Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Pore Purifying

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Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Pore Purifying is a face scrub with Vitamin V and Dragon Fruit. Vitamin C helps to brighten and refresh skin, whilst non-stripping cleansers purify, and the antioxidant essence of Dragon Fruit feels like an escape to the tropics.

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Olay 5-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub - Pore Purifying


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Fresh glowing skin

These olay scrubs are great, I have tried a few, they are great value and really work. This vitamin c scrub leaves my skin fresher and brighter, removing dead skin cells, dirt, oil and grime to reveal smooth more youthful looking skin. So easy to use, they are gentle on sensitive skin, not too harsh and the crystals are tiny but effective. I love the fruity smell of this scrub, it’s just divine and leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh. I recommend following up with a good moisturiser for awesome results


This scrub smells heavenly and fresh. The scrub has little crystals which have a sugary texture that helps them slowly disappear as you gently exfoliate. It's not harsh at all. This scrub is a 5 in 1 scrub: 1. brightens 2. cleanses 3. gently exfoliates 4. Reduces the appearance of excess oil 5. Refreshes skin. After using this scrub my skin is left feeling clean (not stripped or tight), hydrated and smooth. I love how the tube sits on it's lid so that there is minimal to no wastage. The tube is 125ml and costs about $19. I highly recommend this Olay scrub. It's amazing!

Lovely scent

I love using this scrub and one of the main reasons is because it smells so incredibly good. It has a delicious fruity scent and it is an effective scrub without being harsh. It does a great job and cleansing and unclogging my pores. My skin feels very smooth and clean after using it. The tube packaging makes it east to store in the bathroom and dispense. Overall, this is just a great product,especially because it is affordable and Olay is often on sale. I love this scrub and have repurchased already.
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Love this scrub!

I have been using it in the morning and night as part of my skin care routine and this scrub worked wonders, I have quite enlarged pores and after a few uses I found my blackheads are disappearing. It feels gentle on the skin and left my skin feeling brighter and smoother. The smell is so lovely and fruity and the consistency is thick and creamy. It comes in a pretty big tube as well which is great value for money. I would definitely repurchase when I run out and recommend this to friends and family.
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Great scrub

I really loved this scrub, it smells amazing and feels great when applied. Its smooth and creamy texture make it easy to rub into your skin so you don't need a big amount of product. you can feel it working, it is easy to rinse off and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. It is a great addition to my cleansing routine. it doesn't dry out the skin so you can use it more frequently, I used it a couple of times a week and notices my skin felt smooth. I would definitely recommend it as an easy to use scrub that make your skin bright and feeling soft and smooth
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A great scrub!

This product is amazing! I have been using in the shower morning and night as part of my skin care regime and it is amazing! I found that a little goes a long way! The beads in the scrub work so well at cleaning my skin and not too rough on my skin either. I wear a mask at work so on the days I am working I found I needed to use a little more to ensure my skin was clean but it has worked wonders. It smells amazing as well! They are very generous with the tube size as well, the product will last you a while if you bought it. I have really enjoyed using this product and would continue to use it.
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Fantastic exfoliating product

I loved using this scrub. It has a really lovely scent, and a pleasant, thick texture. The exfoliant is gentle-feeling, lightly scrubbing the skin without any skin sensitivity. There's a light foaming action, it's not too drying and it really cleanses the skin properly. I loved the natural ingredients, the gentle foam, and the feeling of my skin afterwards. I felt fresh and clean, my skin felt smooth, and I felt like over time I saw a reduction in the size of my pores. I really loved this product, and I would buy it again.
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Blackheads be gone

Olay does it again with this lovely little exfoliator. I wasn't expecting the fragrance to be quite so strong, but I found that I really enjoyed the fruity freshness it brought to my cleansing routine. It's super easy to use and washes off with just a good rinse. Easy and effective- that's something I need more of in life. After a few uses, I noticed my blackheads disappearing as well- without the appearance of those pesky pimples I normally get after exfoliating. It's a really wonderful product for the price point and I love that it has Vitamin C in the exfoliator. I definitely felt like my skin was brighter after use.
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Huuuuuge fan. Best smelling scrub ever!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! A really good, reliable, delicious smelling manual exfoliant to incorporate into your skincare routine. I keep this in the shower and have been using 1-2 times a week. Generally I’ve found myself moving away from manual exfoliants and have been using chemical exfoliants of late but I’m such a fan of this product that I’m finding myself reaching for this one more and more often! The smell is just divine, the product isn’t too rough or too gentle on the skin and it definitely doesn’t overly dry it out either. I will definitely continue to use this and will repurchase when I run out!
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A lovely scrub

I am not into scrubs but I would recommend this one for people who like mechanical exfoliation. The exfoliating particles are very gentle, made of hydrated silica which breaks down while you exfoliate. This means that you won't risk over-exfoliating and damaging your skin. I also loved the fact that the texture is nice and creamy. And it smells lovely! It also has a BHA (salicylic acid) which is great for acne-prone and oily skin. The vitamin C claims are dubious and mainly marketing hype as ascorbic acid is an unstable ingredient and very likely won't be effective in this product. I would use it once or twice a week as a simple addition to your skincare routine with nice ingredients, mainly salicylic acid and glycerin (which means this scrub won't dry out your skin). It would have been better without a fragrance as it has the potential to irritate but it is a pleasant smell.
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Love the smell!!

