Olay Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 25

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Olay Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 is a daily face moisturiser formulated with vitamin E, aloe and green tea extract to hydrate the skin, leaving it refreshed, radiant and younger-looking. The hydrating formula contains SPF 25 to protect skin against premature ageing and the damaging effects of daily UV exposure.


Olay Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 25


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I purchased this affordable product when I was on holidays and found it to work great being out in the sun all day. It has a nice scent and didn’t make my face look or feel to oily. It is another reliable product from Olay without needing to spend to much to purchase.
I have used this Olay day lotion for a few years now, simply because I love that It’s texture is not too light or heavy, and absorbs well. This is a basic and very affordable day lotion that comes in a generous sized bottle with a pump dispenser. It doesn’t provide any major lifting, firming or age defying benefits, other than that it contains SPF protection and some antioxidant ingredients. I use the fragrance-free, sensitive version and it never irritates my skin or cause breakouts. The texture is lovely and absorbs really well without feeling sticky or uncomfortable on my face. It contains a good level of UV protection and this is the reason why I keep going back to this handy and effective lotion! I use about 3 to 4 pumps for my entire face and neck area. It leaves my skin hydrated and soft, plus I don’t get oily or shiny throughout the day. I think this is a great “no frills” day lotion that doesn’t contain any fancy ingredients, but just does a good job protecting and hydrating my skin.  I would recommend this lotion to anyone who wants an inexpensive day lotion with added SPF protection. It would probably be too light for dry skins and so I think it’s great for combination and normal skin types. I will continue to purchase and use this Olay lotion as it suits my skin well and helps my makeup stay looking fresh all day long without any touch ups. It’s also pretty good value for money and the 75ml bottle lasts longer than your average moisturisers. 
Another great product by Olay. This moisturiser contains a SPF of 25 which l think is high enough for a facial cream. I'm sure if you have intentions to sit in the sun for long periods then an actual sunscreen should be used as well. The Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion does not make my face feel oily or greasy, the lotion is light in texture and is absorbed very quickly. I have been using Olay products for many years and yes, l have had people say my skin looks lovely for someone my age.  The lotion is not going to break the budget and comes in a handy size and it is nice to use a pump version to make application a little easier. Because of the versatility of this product it can be used by women of all ages.
I wish I liked this lotion, as it has a beautiful consistency and sinks right into my skin with no greasy shine or residue left over. However, it clogged my skin and stung my eyes (even when the lotion was not directly under or around the eye. The SPF is too low in my opinion, even for general day to day wear.  It is a great price, superb quality durable bottle and nice texture, so it is worth seeing if it suits your skin.
I just started using this product. Initially i was unsure if i would like it because i find it so hard to find a face moisturiser that i like that isn't greasy. this is so far from being greasy.It is so lightweight and absorbent. It doesn't feel heavy at all! The packaging is in a pump which is easy, practical and hygienic. i hate dipping my finger into a container of moisturiser.It also comes out nicely and isn't runny. It makes my skin feel so fresh and hydrated once applied. With the SPF 25 i was so pleasantly surprised it doesn't have a sunscreen smell but smell fresh and isn't too strong. i love knowing that my face is protected in the harsh Australian summer sun but without the cost of a greasy smelly, thick, sunscreen feeling. at such an affordable price too I would recommend this to everyone!
This is a lightweight, non-greasy everyday lotion that leaves my skin soft and hydrated without leaving a heavy, greasy feel. I have used this lotion for quite sometime now and I prefer the sensitive version as there is no strong or noticeable fragrance. This is a great, basic all-in-one, go-to moisturising lotion if you want a good day lotion with decent spf protection. I wouldn’t say this is a miracle anti-aging treatment, but it does provide some good antioxidant protection as it contains vitamin E and green tea extracts. This lotion is very inexpensive and it comes in a plastic pump bottle which is hygienic and perfect for travel. This product is great for the Summer months as it provides light hydration and sun protection, and doesn’t make my skin shiny by the end of the day or cause breakouts. I would recommend this lotion to anyone who wants a great everyday moisturiser, that absorbs well into the skin and leaves no residue. I don’t think this would be ideal for very dry skin as it’s too lightweight and really doesn’t have any major firming or lifting effects. It’s an affordable day lotion that doesn’t irritate my skin, so I will definitely continue to repurchase this product.
I first stumbled across this product a couple of years ago, and i've been a convert ever since. It has everything I look for in a daily moisturiser, and even when i do try other more expensive products, I keep coming back to this inexpensive gem. Here's what i love about it: * It has SPF 30 Broad Spectrum, making it a great daytime moisturiser year round * It absorbs quickly and easily *It provides a smooth base and doesn't interfere with makeup * It has a light, pleasant scent *There isn't a white cast or residue * I have dehydrated, combination skin and it manages to hydrate my skin without clogging my pores or causing breakouts  * It has a plastic pump bottle with a lid that locks, making it great for travel * It's easily accessible and often on sale It's so good, i've even converted my husband! Highly recommend!
This is definitely one of my favourite daytime moisturisers. I love that it offers sun protection of SPF 25 rather than SPF 15 like other brands tend to have for daily moisturiser.  One of the best things is that is in a moisturising lotion form, so it is thinner in texture which makes it easy to layer with other products on top. I skip the primer step when I use this, and go ahead with applying foundation or BB cream. It is the perfect base, absorbing quickly and allowing smooth application of my makeup without leaving any sticky residue.  The moisturising lotion itself is white, and dries clear on the skin, leaving a slight shine. It is by no means a matte product, but it also does not leave any tackiness on the skin. I have oily/combination skin, so this moisturising lotion gives me perfect balance of hydration without making me too oily.  The pump head is perfect for quick application. One pump delivers just enough to distribute across my face, and I use another half pump for my neck and decolletage area. It is really affordable anyway, so I use it pretty generously. It is protecting my skin after all! The only flaw is that the product is lightly fragranced with just the mildest smell of sunscreen. It hasn't given my skin any reactions or breakouts, but people with more sensitive skin might want to try the Olay range specifically for sensitive skin.
Olay never ceases to amaze me with their quality products. I like Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion because it provides high sun protection without that awful beachy sunscreen scent. I also love its lightweight yet creamy texture and its hydrating formula which maintains my skin and prevents it from drying out or excessively hydrating. The pump applicator expels evenly without spitting everywhere and the texture is not runny so it stays on the back of my hand while I brush my teeth or do other things. The packaging is simple yet attractive and is recyclable too which is a bonus. I was a little disappointed though with the failure to display all ingredients on the product's bottle but overall a great product and well priced too.
Reliable and affordable SPF15 face cream by Olay that does it's job without any oily or sticky residue.  Been using Olay since a child and it's still my number one brand for face creams.  This is a daily staple.  Compact bottle that's easy to put in a handbag and use on the go.
I have bought it from BigW during 40% sale period and used it quite frequently. But during hot weather, this lotion doesn't work well with my face and I eventually results pimples on my face. It may prevent from UV rays but it may not work well on sensitive skin.