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NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil with a built-in brush for styling brows. Use the pencil to fill in sparse areas and define arches, and the brush head to blend the colour and tame eyebrows. The pencil formula contains a blend of oils - vegetable, coconut and soy bean - to ensure smooth, easy application. 

Available in 8 shades.


NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil


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There are so many good points to this brow pencil. Love it. Let’s start with the price. It’s super economical for something that works so well, really excellent value for money. The pencil itself is creamy and easy to use to define and fill in sparse brows while still looking natural. The formula is creamy and the pencil winds up with ease, no sharpening. The brush works well to distribute product and keep brows in place. NYX really have thought of everything. This is an awesome product that I can’t be without for beautiful brows. I adore this and highly recommend it
Great colour for my brows, easy to apply and blend and even coverage without looking too much. I like the price point and would buy again. It lasted well, blended well and is all round a great product. I would recommend to others as a cheap, easily accessible brow pencil.
I have NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. I like this pencil for some many reasons and I really can't believe it is so cheap! the colour matches my brow colour perfectly without looking fake, beautiful nourishing ingredients, wind out so no sharpening, brush attached , the pencil is soft and applies beautifully. I recommend this product because it is unbeatable for the price.
The NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a fantastic everyday budget eyebrow pencil. I found it easy to fill in my brows especially around the tail of my brow where my hair is more sparse. I also loved the inclusion of the brush with this product as it assists in distributing product evenly and setting my hairs in place before going back in with product. Overall, I would definitely recommend as an everyday no-fail eyebrow pencil.
I couldn't love this eyebrow pencil anymore! It's so creamy and pigmented ,such a great product and for the price it's amazing and recomend it to everyone. Nyx is my go to drugstore brand such amazing products for a great price. You will not be disappointed with it
Love this. I’ve been using this for awhile to draw my eyebrows and this gives me the most natural looking finish. Love the fact that it’s affordable and easy to buy online. If you love fuller brows then this is your friend. Simply great. Love this product. Must buy.
This brow pencil does an excellent job at a great price making it so affordable for all. I have some what oily eye area, including brows so many formulas slip and slid off my face making me look like a melting mess. But this formula was great, lasted all day and was smooth to apply.  I didn't need to put allot of force & pressure to draw the brows on.  The pencil is light weight and comes with a mini brush.  The brush it self is not the best but good enough for traveling or on the go. Recommend!
This is a great eyebrow pencil! I hate eyebrow pencil which smudges easily and was so please to find this eyebrow pencil which has a drier formula. The pen's tip is slightly curved, but is still easy to draw a well-defined line. It is well pigmented. Best of all, it doesn't smudge easily! There is also a small brush at the end of the cover for you to brush on your brows to really give you a natural finish. For that great price, there really is nothing to complain about this pen. I love it!
The texture is not heavy and you can build it up. I use maybelline eyebrow for the outer liner shape and use this to fill-in my brows. I then top it up with brow powder. The effect is indeed long lasting!It stays for more than 8 hours and the effect is very natural. I will go crazy if they will stop producing this. Pros: - last long - buildable - cheap! - no need to sharpen Cons: - nothing...just love this!
I bought NYX auto eyebrow pencil during priceline 40% off cosmetics sale. I have read mixed reviews about this product, some really love it while others are disappointed. It is available in 8 different shades, I feel that choosing right shade is very important to avoid disappointment.  I got it in the shade dark brown which is closer to my natural brow colour.  I use it on daily basis and find it a perfect dupe of benefit goof proof with the friction of price.   It comes in a strong black packing with a twist function pencil on one side and a brow brush on the other. The pencil is thick and has oval shape, great to fake fuller brows but not ideal for precise application. It is well pigmented, one swipe is enough to show good colour. I have used a number of brow products and find that brow products are not suppose to be very dark and intense (unlike eyeliners) as they should give a soft pigment to our brows. This brow pencil gives me natural looking fuller brows and even I do not need to use any other brow product.  My eyebrow does not look overdrawn which I absolutely love. This product replaced my brow powder, as I perfectly fill my brows with it .   NYX auto brow pencil is really a long lasting product and last on my brows for more than 8 hours with out smudging and fading. I need to properly remove it at the end of the day.   Overall, I love this brow pencil, it instantly gives me beautiful natural looking brows. I recommend it for every one but not for those who are looking for precise brow pencil. Also I recommend choosing the shade carefully because wrong shade will not give you desired results.
This eyebrow pencil is very good value as it's easy to use, low priced and has a brush tip end. It allows me to precisely fill in my brows in the exact spots where I know my brows are sparse. I can also draw fine lines to give my brows natural hairs and this makes my brows look more defined and more real. This eyebrow pencil doesn't give my brows a shine like some brow pencils can, so it keeps my brows looking defined. Pros: easy to use, fine tip, affordable Cons: can be applied with more colour depth, so use a light touch and build upon the depth of colour Tip: apply lightly at first, then increase the amount of colour intensity you want, if you feel you've applied too much colour intensity to your brows, use the brush tip to gently brush and reduce the depth of colour and to help give your brows a more natural look. Take your time the first few times to get a feel of which angle to hold the pencil and how much pressure you need to apply for the look you're after. Recommendation: I recommend this low priced eye brow pencil for anyone who wants to fill in their brows or needs to actually draw on full brows. This is a fine tip eye brow pencil that makes my brows look defined and natural.