I love the scent of this product, it smells so fruity and delicious, I hope they decide to make it into a body wash or lotion at some point! However, I'm not too keen on my facial products being so heavily scented, but as its only on the face for a short amount of time I can let that pass. I feel like this product is a very basic scrub, the particles are quite large and felt really scratchy on my approaching middle aged skin and yet they didn't give quite the exfoliation to the texture and flaky skin that I was hoping for. The scrubby bits are suspended in a cleanser formula that works quite well without being stripping. I think this product would work for younger skins; teens and those in their early 20's tend to prefer a scrub that feels more "scrubby" and the scent leads me to think this is their target market. As for me, I have found better exfoliating products at a similar price point for my personal preferences.
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Beautiful Scent

This scrub is really nice, the scent is beautiful and the product is nice and easy to use. The packaging is simple, the tube makes it easy to squeeze out the right amount of product. The scrub goes on the skin nicely -you don’t need to use too much- and gives a really good exfoliation. It is easy to rinse off, doesn’t stick to the skin like some other scrubs. This product did not make my skin break out. I prefer to use this product once or twice a week, alongside my regular face wash. I would recommend to anyone wanting a good exfoliant that doesn’t strip your skin.
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Good daily scrub

This scrub is gentle and perfect for daily use. It doesn't feel too harsh on your skin but easily removes leftover makeup and dead cells leaving the skin feel refreshed and smooth. The smell is wonderful, much better than any other exfoliator I've tried. It certainly doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and rough like some exfoliators do. It's easy to apply and doesn't come out all at once which is a bonus especially as I used it in the shower. My skin looked to be dewy and fresh after using and makeup application was easy and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.
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Softest Scrub I have ever used!

I was excited to try this product since I always like Olay products, and the idea of Dragon fruit was interesting too. I hardly ever see this ingredient in products and had no idea it can help with glowy skin and acne! It smelt really nice as well, a gentle and slightly sweet smell. I like a good scrub product, but am always conscious of it being too rough on my skin and stripping it of all the good things. I was pleasantly surprised by this scrub, because it was super effective but also super gentle on my skin! The scrub wasn't too granular, more felt like small flakes, and a small amount would spread really easily across my entire face. It definitely made a difference, my skin felt cleaner and also looked brighter after every use. I will be using this scrub in the future as I really like how gentle it is!
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Effective and affordable scrub

This pore purifying scrub is a great everyday exfoliant. The beads help gently remove makeup and residue on the skin. I’ve been using this scrub once a day and my skin is smooth and glowy with minimal breakouts. I have naturally oily skin so it’s rare for my skin to be smooth and pimple-free. The smell is also absolutely delightful- it’s fruity and fresh. I’ve never had a scrub smell so good. I would recommend this product as it’s affordable and effective as a high-end skincare product. I would definitely purchase again and recommend as a budget-friendly skincare option.
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Great scrub!

I thoroughly enjoyed trialling this scrub. The first thing you notice is the scent; light yet delicious, fruity and fresh. The scrub itself feels lovely, lightly foaming with gentle exfoliating beads. It’s very easy on the skin, while still being an effective exfoliant. The results are instant and I love the soft feel of my skin after use. I’ve been using it every other day, and have noticed a big improvement in my skin texture. It feels so fresh and clean, Incredibly smooth, brightness has improved and my makeup looks flawless on my skin. I’d definitely repurchase this and recommend to anyone seeking an effective facial scrub without compromising their skin.
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Blackheads begone!

I was on the look out for a product that helps correct my skin and clear my ever persistent blackheads! This one did the trick, without being too harsh or excessively drying. If anyone saw me closely, I'm pretty sure they would notice my T-zone, which due to huge pores, often is filled with blackheads. My BB cream, most times fails to cover these :( I have used masks, but find them cumbersome. This one is easy to use, does not require too much fuss, and delivers. I will buy again when I run out of this! That's enough said :D
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Good, simple face scrub

This is a nice simple face scrub. When using this exfoliant I found it to be reasonably gentle but effective. I have use it once a week for about a month. My skin can be somewhat reactive and is combo/dry and this product was not drying or irritating for me. The scrub has a fruity fragrance that is pleasant too. While the product is nice I generally use a simple cleanser (without actives) and incorporate a chemical exfoliant once a week and active serums on the other days. I think in future I would use this during change of season or winter when my skin is dry but I prefer products that are topically gentle, thus rarely use physical exfoliants.
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Good every day scrub

I recently have been using the 5 in 1 vitamin C cleanser. I use it both in the morning and night, without scrubbing too hard just to clean my face. Great daily deep cleanser. Product also had such a nice smell!! And a really nice texture. The exfoliating beads are quite small so it is overall fairly smooth. My face certainly feels clean and refreshed after using this. It hasn't done anything special for my skin, but it certainly an easy and pleasant exfoliating cleanser. Overall, I would recommend as a daily face wash, but it's nothing too special.
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A great all rounder exfoliator

A great all round scrub for anyone wanting to introduce and exfoliation component into their beauty regime. It is not too intense but definitely still has the right amount of granules in it to be effective. It is easy to use and apply and doesn’t need to be left on for too long. I don’t mind the smell, but I’m not someone who is in to fragranced things. I do find the smell a little intense but it is a pleasant one so I wouldn’t see it as a negative. I feel like this could be use daily, I however used it every second day and in combination with the Olay Vitamin C Resurfacing Treatment Mask and AHA Peel Serum Activator. I found it to work very well hand in hand with that product. I did notice my skin didn’t dry out and it did leave my fine lines a bit smoother.