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Olay Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths are textured cleansing cloths that work as a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser in one. The hydrating formula contains grapeseed extract and helps to smooth skin and replenish moisture levels while cleansing skin.

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Olay Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths


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Convenient quick cleanser

Olay Daily facials Hydrating Cloths. Facial wipes are not my favourite item, as I always feel that there will be some residue left on the skin. But there is no denying they ARE very useful – a no-brainer for travel, or for those nights when you are too tired to remove your make-up but know you have to. These cloths are a little different to the usual wet wipes, that are pre-impregnated with product. In the case of Daily Facials the product is actually dried and needs to be activated into a wet wipe by moistening under water, then massaging in the hands until it starts to foam, showing that it’s ready for use. The cloths are supposed to have 5 uses – as a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, scrub and mask – quite a claim for one product. The cloth is actually a porous, open-weave fibre with slight texture, so it does act as a form of exfoliator on the skin. It is a two-in-one product – it removes make-up and then cleanses, but doesn’t have an especially toning effect. As a make-up remover it is certainly effective. It lathers up very well and seemed to clear everything off my skin. (I double-checked after with a cleansing pad and micellar water – completely clear). Unlike many wipes it did not leave a sort of chemical residue afterwards, but it did make my eyes a little uncomfortable after, so I avoid this area. There are only two criticisms I have of these facial wipes – firstly, they contain alcohol which is a little drying on my skin, and were not hydrating at all. Secondly, they seem quite wasteful! The cloths contain a lot of product, far more than you probably need to cleanse your face, but you have no control about how much you use – once it is wet, you are using the lot! It does at least recommend that you rinse the cloth and use it to rinse off your face after, so most of the soap ends up down the sink. In this case, less product is definitely more. I do find this a handy product and better than some I have tried. It certainly is very convenient to complete your cleansing routine with one stripe. I deducted stars because it is a little drying on my skin and there is way too much product.

Foams with ease, cleanses without drying

I love makeup cleansing cloths for ease and convenience with no mess. These play cloths are hydrating as well as cleansing well so they don’t dry my sensitive skin. Containing grape seed extract, they remove grime, makeup, including eye makeup without irritation. The dry cloths are activated with water and lather up well, they scrub lightly without the need for harsh granules so give a good deep clean. These cloths make cleansing at the end of the day quick and easy. They are great for travel and are great value. Good job olay

Excellent for travelling

The Olay facials daily cleasing cloths removes my everyday makeup completely without any trouble and doesn't get messy. The cloth feels gentle on skin especially around the eye areas and doesn't irritate my skin. This cleansing cloth is definitely very convenient to use while travelling but not special enough to replace my current makeup remover or facial cleanser.
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I was pretty disappointed with these, they lathered up well but I feel like they did not do a good job with removing my makeup and I still had to go back over with my normal makeup remover. They are convenient and smell amazing, but don't cleanse effectively enough to be worth the purchase.
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Great cleansing cloth

In a bit of a rush, but want a fresh face, that’s cleansed and hydrated at the same time? The Olay Hydrating Cleansing Cloths do a great job! The cleansing cloths are water activated, so you simply wet, lather and cleanse. Simply and easy on the go. It’s a great multi-tasking product, the cleansing cloths were effective at removing all of my makeup cleansed, toned and left my face feeling clean and fresh. I love how these cloths have a good amount of product, and you don’t need to tug or pull at your skin. It’s a very gentle wipe of the face to cleanse. Not sticky residue, no tight feeling. They are fragranced, but it’s very soft and gentle and barely noticeable. They are a bargain price – and Olay usually has some good deals, so I am impressed with the value. My only concern is that these are not the most environmentally friendly.
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Very impressed!

