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NYX Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray is a setting spray that ensures makeup stays put all day. Its lightweight formula feels comfortable on the skin and keeps makeup looking fresh. For best results, spritz onto the face from a distance of 30cm.

Available in 2 finishes.


NYX Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray


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Not really matte but increases make-up longevity

This is a VP/VA Copolymer-based mist which means that it is a proper finishing spray that is supposed to protect against sweat, rubbing and clumping. It also contains niacinamide, and there is minimal fragrance. The finish is not really matte on me, it kinda makes everything blend in and look less cakey. It helped my make-up stay on for longer throughout the day and my face look less oily than it would have been hours after make-up application. I would have preferred the spray mist to be a little bit finer for better control, but this is a minor complaint. It is good value for a setting spray.
This is a great, budget-friendly setting spray which is comfortable and helps my makeup stay fresh throughout the day. It does a good job controlling my oily t-zone. I use this as the last step in my makeup routine to set my makeup, but I also spray some on my beauty blender then apply my liquid foundation for some extra staying power. It has a nice micro mist which means no splotches on my face.
This is an affordable setting spray! If you're not too fussed or are only starting out on your makeup/skincare journey, I would recommend this product. It made my makeup stay on my face for 2-3 hours and it did not budge. It's very easy to apply - you only need 3-4 spritz over your face in a cross formation. Also, a good stocking stuffer or small gift.
I'm still yet to find a setting spray that I love. This one is probably as close as I've come. I love the NYX brand and their Matte but not flat is my go-to powder foundation (So much so that when my local Priceline stopped selling it, I started ordering it online in bulk) I'd recommend this spray for weddings and events where you really need your makeup to stay in place all day as it will do that and stop you from needing to touch-up as often  For me where it lost points is that it still gave that tight sprayed feeling that I found with other sprays. It's as good as any other spray out there that I've tried but I'd still opt to go without and use just for special occasions
This product is what i would call a medium range setting spray, for the price it is long lasting and inexpensive, its low on fragrance and lasts for hours I did find this spray was not the greatest for my combination sensitive skin. This spray whilst it held my makeup firmly in place i did find on my t zone i got oily very quickly and on my cheeks it seemed to dry me 
Pretty average spray for me tbh, despite all the raving reviews. I usually prefer a matte finish anyways, but this one just doesn't do it for me, I think my skin prefers the dewy finish makeup spray. This can be easily accessed online and instore so it's convenient, but I would save my money.
This is an excellent setting spray at such an affordable price point. It feels refreshing and cooling. I really liked that my makeup lasted really well on quite humid days. The main drawback for me is that it was lightly scented, and also left my skin feeling slightly tacky to the touch.
Pros - easy to use applicator - smells great - doesn't make skin feel or look oily - makes makeup last for a long time without smudging - refreshes skin - get lots of product for the price Cons - none Final Thoughts: I have had no issues using this product and think that it is an effective setting spray
In the past I have used a powder setting but I saw this and was intrigued.   This is a very gentle, fine mist which feels very light and refreshing on top of your make-up.  I have normal to dry skin and only needed 2-3 quick sprays on top of my make-up,  It really sets your make-up and lasts all day even in really hot weather.   It's non fragrant, non greasy, no tacky feeling or leaves a wet feeling on your skin.   It's affordable too.  
I love this product. It comes in a spray bottle that sprays a very fine mist, which is nice on your face as opposed to being squirted unpleasantly. I use a piece of thin cardboard to fan it dry and it works great and doesn't take long to dry. I find it really helps set my make up and makes it last a lot longer as well as not running. I can't even tell it's on my face, it's so light. There's no real smell to it which I like. Definitely a product I will purchase again.
A light setting spray that blends your makeup together and creates a powdered look without the dryness/cakeyness. Works great on dry and oily skin. Leaves no tackiness or white dots like some pesky setting sprays. Lasts all day for work and all night (even when sweaty)  With the price I had my suspicions, but this has become my holy grail product and I actually have a bottle at my desk for a mid day touch up (not a necessary step but it's so refreshing) The packaging is nice and minimalistic. I usually spray 2 - 3 times, like an X shape and then one direct spray, before mascara as I can find it may make certain mascaras run. Highly recommend this product! x
This setting spray has a great nozzle- the mist comes out really lightly, so it doesn't affect your makeup. It sets your makeup quite well, and doesn't leave your skin feeling too taut. It doesn't have a strong smell and I have found that the bottle has lasted me for quite a long time. I wouldn't recommend this product for particularly oily skin like mine though- I found that I had to fix my make up after a few hours, but I think it would be ok for normal skin. I do not plan on repurchasing this product, as I have found a cheaper alternative that works better with my oily skin.
This was the first make up setting spray I ever purchased, although I have moved onto a different product .. this product is great! It is such an affordable product! Spray after applying your makeup and this product helps set your makeup and last all day!! Would recommend, great value for money and the setting spray works well!
