silky soft product that glides effortlessly over the skin.   The added bonus of this wash is that it can be used for the body, face and hands.    The Nutri-Synergy Skincare NS Soap Free Wash thoroughly cleans while at the same time provides a barrier to stop the skin from further drying out.  This, combined with a skin lotion which is applied immediately after his shower, keeps his skin well moisturised and helps to maintain his intense itchy skin at a manageable level.    I recommend the NS Soap Free Wash as a gentle, soothing wash because the formula, packed with natural goodness of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile and essential oilsis a winner.   
This is by far the best soap free wash I have used to date. I love that it has no nasties in it doesn't irritate my very dry flaky skin. As it has a slight foaming action I feel like I am using soap. I can use directly onto my skin or on a flannel etc. The other bonus is I can use it all over my body including my face. I love this product and would highly recommend to anyone with dry or sensitive skin