I got these as part of the trial team and was surprised like many others at how much cleanser these cloths held. You open up the box and find a plastic packet which is stuffed with these cloths. I found getting the cloths out the box quite annoying. You open the box to find that they're stacked vertically rather than horizontally so you can't exactly peel one from the top. You grab one out and pop some water on it before applying it to your skin. I was very surprised at how much soap it had in its fibres. I was rubbing it against my skin and more and more soap just came foaming out. The soap is gentle and cleans nicely. For me, I found it fairly effective at removing makeup and such but as I prefer to wash my face with cleanser and water, this product isn't life changing for me. That being said, I would certainly turn to use it for travelling when I don't want to lug around multiple different products as you could use this not just on your face but for your body. I do however find it quite wasteful as I'm not sure how degradable these wipes are and if possible, I prefer not to use disposable products.
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Very convenient for travel, compact and easy. Won't dry out like other face cloths that already have water infused in them. Smells very pleasant and subtle. Gives my skin a good scrub and also cleans it free of makeup. Would recommend and also will purchase in the near future!
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Great product!

So blown away with these wipes! I avoid using makeup wipes and the like as they usually leave a weird residue on my skin that feels icky. I was really surprised with this product - super easy to use, convenient, and my skin felt really nice afterwards - no feeling of product residue. There was a lot of cleansing product in the wipes, maybe a little too much, but that's my only criticism. I'm still going to stick to using my cleansing balm when I'm at home, but I definitely think this product would be awesome when camping, travelling, etc. when I don't want to carry around my cleansing balm. Also my housemate started using them and is obsessed! She told me she rates it 5 stars!
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Surprising product that made gym mornings easier

I’ve been a double cleanse devotee for a while now, so I didn’t really think this product would work for me. However, I was incredibly surprised by the power that these cloths pack. One use is more than enough to get all of my make up off, and the second was able to leave my skin feeling clean but not stripped. I have quite sensitive skin, and usually any foaming cleanser will bring on a reaction, but I was surprised that these worked really well with me, with no ill effects. The clothes themselves are quite soft to use, and are a good size to clean the whole face. What most probably most was the way that they found their way to my gym bag – I think this is the best use. I was able to slide a cloth in that would replace several tubes and tubs of other products I was laughing to the gym every morning, and save time in the shower post workout. These would also be amazing for travel, where it’s impractical to use and wash flannels while living out of a suitcase. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that I can’t see from any of the packaging whether it’s biodegradable, I would repurchase this in a biodegradable or environmentally friendly version straight away. I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a great value-for-money product that will streamline your cleansing routine.
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I love these wipes!!! I don’t usually like face wipes Because I always feel like it leaves product on your face and by the time your half way through the packet they feel dry but I love that these are dry until your ready to use them. They foam up so well and give so much product. I’ve been using them for my second cleanse and I’ve really enjoyed them.
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Okay so I was skeptical at first but these are soooooo good. This is the perfect thing to remove my makeup (1 wipe for everyday-medium makeup and 2 wipes for heavy makeup). It’s so gentle I can’t get over it. Traditional make up wipes tug and feel dry and I have to use a bunch to get my makeup off but these things make it so easy. I always double cleanse so it’s perfect right before my face wash.
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Gentle and Fresh Cleaning Wipes!

Olay Daily Facials: Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths are such a beautiful product to use! I’m not usually a big fan of Olay products, so I was pleasantly surprised! These cleansing cloths have a gorgeously soft and subtle scent, which is not overpowering in anyway but such a pleasure to use! It’s even gentle enough to use on your eyes! My eyes are sensitive and get irritated with products I use around them. In saying that though, Olay has done a fantastic job with these cloths as my eyes didn’t get irritated at all - during or after use! My skin looks and feels fresh, clean, hydrated, smooth and soft after using this product! It takes make-up off with ease. Instructions are simple to follow and the cloths are easy to use. One thing I will comment on though is just to be mindful when wetting your cloth, not to put too much water on it. Otherwise you either waste the product squeezing it into the sink or completely soaking yourself with water. I will definitely be purchasing these cleansing cloths in the future and I will be recommending this product to all of my family and friends!
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Easy & Convenient

Overall I thought these were a great product that I would definitely use while traveling or to keep in my gym bag etc. They were incredibly quick and convenient to use and left my skin feeling clean and fresh but not too dry. However, I would be hesitant to use them more often given the amount of waste they generate as a single use product.
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Loved these!

