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Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment is an anti-ageing eye cream that targets crow’s feet and deep-set wrinkles around the eye area. The eye treatment is formulated with retinyl propionate – a retinoid – that works to increase skin cell turnover and diminish the depth and appearance of wrinkles. 


Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment


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I suffer from dark circles, puffiness and crows feet around my eyes and I had received the Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment as a trial sample for giving my review and rating. I have tried the sample's sent to me and found them to be very beneficial.   After one week of use I could notice a change around the eye area and that improvement made me very satisfied. Although I was not expecting any magic to happen and thought that can only happen with actual surgery, but you won't need to see a skin specialist or surgeon using this eye treatment in your beauty routine.   A great conversation starter to have with friends and family. I had received a generous amount of samples and was able to distribute some to them. Everybody had something extremely positive to say about the Olay eyes pro retinol eye treatment.  I highly suggest you try this remarkable product from Olay and see the changes happen swiftly. 
When I became serious a while ago about using anti-ageing eye creams, I figured I could either test out  a few different creams  - or I could just save time and go with the proven results. As a busy working mum, of course I chose Option 2! Retinyl is a well-established ingredient in anti-ageing skincare, that improves cell-growth and skin texture, so I was happy about using  Olay Pro-retinol to treat my most delicate area. It has made a difference to the skin around my eyes in a pretty noticeable way – so claims of retinyl being “a miracle product” don’t seem at all unusual. I never had  pronounced crow’s feet – but they were there. Now, after a few months, they are barely noticeable. The fine lines under my eyes are still there, but are  fainter and that area is much firmer and has lost any dry “crepiness”. Retinyl is a pretty powerful ingredient so I try not to overuse – once at night, applied sparingly and patted in with a ring finger is enough. In the morning, my usual SPF moisturiser and primer are there to protect against any sun-sensitivity caused by the retinyl – another good reason for using at night.  I have now used Pro-Retinol eye cream every night for a few months. I'm pleased to report no side effects, no dryness, only younger, firmer skin. But I should give my husband the last word - “I think all these creams are doing you good”, he said. That has to be the best testimonial of all!
I LOVE this product!  I have suffered Insomnia for years and the dark circles under my eyes was shocking. Nothing i tried before for "dark circles" worked, that's until i discovered  Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment. The difference under my eyes is amazing. Dark Circles have dramatically reduced. My eyes look brighter, more awake, which is incrediable considering what they looked like!  Olay Eyes with Pro Retinol Eye Treatment was just what I needed for those fine lines and crows feet. I first started noticing my lines at age 28. Crows Feet were determined to make an appearance with every happy smile I gave. The natural scrunching of my eye not only showed my happiness but my age.  With Ultimate Eye Cream I am pampering myself while fighting the signs of aging. Giving my face a firmer younger skin, as well as elasticity boost. Both work hand and hand in creating a happier younger me by removing 10 years off my face. Totally recommend this product for anyone with dark circles under their eyes, fine lines or wrinkles. Olay just gets better and better
This is the best Olay eye treatment in my opinion, as I have tried all of their eye creams, gels and treatments, and this is the one that delivered the best results! The product comes in a small metallic red (15 ml sized) tube with a silver screw lid and the thin nozzle shaped tip makes it easy to dispense a small amount of product and directly apply it to the eye area. The texture is a lightweight cream-gel and there is no added colour or fragrance. I apply a small amount by squeezing a few small dots under each eye and then gently pat this cream in around my eye area until absorbed. It absorbs very quickly and leaves no residue; my eye area feels hydrated and refreshed. It leaves my eye area really soft and smooth, and I have noticed that my fine lines have started to diminish a little. This eye treatment works well under makeup and I am using it both morning and night, and  noticed improvements after 2 months. I have experienced no irritation with this eye treatment, however as it does contain a type of retinoid it may irritate very sensitive skin types.  I would recommend this eye treatment to anyone with visible lines and wrinkles around the eye area. I will repurchase this product as it's an effective anti-ageing eye treatment.
