Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Detoxifying

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Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Detoxifying is a face scrub with Vitamin C and Black Charcoal. Black Charcoal is known to detoxify the skin with its microporous structure that can help trap impurities from pores. It’s tough on oil and great at ridding skin of excess grease and shine.

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Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Detoxifying


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Great gentle scrub

This is a really gentle effective scrub. I love that it isn’t harsh on my skin like some scrubs can be yet it cleans pores effectively and gets rid of grime, oil and dead skin to reveal skin that glows. My skin feels so fresh and clean when I use this and feels really smooth. I love the addition of vitamin c because it leaves my skin looking brighter and less tired so it’s quite a good anti ageing product. The charcoal scrub lathers well and the handy tube means no mess so it’s super easy to deep clean skin. I love olay products, great value for money and this scrub is a winner for me
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Love this!

I'm always on the look out for a new exfoliating scrub, and I usually find they're too harsh and scratchy. This one, however, was the absolute opposite! I was surprised actually at how good this felt on my skin. I didn't feel any harsh granules, and it did a thorough job of cleansing my skin. I didn't really notice and fragrance either. My skin felt soft as well, and not at all tight afterwards, which i find can happen with a lot of face washes. I didn't experience any breakouts or dryness after using it. I'd definitely buy this again. Highly recommend!
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Grate detoxifying mask

I really liked this scrub I love that it’s got vitamin c in which is grate for the skin love how it’s a 5 in 1 clean I felt my skin was healthy and more detoxified after I used it love the feeling of it as I’m useing it love the idea of useing black charcoal I love the design of the bottle love how it looks clean and fresh and feels refreshing. I love the feeling after I wash my face as it feel smooth and clean and refreshed. Definitely need to try this I definitely recommend as I’m a big fan of facial scrubs also found it not to harsh on my skin so that’s a grate thing.
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Gentle, soothing facial scrub

I received this product to trial as part of the Reviewcrew. I’ve been using a facial scrub as part of my regular beauty routine for quite some time now, so I was really interested to see how this one stacked up against my usual. I liked that it comes in a tube, it definitely makes it easier to use and dispense in the shower, which only needed a small amount. I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, but that’s just me, I prefer something that smells a bit prettier I guess. The scrub itself had a nice lather and it was quite gentle, which I felt was good as some exfoliants can be too harsh, whereas this definitely lends to being able to use this product morning and night without drying out the skin too much. I’ve had a lot of trouble over winter with dry patches appearing on my face, which has made it hard to find products that don’t make that flare up. This product was gentle enough that I found my skin didn’t react negatively, while still feeling like I was being left with a fresh and clean feeling. Overall, I didn’t love the fragrance but it was a nice level of scrub that is gentle enough to use morning and night, I'd be interested to try the other Vitamin C scrubs in Olay's range.
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Exfoliating and refreshing

I found this product gave a great feel to your face after using it. It didn’t have an overpowering smell with the charcoal in it but then again it didn’t smell pleasant. I felt it gave a good exfoliating feel but wasn’t too much that it left my face feeling dry and red. Great to use in the shower for a good over all clean of the face. The packaging isn’t anything to look at and wouldn’t be my first choice to buy in the shops. Now that I have used it I would definitely purchase again and recommend.
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Great product

This scrub is great for a once or twice a week use. There is a little scent which is a little chemically however the benefits that I saw post using this mask definitely outweigh the smell. It’s quite foamy which is great cause you can ensure that you get every inch of your face and neck. Didn’t strip all the faces natural oils but did get rid of any thing clogging up the pores without being too harsh. Great product to incorporate into my skincare routine and with a great price too that isn’t going to break the bank
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Nice gentle scrub

I applied this to cleansed skin, it's a creamy foaming scrub with small exfoliating beads in there. I really liked how small the beads were and how it wasn't too hard on my skin, the scrub foams and after I used the scrub my skin felt very clean and exfoliated. I really love that it has vitamin C in there as I'm working on removing my pigmentation and the charcoal is great for my oily t zone. I also really like how big the tube is, this will last me for months The only negative is I didn't like the smell, it was a subtle plastic-like smell. Overall a good scrub and I would use again for sure.
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Light and easy scrub.

This was a totally different product than I thought it would be. I was expecting a thick scrub, more like a mask. This was totally different - a lighter, easy to apply texture that could easily be used on the daily if you wished to. It didn't feel overly stripping or anthing despite the charcoal base of the scrub - my face felt clean, and not overly dry. The only downside is that I wasn't the biggest fan of the mint scent. It felt a bit too artificial for me, I'd rather just the charcoal based smell.
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Olay 5-in-1 vitamin C scrub- detoxifying

Its gentle scrub for my skin. I love the feeling afterwards, some scrubs feels super drying on my skin and tight feeling but this one is not at all I love the Smell , brighten my suns spot in my face which I have I used twice a week, a little goes a Long way, repurchase this product for sure. Even my husband is using it because he has a dry skin around his nose. Its perfect for me using it before makeup application smooth skin . I love olay product . I would recommend this for my friends and family
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Easy deep clean

I was excited to try this mask as I have large pores on my cheeks and nose. I also tend to get oily around this area. I found the product had an almost minty scent and wasn’t overpowering. The scrub granules were quite fine so you could probably use this every day if you wished. It foamed up really well. Once rinsed off I was left with soft glowing skin. This one will be going in the shower for when I want a good skin detox, like after wearing makeup or sunscreen. I’m sure my partner will be keen to use this too.
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So smooth

