Olay Daily Facials Sensitive Cleansing Cloths

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Olay Daily Facials Sensitive Cleansing Cloths are textured cleansing cloths that work as a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser in one. The sensitive formula contains aloe vera extract to help soothe and condition irritated and sensitive skin.

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Olay Daily Facials Sensitive Cleansing Cloths


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Easy to use, cleanses with ease

These wipes are so handy and convenient. Compact so I can take them anywhere, they are great for travel. They are super easy to use, they foam up well with water on the dry wipes and remove all traces of makeup, oil and grime, then rinse with ease. My skin felt super clean and fresh after use and they didn’t dry my skin or cause irritation at all. I couldn’t detect a scent so they are great for sensitive skin. Great value and packaged conveniently. I loved these for clean clear skin with ease.
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very travel friendly!

this is extremely convenient and travel friendly. it also does clean my make up off well at the end of the day. it does not make my face feel dry after use. and you can also reuse it a couple of times. it is not exactly environmental friendly, but with the price, I would recommend it to my friends and family.
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Great buy!!!

I’ve have seriously loved these cloths!! They are activated with water, which creates a foam. Once a foam formed from the cloth, I used the foamy cloth to cleanse my face (all over including my eyes) and then rinsed the cloth and wiped away the foam with the cloth! Leaving my skin feeling beautiful These cloths would be amazing for travelling but equally as amazing to use every day (which I have been morning and night) I recommend highly and we will definitely be continuing to use daily!
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Love the convenience

Great for travelling. My skin had no major reaction to this product which was fantastic. I loved how convenient it was having these handy to wash off the worst of the day as soon as I got home and quick wash in the morning without using loads of water or time. Would definitely recommend and will buy again!
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Fantastic for travel

I have really enjoyed using the Olay Daily Facials Water-Activated Dry Cloths. It is definitely a different concept using a dry wipe vs a moist wipe. The way the cloth foamed up was very surprising to me as I have dry sensitive skin and foaming cleansers are not something I would typically use. I thought it was great that I had to rinse the cloth a few times and wipe the cleanser off my face as I thought it was cleaning the face better. Almost like a double cleanse. I was impressed it removed my eye makeup and did not sting my eyes. I also had no issue with continual use of the dry wipes. I was a little concerned as the packaging said they also have the feature of a scrub so I was a little concerned the cloths would be too harsh with continual use, but my skin has been perfectly fine. I’m not sure I would want to use these every day, however I would continue to buy them and see them amazing to use when travelling.
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Good for travelling

I found this product only useful and convenient if you are traveling. I would not use this day to day as I prefer a cleanser rather than dry cloth that turns into a foamy cleanser. However the cloth is super soft which was gentle on the skin. Otherwise, this product is for sensitive skin as my skin did not feel dry and tight after using it. I did not know how to rate this product therefore I gave the middle 3 stars. If you're looking for a travel friendly cleanser that can be stored in your handbag then this is product for you.
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If you have the time....

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the biggest fan of these dry wipes. They are definitely, more time consuming than other wipes or even just using a cleanser. You have to apply the same one a few times in order to remove makeup and/or cleanse skin. They are also a little fiddly to pick out from the packet with the potential of accidentally grabbing a few. I did however, love the mesh texture and smell. If you have the time, then I would recommend!
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A good travel option... not everyday use.

I found this a difficult product to rate and review as it's not a product I would probably use on a day - to - day basis. I just prefer a liquid, pump cleanser. That being said, I feel that these 'Daily Facials' are something I will consider using again for travel. The reasons for this are as follows... - They store dry and then activate and foam up once exposed to water, making them very suitable for travel, especially air travel and long- haul flights. - They effectively removed my makeup and left my skin feeling clean and fresh. - They did not dry my skin out or irritate it at all. - There was a light scent however it was not overpowering. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy, effective travel cleanser. Or anyone who doesn't mind the thought of throw- away wipes (throwing away 1 or 2 used wipes a day would create a lot of unnecessary waste).
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Simple and Hassle free face cleaning

Great for home and travels. Compact and lightweight. Easy to use by just adding water. Gentle on my skin and cleanse really well. Skin feels hydrated and fresh after use. So happy to use this. The formula did not sting my eyes or skin like some product. The only downside I find the cloth to be a bit too big and wastage for normal use when I do not have a full on makeup. Overall I love this product as it is effective but hopefully they can improve on the cloth material to be eco friendly as they put do not flush the cloth inside toilet which makes me believe it's not compostable.
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Cleanser and makeup wipe in one