olay make an amazing eye product and this pro retinol eye treatment is no exception. The handy tube is easy to use and squeezes just enough product, I only need to use a little for great results so its excellent value for money. This is a really effective cream for removing fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet, making them much less visible anyway. The consistency is quite silky yet rich and it smooths on with ease and sinks straight in, its extremely hydrating and smooths my eye area visibly, making my skin look plumper and more youthful. It has no scent so its great for me as I have sensitive skin, this cream has never ever irritated my eyes. I love the addition of retinol for its effectivness, a great anti ageing product that is worth the hype. This is a great cream for more mature skin and those that need a lift around the eye area with lots of extra hydration as its super nourishing. its packaged nicely and is suitable for both night and during the day under my makeup. I really love this product and highly recommend it.
Love, love, love this product! Fine lines just seemed to melt away within just a few weeks of use and deeper lines and wrinkles have become much softer and continue to improve after only a month of use. Less is best when using this product I sweep a small amount from the corner of the eye to the outer edge and use a small glass marble to massage and stimulate the eye area while the skin absorbs the wonderfully silky cream. I also apply a small amount between my eyebrows where the dreaded 11 had begun to appear-happy to report there is definitely a  countdown occuring in that area thanks to Olay Pro Retinol Eye treatment. I keep the tube on my bedside table and apply every night before donning a silicone sleep mask to ensure maximum absorption. I then apply DD cream with a high SPF in the morning to protect the skin from any sun exposure as it does contain Retin-A which increases sensitivity to sunlight. Excellent value for money as the results achieved have far outweighed the  previous products I have used in terms of effectiveness, price, feel of product and self-esteem elevation!!
I have been using the olay pro retinal eye treatment for the last month.. Since using the cream twice a day I have noticed a massive improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. The cream absorbs quickly and leaves the area feeling plump and refreshed. The little tube is great for dispensing the correct amount and a small amount goes a long way. I will continue to use this product as I am happy to finally have found an eye cream that gives results and makes me look younger.
I love the Olay product only need a small amount leaves no greasy feeling absorbs into the skin,been using for approximately two months now and I can notice a difference and so can my friends have recommended this Olay product to them and they are also quite happy with the results they are seeing
OLAY Eyes Pro retinol treatment. The skin under eyes is a different texture to the rest of complexion. Softer, prone to showing how you feel. Thankyou eyes! Am I tired and a mum of two? Eye bags and puffiness say YES! I like the word treatment because the skin under my eyes deserves a treat, everyday and it is a treatment routine to care for this tender area.  Retinal Propionate is formulated in this treatment to renew cells in skin. This is the most important part. A small tube, only a small amount needed and I like to rub  from under corner of eye and out to side of eyes and rub in along temple, for couple of minutes each side. Because this relaxes me and rubs in the pro-retinol. Penetrating through the skin is key and stimulating around the eye. A lot of relaxation points around the eye. To work with thumbs and release that pressure. Taking off eye makeup everyday with makeup remover wipes can be drying. I really take the time to treat my eye area with Olay.
I use this eye cream daily and I am 53 years old, so I love my eye creams.  You only need to use a small amount.  Hook that up with the Olay regenerisit Micro sculpting cream and they make a perfect Won't be changing this combination any time soon.
I have purchased this eye cream several times and will continue to repurchase. When I use this treatment I find the skin around my eyes is smoother and my lines and wrinkles are softer looking. This is possibly due to the dimethicone and the glycerin. It also contains some niacinamide which helps to brighten along with antioxidants and peptides. It is also importantly fragrance free and packaged in a light resistant tube to preserve the efficacy of the ingredients.
