Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion – Sensitive Skin

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Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion – Sensitive Skin is a soothing face moisturiser specifically formulated for sensitive and delicate skin types. The gentle, non-greasy formula actively hydrates skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving the complexion soft, smooth and younger-looking.


Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion – Sensitive Skin


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I tried this Olay moisturizer as a suggestion from my Mom. She’s been using it for years and really likes it.  Me on the other hand, I don’t care for this product. The pros: •it’s moisturizing •inexpensive compared to other brands cons: •greasy •unpleasant odor. It just didn’t work for me.  Sorry Mom!
This is a nice basic moisturiser. It has a nice scent and goes on smoothly. I wouldn't buy it again as over the course of the day it makes me quite shiny where I would like a matte finish on my face. Great for dry skin and as a back up.
The Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion is a classic but a fantastic moisturiser. I have been using this moisturiser for years. I love that I can use it on my face/neck as well as my body if needed.   It comes in a plastic bottle with a lid and the size is also travel friendly. It is a very pale pink lotion.   It is a great moisturiser for people with sensitive skin. When I use this Olay moisturiser my skin doesn’t feel itchy or irritated at all. It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin quickly. It always leaves my skin feeling hydrated, silky soft and smooth.   It has a scent but it isn’t too strong as it disappears after you have applied it.   Sometimes in winter I do need to apply twice if I feel like my skin needs a bit of an extra hydration boost.   Pros: - affordable - great for sensitive skin - leaves skin silky and smooth   Cons: - no SPF  
I've been using this since I was 16 (now 35). I use it every day after I shower or wash my face. My skin is flawless, I have no lines and no-one believes I am 35 (even after having 5 kids)! I genuinely believe I have Olay to thank for this! My favourite beauty product EVER!!!!
Olay Moisturising Lotion This pink lotion is a good old failful in the beauty cabinet staple. I have relatively normal skin these days though it's still a little on the sensitive side. As a child I had very sensitive skin and dermatitis, so it was a struggle. This was one lotion I could use without an adverse affect. It moisturises and leaves the skin feeling soft. Lightly fragranced, it has a subtle fresh fragrance. It's great to use after a shower and during hot and windy months to rehydrate your skin.
Fantastic product!!! I always got theimpression Olay was for mature age women, luckily my mum introduced me to Olayotherwise I would never have purchased this lotion. I use it as my face cream,it is absorbs easily into my skin leaving my skin hydrated. I also love how thelotion doesn’t have a scent.   The only down side is that there is no SPFin this lotion – this means I will need to apply another SPF cream in themorning.  This lotion is also notsuitable for Winter because the cream is quite liquid based, it doesn’t giveenough protection against the cold, wet, windy weather. 
The Olay moisturising lotion (sensitive) is my everyday ride or die face moisturiser! I have very sensitive dry red skin and cannot use the non sensitive version, however the sensitive formula is perfect for me. I do have other products that I use for a more intensive deep hydration treatment when my skins needs that, but as far as every day use, this is my savior! I have been using this product for over ten years and the lightweight, smooth, hydrating formula has never let me down. I do find with some heavier, thicker, moisturisers, that they often peel off the skin throughout the day and as I don’t wear makeup most days, I need something that will stay put on its own and actually sink into the skin rather than sit on top of the surface and then flake off. This face cream is just so effortless and conveniently available very widely. Such a great price and the product goes such a long way too, it’s really a no brainer that once you have tried this product you become hooked.
I have been using Olay classic moisturising lotion for years, probably too many to count.  This is religion for my  face. Every morning and every night l apply this wonderful light cream to my face and neck.  I choose the sensitive version because as l have become older l find some other products too harsh for my skin, the Olay works well and l have no issues with it irritating  my skin.  It is a great price, this lotion proves you don't have to spend a fortune on your beauty regime to achieve  beautiful soft skin.  It come in a handy plastic bottle that l literally take everywhere. I will often receive a bottle of Olay classic as an extra gift for either birthday or Christmas from my family.   One product that l have remained a loyal user of because of all its features.
I originally was given this as a Kris Kringle gift, and I must admit that I would never have thought of buying it for myself simply because I thought of Olay as a product my Grandmother would use. Also the price put me off, for some reason I thought that it was too cheap to work. But I love it. It goes on smoothly, absorbs well and does not irritate my Combination Skin (which tends to break out if it doesn't like something).  I've also used it on my arms when I've run out of body moisturiser.  I still use more expensive products, but I keep coming back to this one, especially in summer when I want something light and simple that wont make me break out.
Have used this product for years.  Is as good as the original Oil of Ulan my Mum always used (except the smell isn't the same). Great value for money, easily available, easily absorbs.  I have super sensitive skin, if I can use it anyone can.  The bonus is SPF 30 so no need for a sunscreen as well.
My mum happened to buy this for me and i am in love with it, i have sensitive skin and its great for my dry skin. Such a reliable mosturiser as it makes your skin soft and hydrated. A bonus is it's fragrance free! A tip is applying some onto a cotton ball to remove eye makeup - works wonders! Amazing for the price too!
I've been using this Olay product for years on-and-off, for moisturising my body. I am aware it is made for the face, however I find that it works really well for all over the body. The formula is very lightweight and you don't get that horrible film that you get with many moisturisers (you can slip those jeans right on after you've applied it to your legs haha!). I also find it hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling very soft. Especially during the winter months my skin gets quite dehydrated but this little bottle saves me everytime. I also like that it is formulated for sensitive skin- I have quite dry and sensitive skin that is prone to redness and I find that this moisturiser does not irritate it at all. The bottle is hygienic and easy-to-use (also quite lightweight so very easy to travel with). Again another no-fuss moisturiser (that doesn't break the bank) that you can slap on and go!
I have been using this product for years and there is no better facial moisturiser out, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth with no oily residue. My mother uses it as it helps in reducing wrinkles and aging but you can never be too young to start looking after your skin. Highly recommend
Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion is great for a quick fix. I used to occasionally work for a glamour shots agency where the makeup and skincare was supplied. On one occasion I realised we were out of moisturiser so I raced out to Priceline and purchased this ... and  t was brilliant! It kept  was hydrating, lightweight yet nourishing and kept client's soft. The product created a smooth landing for the makeup which glided over with ease. I was really happy with the outcome!
Close to the original 'Oil of Ulan' as they get. This is a wonderful cream for myself (and my 4 year old).  Starting that the bottle, it is plastic and easy to dispense.  The price is very good for the quality of the cream. The Sensitive Skin cream is light and absorbs well into dry skin. I have rosacea and my rosacea does not flare up at all with the use of this cream.