These Olay Daily Facials Sensitive Cleansing Cloths came to me a bit crushed for review but it didn't affect the use of the product. These are large dry wipes that require water to get the formula in the cloths ready to use. The cloths are very large so personally I would cut them in half or even quarters and I would still find them large enough. I don't wear very much makeup so I didn't have any trouble removing my makeup and cleansing my face with these wipes. I don't necessarily agree that they exfoliate, moisturize and work like a toner but they were fine for cleansing the face and I didn't have any sensitivity to them. Personally I only use makeup wipes for when I have lots of makeup on or if I'm in a situation where I don't have access to water as they aren't great for the environment. I would probably recommend them as an alternative to taking a cleanser when travelling as they won't make a mess. They do the job and cut the need for two products but day to day I would continue to use my regular cleanser.
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Easy to use, but probably not for every day use

I found these cloths great at removing eye makeup but it did take a bit of effort to remove my foundation. My skin felt soft after using but I did still need to use my cleanser to remove the excess foundation. They did make my eyes sting a bit and they do feel a bit wasteful so as much as they were effective at removing most of my makeup and sensitive enough for my skin, I probably wouldn't use these for every day use due to needing a deeper clean to remove all my makeup. I would recommend these wipes to remove light makeup or to refresh skin after a workout. They are a convenient product to carry around in a gym bag as they don't dry out due to being water-activated.
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In the middle

Convenient? Yes, wasteful? Definitely. In this day and age, we need to be more aware of our environment.. and thinking how wasteful this product is, just adding things to landfill isn't worth purchasing in my mind. I tried to help justify it a bit better, by cutting the cloths into quarters, which was still enough product to clean my face. I had no issues with my face feeling dry afterwards.
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Great for sensitive skin, poor packaging

I really like these cloths. I find them to be neater than using a cleanser over the sink, but they don't leave the unpleasant sticky feeling I usually experience from makeup wipes. I also appreciate the fact they won't dry out once the packet is open, due to them being a water activated wipe. My skin feels fresh and clean, but not stripped, after using. There is also no fragrance, to allow minimal irritation of sensitive skin. The amount of product and lather on each wipe is very generous and the wipes are large. Unless you are removing a very full face of makeup, you can cut them in half and still use them very effectively to make the packet last longer. I'm not sure this product is as "multi-function" as Olay claims; certainly it works well as a cleanser/makeup remover, but I don't really see any scrub/mask/toner effects. My only real complaint about these cloths is the packaging. I wish they came in some sort of dispenser, rather than just all in one plastic bag. The wipes are also not biodegradable.
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Didn't work for me

Unfortunately I didn't get on well with this product. I found it quite messy to use, and I didn't really feel as though I was cleansing my skin properly at all. Similarly to using face wipes, I don't like the environmental waste that comes with using these one use cloths. I have passed along to my mum who will hopefully enjoy using them more than I did. On a positive, the scent was very nice and fresh.
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Olay facial sensitive facial cloths

I love this product. These dry wipes are activated with water so you don't have to worry about them drying out like normal wet wipes. They are easy to transform into a nice foam that feels really light and the best part is you can clean it off using the same wipe. It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh. These cloths don't irritate my skin at all! It is great for travel as they are light and you don't have to carry multiple products around. I highly recommend this product to everyone!
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Easy to use

I was quite happy with these cleansing clothes. They removed make up easily and left my skin feeling clean. My only issue was they left my skin feeling a little tight however, after moisturising my skin felt fine.They are great for travelling as they are super light and are not moist, as long as you have access to clean water. I would definitely recommend to others.
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Good makeup removal wipes

I found these cloths have a few pros and cons. The cloths themselves are dry and need water to activate them into a wet cloth. That is handy in that the cloths won' dry out over time, but can be problematic for using on the go if you don't have access to water. I use them for removing makeup, which they do quite a good job of. The cloths definitely have a cleanser in them, but I prefer to use a cleanser afterward with makeup removal wipes as a general preference. I'm not sure that there is any exfoliation in the cloths and wouldn't recommend them for that. I prefer to use an oil cleanser for removing my makeup daily but will use wipes when I'm travelling. If a dry wipe suits you I would recommend these.
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It’s okay but not amazing

This products says it’s a multi use product however when I tried these it got barely any of my makeup off and left my skin feeling like I need to wash it again. I’d suggest these when you already a clean skin however if not, not so much.
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Fresh, effective and easy to use

I would highly recommend these cloths. They are a perfect halfway point between a wipe and using cleanser. I’ve found that wipes always leave my face feeling grimy and cleanser can be messy. These cloths however were super gentle and had a gorgeous fresh scent. My skin felt really fresh and clean but not at all tight. They would be amazing for travel as wouldn’t leak and would barely take up any room.