This is a face wash and scrub in one. I loved using this product. It cleaned all the dead skin on the surface and my skin felt silky smooth once finished. My skin looks brighter and has a glow. It was easy to use and smelt quite pleasant. I definitely would recommend this product to other people, men or women. It also made applying makeup the next day much easier as my skin was so smooth and free from any dead skin. I will be buying this product when the tube I has runs out because it actually makes me feel like I have a routine with my skin.
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Vitamin C & Charcoal work well together

I was given this scrub to trial and was pleased to give it a go. I’ve been using the same scrub for years but I may have found a new fave. This scrub wasn’t what I expected it to be. Being charcoal, I initially thought it would be a rough black grit consistency. But it wasn’t; a nice white cream consistency with a very fine grit. A great little scrub that is gentle enough to use everyday. Considering the added Vitamin C, it didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils nor leave my skin red or agitated. It’s left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I like this product and would recommend it. Bonus points because it’s readily available at supermarkets!
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I enjoyed this scrub. Being a charcoal and vitamin C scrub I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was really nice. I enjoyed the fresh scent of the scrub, and the scrub wasn’t black either (which is what I was expecting). The product was a greyish colour and wasn’t harsh. It scrubbed my face well and even foamed slightly. It didn’t leave my face feeling sore or stripped, my face felt quite hydrated and very smooth afterwards which was really lovely. The packaging is quite basic, but I love the size of the tube and love the fact that it was easy to use (being a flip top lid). I don’t know if I would pay $18.99 for it, as other less expensive scrubs felt the same on my skin, but all in all it was lovely. It left my skin feeling clean and smooth.
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Good quality scrub

I liked this scrub. It didn't feel harsh at all on my skin and instead felt mildly exfoliating. It didn't have an overpowering smell or colour like some products that contain charcoal. It left my skin feeling smooth. I have oily skin so I'm hoping with repeated use my skin starts to look a bit less oily! My skin is also quite sensitive and can react to new products but I didn't react to this one at all. Overall I'd recommend it especially for people with oily skin, as my skin did definitely seem less oily for a while after using it. Plus I think the tube will last quite a while as you really don't need very much product for each use. It's a bit pricey so that's the only real downside I can see.
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Nice product

There is barely any scent which would be great for people who don’t like strong fragrance. It foams quite a lot. I find that it removes all my make up, oils, dirt etc quite easily and doesn’t dry out my skin. My skin feels quite nice after. My husband enjoys it too (and he can be fussy). It’s not a heavy exfoliant so it’s quite gentle to use morning and night. I like the tube it comes in, it’s sleek and easy to use. I like this scrub but don’t know if it will replace my current scrub I will continue to use it and see how my skin feels after using it for a while.
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Gentle on Skin

The scrub is very gentle on your face, not course or harsh like other exfoliants/scrubs. When applying the scrub it foams up and lathers onto your skin well, not having to use as much as i initially thought. I found that it removes makeup well without having to use additional products and now use it as a part of my daily routine. It does have a mild charcoal scent that is not unpleasant. After using the product my face felt very smooth and cleansed. I would recommend this product to others as i love it. Again packaging just seems slightly outdated and wouldn't jump out at me if i saw it on a shelf and not previously tried it.

Great all rounder!

Ι don’t usually like scrubs but I was very surprised it this one. It was soft on the skin and did not feel too harsh. My skin did not feel dry and did not feel striped of its natural oils. I have sensitive skin so I would only use a scrub every couple of weeks. I also found that the beads were very small so that did not make it too harsh on my skin also. It didn’t have a strong smell or anything which was good, as I would prefer products that have no scent. I also used this on my legs and it worked wonders! I would not do this after shaving but I would use this in between so all the dry skin was removed. It was a great all rounder, definitely worth trying!
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Smoothing face scrub

I really enjoyed this face scrub. You only need a small amount so this large tube will last a long time. The scrub partials are very small and not harsh at all so you can easily use this every day. There is no scent to this product and it doesn't strip your skin nor leave it with a film once washed off it just leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. I feel like it helped with oil control somewhat. It exfoliated away rough patches and smoothed my skin which resulted in my makeup looking much better on my skin. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to others.
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A solid scrub!

I really enjoyed using this Vitamin C and charcoal scrub! I found it effectively cleaned my face, and I felt like my skin felt smoother after using it for a few days. It’s quite refreshing and has a cooling sensation on the skin, which was really nice. It was also a very gentle scrub, so I didn’t feel like I was damaging my skin in any way, and at the same time, I do feel that it made a difference in gently exfoliating my skin. It also did not feel overly stripping of my skin, which I find some scrubs do. I would definitely recommend this product, as I feel like it’s quite solid in every way, and I will be adding it to my routine for sure.
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Nice scrub

This scrub isn’t harsh on my skin like others I’ve used which was nice. It was easy to apply and foamed up well. Probably the only thing I didn’t like ( hence only 3 stars ) was the scent. It was more of a chemical smell but apart from that I liked the scrub. My skin felt really nice after using it without being red raw that usually get when using a scrub. I love the size of the product, you actually get a decent amount of product which is fantastic. Olay products are great for all skin types so I highly recommend trying.