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Olay Luminous Whip is a mattifying and brightening facial moisturiser that helps reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin tone and texture, and minimise shine. The moisturiser utilises Active Rush technology to transform from a cream to a liquid upon contact with skin to deliver potent ingredients in a lightweight formula.

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Olay Luminous Whip


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Changed my skin

My go to! This range of Olay moisturisers I have been using for probably almost a year now. I have a combination/oily skin type and finding a moisturiser that gives me the hydration I need without making me a sloppy mess has been challenging. The velvety texture after applying is a great base for foundation. Definitely choose this over some other expensive brands. The red version is good too!


I had used a couple of the Olay Whips before purchasing the Olay Luminous Whip. This formula is aimed at evening the skin tone, improving radiance and minimising the appearance of pores. I've been applying the Luminous Whip over a serum and mostly going without foundation. The moisturiser has a mousse like texture and applies evenly over my skin setting to a matte finish. The Luminous Whip leaves my skin looking nice and smoothe and well hydrated. On the days I applied makeup, my BB cream applied smoothly over the moisturiser without disturbing it. I've worn the Luminous Whip on some very hot days and I was pleased to see that my skin still looked fresh at the end of the day and retained the soft matte finish.

A formula I've never tried before.

My mum owned this product and I was didn't have any of my own face creams or oils at the time so decided to try this. First thoughts on the packaging is 10/10, super luxurious and feels like high end skin care. When I opened the product I got a huge smell of the product and it was sooooo yummy! It smells like perfume but not too harsh or overbearing. Second thought, I was super confused on the formula. It's called a whip and feels like it. I've never tried skin care with this type of consitence which makes it unique and had me very intrigued. It's best to use a small amount of this product as it goes a very long way. The way i thought to best describe it, is it feels a bit like silicone at first. Applying the product is very easy, feels hydrating and smells amazing as mentioned before. It does go on a bit thick and sticky but dries down fast. Final thoughts, love the smell and feel of this product but not convinced on the stickiness or it. I did try this under makeup and would not recommend it as I felt this product didn't soak into my skin prior and I was rubbing it off with my foundation brush. I will continue to use it morning and night as the instructions say and see what difference it makes to my skin.
The texture of this is one of it's great features - it feels smooth to apply and feels light and yet protective when it's on the skin.  It gives my skin a silky smooth feel and is a great base for make-up too - especially with it's matte-satin finish.  It's got a fairly strong scent which is sweet - kind of like jube lollies - making me feeling like ripping into a bag of lollies actually!  It's a cream that can be used both for morning and night use and for the face and neck.   I think it's modern gel-cream formula makes it easy to apply and it does slide on the skin very easily.  This does minimise shine, just as promised and it gives my skin a refined looking texture too (as promised, minimizing the look of pores).  I can't say that it does actually brighten my skin but I've only been using a small pot of this and maybe I need to be using it for longer.   All in all, it's a good simple moisturiser that's versatile and makes my skin appear better but also works well under make-up as a base moisturiser.  I have tried the other 'Whip' variant in the red pot and that one is my personal favourite but depending on your skin type, age and skin needs, this one could be the right one for you.  I like a firming moisturiser over a brightening on and so that is why I prefer the red 'Whip' moisturiser better but this one is worth a try to see if it suits you.  
I ran out of my night time moisturizer a little while ago and after reading a few reviews on line I thought I'd give this one a go. Luckily I was able to purchase a small size first just to see what it was like before I jumped in and bought the full size. I think Olay do some of the most beautiful packaging for their moisturizers so I was happy when I saw the small tub was still nice to look at. The product itself is a light gel texture hat absorbs very easily into the skin. Leaving it soft and hydrated. Which isn't easy with a cream on a more combination/porous skin type.My skin still felt hydrated and soft the next day. The longer I use it for the more smooth the texture of my skin. Definitely a thumbs up from me.
I received a generous sample pot of this in a Priceline goody bag a while ago and it took me a long time to get to using it. I've used Olay in the past (in my early 20s)and never really understood the hype.It just wasn't for me. Then I tried this product. I'm now in my 30s so after reading the packaging of this.I thought it sounded like it was perfect for my combination skin that was showing signs of aging ( pigmentation and fine lines). The product comes packaged in a classy little tub with a metallic twist off lid. The cream is quite rich and has a gorgeous fruity scent which was unexpected. I was surprised to find this rich cream felt incredibly light and airy once applied to my cleansed face. There was even a nice cooling feel after application that was nice and soothing.My skin felt instantly soft and so smooth after applying this. There was no sticky or tacky residue-just soft skin that suddenly has less fine lines! This is the perfect primer for makeup. My makeup application has never been so easy and smooth!This stuff is great! I would recommend this to people who have oily to normal skin hat have fine lines/crows feet as it probably isn't hydrating enough for dryer skin. I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I like this product and have since tried more from the Olay range. Guess my 30 year old skin is much better suited to this brand than my 20 year old skin was!!