I've started to notice fine lines and creases under my eyes that don't disappear after smiling and sink into my makeup- the ingredients in this impressed me so I purchased this eagely. The olay pro retinol treatment comes in a small red tube with a easy to use squeezable long lid that delivers a tiny amount of white lightweight yet hydrating cream. The tube is great as it only delivers a small amount of product. It's also perfect for keeping the ingredients stable as it stops light and air getting in- which can effect the ingredients. I apply a small amount around my eyes and it spreads easily and soaks in nicely. There's no sticky residue or greasy residue. I mainly purchased this for the brilliant ingredients- there's niacinamide with vitamin e and retinol - all proven anti ageing ingredients that work well together. Due to this I only use this product at night as the ingredients are photo sensitive. After a month of use, I can notice a difference under my eyes. They look fresher and hydrated. Fine lines are still there but no so deep and highlighted. My skin under my eyes doesn't look so creapy or dry. That being said, the under eye circles haven't been dramatically decreased, still there but this isn't designed for that. This tube will last me a while, even with daily use. It's such good value. The most impressive thing is although it contains retinol there's no extra dryness or irritation. Really recommend this for those with ageing under eye areas. Long term use has the ability to reduce and prevent ageing issue's.
Eye creams are tricky, and I say this because different products target different concerns. Prior to my decision to switch to Olay, I was using different eye creams from different price points with different (with some overlapping) claims.  Up until recently, I hadn't been too particular about my under eye issues, so I guess you could say my decisions on this front were pretty scattershot. How I ended up being more deliberate was really due to consultation with skin specialists, and one of my important takeaways is that if you’re dealing with deep lines and prominent crows feet, consider directing your attention to this drugstore product (because it deserves it!) Including retinoid (or the milder retinol) in your regimen means a great deal of research. This is because unlike regular eye creams, the Olay Pro-retinol eye treatment is exactly that - an anti-ageing vitamin A treatment. It is potent BUT effective. You have to ease into using it - I started with twice a week, and gradually moved to thrice a week, but this really took time - because in the beginning, it will leave your under eye quite sensitive (so don’t forget to pack your sunnies!) You also have to be very conservative in terms of amount - you don’t need a lot of of product for it to work. You’ll notice sensitivity in the beginning but don’t worry, eventually this will go away. But just the same, best to leave this product out of your regimen if you intend to have a great deal of sun exposure (although winter time is probably the best time to start this!)   One drawback though - because its consistency is a bit thicker than other eye creams and because of how retinol works, it's not really suitable for daytime use. But if you're after giving your under lines a fighting chance at disappearing, then this is your go-to product!
I decided to purchase this Olay eye treatment, as I have heard good things about Retinol in skincare products to minimise the look of ageing. Apparently this product is designed for deep wrinkles and crows feet, which I don’t really have. I do have some visible lines under and around my eyes, so I was keen to try this product. It comes in a 15ml squeezable tube, which is handy as I’m generally not a fan of eye creams in jars. I find this packaging is more hygienic and I only ever need to squeeze out a small amount for both eyes. I am pleased that there is no added fragrance to irritate my eye area. The texture is light and not heavy or rich, although I actually would have preferred a slightly more nourishing, rich texture. I gently pat a small amount of this around my eye area, and it specifies in the instructions to concentrate on areas with visible lines. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave any residue, and allows my concealer/makeup to glide on and stay put all day. I have used this eye treatment daily for a few months and believe my skin does look smoother, having said that I didn’t have deep wrinkles to begin with. Therefore I’m not sure how well it works on deeper lines and wrinkles. My only criticism is that it’s not moisturising enough for my skin and I would have liked a richer texture. Therefore I tend to apply an eye cream on top of this treatment at night for some extra nourishment and moisture. I will most likely repurchase this eye treatment as I would like to use a retinol treatment product in my regular skincare routine. It has definitely made my eye area look and feel smoother than before. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, but considering it’s an anti-ageing product, it’s still reasonably priced. I would recommend this eye treatment for slightly more mature skin types, as it is clearly designed for deeper wrinkles and crows feet. I think if you need a heavier eye cream due to dryness, then the texture may be too lightweight for you.