Olay Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Cleansing Cloths

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Olay Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Cleansing Cloths are textured cleansing cloths that work as a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser in one. The purifying formula contains a vitamin E complex and exfoliants that work to nourish skin and remove impurities from pores for a deep cleanse. 

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Olay Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Cleansing Cloths


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Effectively removes makeup and grime

I love these facial wipes, I have tried a few different types all with great effect. They are economical, handy and easy to use. They work by activating the dry cloths with water and foam super well. They are quick to use, removing makeup and grime easily without drying. The ridges on the cloths exfoliate without having to use harsh granules. Great for travel. A great priduct
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Neat and tidy clean up

I love these! Nice and easy to travel with, gentle enough for repeated use and smell lovely without being overpowering. The cloth itself has come in handy for reuse as well. I like being able to have them in my purse for the gym or a quick tidy up after work, I work in warehousing and sometimes product spillage is a thing. These are great for feeling refreshed and clean!
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Very Effective

These wipes are so good at removing a full face of makeup! Using them as the first step in a double cleansing routine was the most effective way that I found to use them. The fact that they are dry makes them easy for travel, however with the packet not re-sealable, I do have some concerns about how hygenic this could be in the long term. I like that you don't need a lot of water to activate the lathering in the wipes, but I did find that my eyes didn't quite like the lather as much as I had hoped. Finally, I love the dry wipe technology, with the smooth and exfoliating sides, however the environmental impacts do make me think twice about using them.
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Nifty Product, could be better

Great product for those on the go, easy to use and could easily be stored in a little case in a handbag but loses points for the disposal method Pros: Don't have to worry about closing the packet as the cloths are already dry, easily lathers up with a few drops pf water, has a textured and smooth side, can be stored easily in a handbag Cons: Need to use multiple for heavier makeup, doesn't feel like it fully takes off ALL makeup and isn't biodegradable (granted it does have a foam and other products in it which makes this harder but I do expect more)
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Great product but not environmentally friendly

I've never come across a product like this so I was quite excited to give it a try!These towels are totally dry, so would be great for travel - you just need a tiny amount of water to activate them.  They lather very quickly, and I particularly like how there's both a textured and smooth side - I personally used one side for the initial cleanse and the smoother side for a final wipe through post cleanse. It was effectively at removing a face full of makeup (though as these work like any other cleanser, I wasn't able to use these around the sensitive eye area) and I didn't notice any remaining residue post cleanse.  My only concern is in an environment where most brands are pushing towards more environmentally friendly practices, with reusable face cloths, etc, it seems wasteful to create a product that is producing even more waste.  Again, the product itself is great and these would be fabulous for travelling/camping, but my concern with the unnecessary extra waste it's producing means I can only give it four stars.
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Must-have Lazy Skincare

These are so handy for lazy days! Quick, simple, easy to use. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and not too dry. It doesn't give the same good results as my proper skin care routine but I enjoy the ease on my busy or exhausted days. I don't think it can do all the things it claims though. Can't replace a mask, toner etc. Definitely doesn't replace a proper exfoliation but good enough as everyday exfoliation. Would recommend for people too lazy for a proper skin care routine.
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I really like these cleansing cloths. They're simple and easy to use, and remove makeup better than normal makeup wipes. They would be really convenient for travelling, or to freshen up during a long day. I haven't finished the packet yet, but my only concern so far is how long they will last after opening, as the packet doesn't re-seal.
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Works great

I loved using these water activated dry cloths. Using this precast feels great on my face. There is a smooth side and a textured side for exfoliating. The cloths are large and strong and once wet creates a nice lather. They remove most of my makeup, but not my mascara. After using, my skin felt smooth and clean. The scent is fresh and subtle. This product is great for travelling and i would definitely buy this again.

Effective, clean and fresh

Thank you Beauty Crew and Olay for the opportunity to trial Olay Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Cleansing Cloths All in all I really enjoyed the trial. The cloths come in minimal packaging (paper box, foil bag and no box). There are more than enough for a month which is the trial period. I am using these cloths (almost) daily for makeup removal and cleanse. These clothes have been prepped with cleanser. It forms a rich lather upon contact with water. I like to use the exfoliating side for my first cleanse, and the smooth side for my second cleanse. The clothes can completely remove my foundation and other makeup on my face. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and without over-drying. I also find the daily exfoliating a bit much, so every 3-4 days I take a break and use a regular cleanser. This product however, is not suitable for removing eye makeup. I find that it doesn't work very well with my skincare routine. I like to use a makeup removing oil where one product cleanses eyes and face makeup. The one big cons of these cloths is the amount of rubbish it creates. They are truly convenient however, if I travel.
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A simple, all-in-one, travel-friendly product!