I really like this product! It's like a regular make-up wipe but I definitely feel it provides a deeper cleanse and my skin felt really refreshed and clean afterwards which you don't always get with a makeup wipe. They are a little messy to use but that's a minor criticism!
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Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths

Never used anything like this before, typically I’m a face cloth kinda gal. When I opened the pack it had all the cloths neatly stacked in there and there is a lot of them (33 per pack) so would last you on average just over a month. There isn’t nifty device for pulling the top sheet out so you kinda accidentally pull a few but that’s more packaging than product. You only need a tiny bit of water and it really lathers up a lot, surprisingly more that you would imagine to give more than enough coverage. Soap smells fresh and feels gentle on the face. The texture of the netted cloth gives a gentle scrub. This to me is a lot Better than using face wipes , I really enjoyed them and would recommend them.
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Interesting and effective!

I'm going to open this review by saying that this is a great product, but to me, given the amount of waste that you get with this, it is really more a 3.5 stars at this point, as everyone tries to cutdown on their carbon footprint. So, what exactly is this supposed to be, and how do you use it? The Olay Daily Facials 5 in 1 Clean Water Activated Dry Cloths is supposed to have the cleansing power of a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser. Sounds like a lot to put into one product, isn't it? All you have to do is wet the cloth, massage it into the hands to seriously lather it up, cleanse the face, rinse the cloth, then take it all off with the cloth again. This did a really good job of taking off my daily face, including my mascara. I also liked that it did exfoliate the skin a little bit, and the cleansing was really effective. Overall, a pretty decent product from such a stable brand, but again, I would love it if they could come out with a more biodegradable version! This comes in a box of 33 sheets.
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Great time saver

Great product and saves a heap of time. The only reason it's not a 5/5 is that I found it made a bit too much lather and could be a bit stingy on the eyes if taking off eye makeup. Leaves skin very clean and soft afterwards though. Would be great if the product was biodegradable as there is so much of these easy use items going into landfill.
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A bit wasteful

As I'm trying to be more environmentally mindful, this product has me torn. It performed great, left my skin feeling clean, but not too dry or irritated. However, I don't enjoy knowing this is a single use item, throwing things that aren't exactly needed into landfil. Would I use this as an every day product? No. My typical cleanser without the daily waste is better. I could get behind them for travel - especially as I found I could cut the sheet in quarters and still get enough product off it to give me a thorough clean.
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Great for travelling

The Olay daily facials were really simple to use and feel refreshing on the face. I find it works best in your hand bag if you need a cleanse after the gym and could be very handy when travelling for short trips as if is compact and spill-proof. Overall, I would rate it 3.5/5, brownie points for creativity and ease of use. It is marketed as a 5 in 1, below is what it claims to do and my thoughts respectively: - makeup remover: works ok if wear light makeup however it will be quite costly and inefficient to remove heavy makeup, also not the best for waterproof mascara (I find oil based products best for this) - scrub: not a typical scrub, a lot more gentle but does make me skin feel a little smoother after use - toner: not too abrasive on my skin, feels fresh after use and if using after a face wash I find it removes the residual residue - mask: haven't used it as a mask so can't comment in this - cleanser: as mentioned before, ok for light makeup but stay away if you are using heavy makeup unless you want to use it after cleansing
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This is amazing!

This product is absolutely amazing! I cannot recommend this enough. I use these when I am taking my makeup off and let me tell you, it has cut down my routine immensely, all I need to do now is use ONE of these cloths and it takes away all of my makeup, it hydrates my skin and so much more. And for only $14.99 this is a really really great price. I can now come home, take my makeup off and do the rest of my skin care routine and I am done within 5 minutes thanks to this cloth, it is amazing