I’m super glad to confirm - the hype is real. Its whip technology means my skin really soaks up the product and allows it to work it’s magic without feeling like a heavy layer on the skin. I have very little #nomakeup moments but when I do, this provides the most beautiful matte finish without clogging my pores. It also acts as the perfect primer for foundation. I mostly use this on no makeup days or before gym ! 
The Olay Luminous Whip has a meringue texture which just glides on my skin and feels lightweight. It absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and doesn't feel sticky or tacky. I apply this whip cream every morning and evening as the last step of my skincare routine. After using it for awhile I did notice my skin has become more hydrated and it stops there for me. Overall a nice hydration cream but a bit expensive.
This is a lightweight cream moisturiser with a silicone-y slippery feel. It is fragranced and contains no SPF. I found it applied smoothly and absorbed easily, but did not notice an overall change in my skin over the 3 weeks that I used this product. I don't enjoy using night creams with silicone, and found this did not layer well with my SPF of choice. I would not repurchase this product.
i was lucky enough to be gifted this product as part of Beauty Crew. As a long devotee of the Neutrogena Water Gel, I was happy to try out a new moisturiser. But it needed to be a) light, b) non-greasy. This product thankfully fit the bill. The texture is creamy and whipped but non greasy. It easily absorbs into my combo skin, making it feel hydrated and plump. The scent is also really pleasant - a light floral scent. I have also noticed that overall my skin has been looking clearer and more matte - which is great for me!  The only reason I opted to give this product 4 stars is the higher price point (although I understand this is typical of Olay).  Overall, I would definitely consider buying this product again. 
This moisturiser absolutely delivers on all of it's claims. It feels very luxe, rich and creamy at first but is so lightweight on the skin and absorbs so quickly! The smell is incredible, and such little product goes a very long way. I feel like I will be using this tub forever! My skin felt very soft after, with no sticky or heavy residue. With consistent use, my skin tone appeared more even and I definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of my pores. This is a great base under makeup as well, and although mattifying, works very well on my dry skin.
At first I was a little taken aback by the texture, as I expected it to make my face greasy and slip around, however I was pleasantly surprised! The product absorbed and hydrated my skin well and it was easy to apply makeup over the top. I loved using this for both day wear and apart of my nightime routine too. The packaging does feel really solid, luxurious without such a huge pricetag and it smells amazing too!
I loved the scent of the luminous whip. The product glided onto my skin and absorbed quickly. It didn’t feel greasy at all, just hydrating. It could use with some SPF as that’s its only downfall. I felt like my make up applied easily after applying the okay whip.
Overall loved this product! It was light and easily absorbed into the skin leaving you feeling fresh, bright and hydrated. The scent was lovely although it may cause issues for some who have sensitive skin. Not much product was required each application, so I could see the jar lasting quite some time and being value for money.
Product was fast absorbing and silky on skin. I noticed no visible signs of change but felt hydrated with minimal residue. Was a great canvas for make up and after a long day had a  dewy effect. I personally found there wasn’t a lot of coverage with a small amount of product.
It is a very interesting texture when I first use this product. It really feels like it was specially whipped. It feels weird firstly on my face because it is a texture that I have never tried, but after the cream is set, my face feel super soft and smooth. However, it doesn't really mix with my sunscreen. I get some white colour on my skin after putting my sunscreen on. Therefore, I highly recommend this product for moisture, but I will not recommend for a day time use as it does not mix with sunscreen very well.
I loved this product! It wasn’t the consistency I was expecting  as it was more like a gel than a cream. Having said that, it was great for hydration and I quite liked that it left a soft matte feeling on my skin after use. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for those with dry skin.
I trailed the Olay Luminous Whip and I have to say , it is one of the best moisturisers that I have used. This moisturiser glides on so smoothly, and absorbs very quickly, so it feels like you're not wearing anything at all. It does not leave my skin feeling at all oily, which is perfect for my skin, as my skin can become oily throughout the day. It has a light fragrance, that isn't overwhelming. I would definitely continue to purchase this as my everyday moisturiser in the future.
I received this product as part of the Review Crew. The cream is thick and feels luxurious, and a little goes a long way. My skin felt soft and moisturised after, and for a long time after too. It doesn’t have sunscreen in it, and the fragrance is a bit strong so that could be a problem for some people, but overall it’s a nice moisturiser and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something like that.
Having dry skin, I found it very difficult to find the RIGHT product without breaking out. Low behold, the Olay Luminous Whip the fruity floral fragrance (not too overpowering) and the light texture simply absorbs onto the skin. The hydrating feeling makes it ideal to use day and night, albeit if you are using it during the day add it on top of some light non greasy sunscreen of your choice. My skin does feel hydrated more than before and less oily. The suggested RRP on the other hand may not be competitive enough with other similar products within the segment.