This is the first time I have used a setting spray so I don't have much to compare it to. I have very oily skin so I was hoping this would be something that would help. It smells really nice and easy to use with a pump but I felt it was too watery and didn't keep me matte.
I have extremely oily skin so it’s so hard to find a setting spray that works for me! but this is litterly god in spray form! it keeps my makeup on all day but also keeps it looking matte! this stuff is the bomb! NYX setting spray is the best!
I really like this spray it does what it says and gives this amazing feeling of freshness to the face. Great dupe for high end sprays, it  mattifies and sets my makeup, and gives me a flawless look.  The bottle lasts a very long time.  I would highly recommended it to anyone who  wants to try an excellent spray on a budget.  
This spray does mattify your makeup, but that said I don't think it actually helped set my makeup at all. I've tried using this on several different days but personally have not had success. I know this is a spray that a lot of people love but the spray on my bottle is like a jet! Half the time it ends up soaking my hair because too much product comes out. I did try using the spray with another nozzle attached but the product didn't seem to give my makeup any longevity. I've had more success with other sprays. At this price point I don't think it hurts trying but I definitely was left unimpressed. There are other sprays out there that aren't expensive, so I wouldn't be recommending to my friends.
I love this setting spray, it works really well on my dry skin. I find it allows my makeup to last at least two hours longer and helps mesh my foundation into the skin and make it look more natural. I always use it as the last step in my makeup routine and finds that it makes my skin quite matte but not a dry looking matte- perfect during the summer months. I only use a few spritzes so I've found that the product lasts forever- case in point, I use mine almost every day and I only have to purchase a refill every four to six months. Its also very affordable which is always a plus- and you can sometimes get it on sale at your local pharmacy so it becomes even more of a steal! l also have quite sensitive skin and I have found that this never breaks me out or leaves my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Obviously I can't say how well it performs on oiler skin but I would recommend to those drier skinned gals and don't worry about the matte claims as it still makes my skin look soft and slightly matte. I also love the packaging and I find that the nozzle perfectly distributes the product is a smooth spray so that your don't end up with annoying droplets everywhere!
It does what it says, mattifies and sets makeup quite well on oily skin, however if you've also got sensitive skin and prone to breakouts when using new products, maybe try this out first in store a couple of times before you buy. I have combination oily/normal skin that just gets oilier and oilier as summer rolls on (currently at almost emergency levels). I bought this last month for the racing season in Melbourne since I had a lot of day events and wanted something to make sure my makeup would stay put and matte without me having to run to the bathroom regularly for touch ups. I'd tested a couple of other more expensive brands before but since I'd already spent so much on outfits etc. I needed something a bit cheaper so turned to NYX who I can generally trust with makeup.  What I noticed straight away on initial application was that it had no real smell - great since I hate having really fragrant products on my face. I sprayed two pumps about an arms length away and let the mist settle. It's lightweight and doesn't feel sticky or silicon-y. Usually within around two hours under the sun I'm reaching for blot papers, but miraculously this kept the oil at bay. At around the four-five hour mark I started noticing some shine, which for me is pretty remarkable. I touched up with blot paper and a fine dusting of powder and a little more spray and it was good until I made it home. Now the story is all good until this point. Each time I used this spray, the next morning I woke up with little bumps around my forehead and cheeks. And my skin felt a little tight. This was the only new product I used on my face at this time, so I am sure it was the spray. Unfortunately I ended up gifting it to a friend who loves it, but for me my skin was too sensitive for it. Maybe because I touched up with it twice? Another negative point was that the spray bottle was not well made and the nozzle kept clogging up and not misting properly.  Good: price, mattifies for a reasonable amount of time Bad: made my skin break out, packaging could be improved Buy again? No
I found this to be a great setting spray, I used the matte version and it set my makeup beautifully with a deeey finish which gives a youthful appearance. This product was so easy to use, just apply about three spritzed after applying makeup, my top tip is to apply mascara afterwards so it does not run. This sets my makeup really well leaving my ski soft and supple, I felt it did control oil and shine and  at under $15.00 you can't go wrong at this price. This spray is ideal for anyone who suffers oily skin as it really does control this well. The container is smart and the scent is pleasant. This controls perspiration to leave my makeup feeling fresher longer, I really loved this especially for the price and would recommend it. Pros Great price, really budget friendly Controls perspiration and shine Sets makeup immediately leaving it looking fresher for longer Great for oily skin Cons I would have liked the results to last a little longer, my face grew outlier towards the end of the day so I used blotting paper It also is an extra step in the makeup applying routine, so maybe leave it off if you are pushed for time, however it is quick to apply and dries fast.