I've tried a lot of different cleansing products - including oils, cleansing balms, makeup wipes, and traditional liquid cleansers - so I was really intrigued by the concept of a dry cleansing cloth that's activated by water. After using these cloths for a week, I must say I'm super impressed! I've tested them both in the morning for a light cleanse, and at night to remove makeup, and found they work well in both cases. When wet, the cloth foams up very easily and the side with the textured micro-beads gently exfoliates and removes makeup from pores leaving your skin feeling ultra soft and smooth. My skin texture and pores looked more refined after using the cloth, which tells me my skin got a great cleanse from these. I wouldn't recommend using these to remove eye makeup when they're covered in foam, but after a good rinse, they're safe to swipe over the eye area. As a bonus, I think these would be brilliant for travelling, taking to the gym, or keeping in your clutch bag. They also claim to include a serum and mask all in one, so if you're after a facial in a flash or need to remove your day makeup and apply your night glam, these would be a go!
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Wonderfully Refreshing

Absolutely love these Olay water activated dry cloths. Easy to use, super convenient and great smell. Left my face feeling clean and refreshed. I’ve had issues before with my face wet wipes drying out so these are the perfect alternative. I’d definitely recommend these and will be purchasing them in the future.
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A deep clean with ease!!

I love how simple the Olay Deep Cleansing cloths were to use. They come dry and easy to transport however, I find that resealable packing would be much more ideal then what it currently has. I also found that you only need the slightest bit of water as they can get quite soapy. All in all I felt that my skin had a nice deep clean and that all face and eye makeup was removed with ease, added bonus that it didn't sting the eyes!! I have combination skin, and didn't notice any dryness or breakouts as a result of using the wipes. Would highly recommend over a standard make up wipe any day!!
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Fabulous for travel!

I recently brought these with me on a weekend trip and they were fantastic. These wipes are much lighter than standard make up wipes and the fact that they are multi-purpose and only require water for activation made them a great addition to my travel bag. I didn't need to scrub at all to thoroughly remove my make up and daily build-up, leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh. Would definitely recommend these to keen travellers looking for a versatile alternative to bringing a make up cleanser.
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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I received the Olay Daily Facials Dry Cleansing Cloths to trial and since opening them I haven’t stopped using them. They leave my skin feeling so smooth and clean after using them. They’re great for when you don’t feel like washing your face you simply just went the cloth, make a lather in your hands and bobs your uncle. Honestly couldn’t rave about them anymore they are so great for travelling to being so lightweight and easy to carry, no need to worry about spillage. The only downside is the fact the the cloths are not biodegradable but aside from that I couldn’t love them anymore. 10/10 recommend to everyone I know.
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Loved these for make up easy removal

I received the Olay Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Cleansing Cloths to trial and from first use I absolutely loved them. They make for such easy make up removal. They're super lightweight and one cloth is plenty for removing an entire face of make up which makes them great for travelling. My only issue is that I found they stung my eyes a little which made removing eye make up a little difficult. Other than that, would highly recommend to everyone!
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Convenient and easy to use

Loved this product as it was so easy to use - just add water to foam and use. I loved the cloth and how it felt exfoliating on the skin, the smell and how silky the foam was and then when I was done, I just threw it away. It felt like a deeper clean then just your regular face wipe. I also love the convenience as they stay dry so you can pack them in your bag and use when you need them. Will definitely be purchasing these. A great buy for those who are on the go or would like a deeper clean then just your usual face wash.
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Perfect for travel

The Olay cleansing cloths come dry, meaning you can transport them anywhere and when you need to use them just add water. I found this product was great for makeup removal and then the best part was you turn the cloth over to the clean side for a deeper clean. I do have quite dry skin, so after a week of using this I did find towards the end that sometimes it was a bit harsh on my skin, but it does say it’s a deep cleansing cloth so I would probably use this once a week to get my face really clean. I think this is great if you’re travelling, it means you can get a proper cleanse without having to use the hotel face towels. Love it!
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Easy Makeup Removal

I was intrigued to try to Olay Daily Facial Water Activated Dry Cloths as I had never tried anything similar before. The cloths are easily activated with a small amount of water. I found that the cloth was the perfect size to remove a full face of makeup, including eye makeup. The cloth has a smooth side and an exfoliating side which makes for that super clean skin feeling. The cloths effectively remove my makeup without any eye irritation. I use these wipes to remove makeup prior to cleansing my skin with a facial cleanser. I really like the fact that unlike traditional makeup wipes, these cloths don’t pose the potential issue of drying out if the packaging is left slightly open. Overall, I really enjoy using this product and would recommend to others.
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So fresh - loved these!

When I first saw this product, I wasn’t sure how well it would work as a “5-in-1” product and I thought it was another beauty product I didn’t need to add into my collection, I was wrong... I loved these a lot! Using this as a cleanser, it was easy to use and got rid of dirt /makeup extremely well (way better than your regular makeup wipes!). It worked amazing to get rid of a full days worth of makeup, and equally as amazing on a fresh face. The fragrance is subtle but nice and my face felt so fresh after. It was easy to use 1. Wet under water 2. Massage in hands 3. Cleanse face. My face felt so fresh and clean afterwards and I recommend everyone give these are a go - they are great.
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Very convenient and clever

I am pretty impressed with these cleansing cloths. I love that they are dry and activate with water as it makes them perfect to travel with. They left my skin feeling clean and I felt as though they were gentle but still had enough grip to remove heavy makeup. My only issue was that they are too foamy when activated. I had to rinse my face multiple times. I would recommend these cloths to anyone needing the convenience of a dry cloth but maximum cleansing power. They would be perfect for camping.