Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask Starter Kit

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Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask Starter Kit contains the Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask and an Olay Magnetic Infuser. The lightweight, overnight mask melts into the skin on application and works to improve skin texture and elasticity. It contains niacinamide (vitamin B3) and pentapeptide PAL-KTTKS to plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The penetration of the mask is enhanced by the Olay Magnetic Infuser tool, which helps deliver the ingredients up to 10 layers below the skin’s surface.


Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask Starter Kit


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Firming sleeping mask

The Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask, which has a creamy gel-like consistency, is formulated to address fine lines and lack of firmness, which sounds ideal for my mature skin. The idea is to apply the cream at night, just like a sleeping mask, so the cream plumps and smooths the skin while you sleep. The mask is packaged in a very stylish clear plastic jar with a pearly white insert and a silver screw-top lid. The jar contains 50g of product. The formula feels soft and silky and glides over my skin. I use the Magnetic Infuser to massage the mask into my skin to enhance penetration. When I first used this product I expected it to be just another mask in a jar but I’ve been surprised at the improvement I can see in my skin each morning after I use the mask – especially the smoothness and firmness of plumped skin. I’ve been using this mask twice a week as a sleeping mask.

Unimpressed - again

Over the years, I have tried really hard to like Olay since a lot of my female friends keep raving about the brand regularly but our relationship remains a hit n miss - with way more misses than hits and here is another such addition to the list. Nothing in particular that I dislike about this set but also nothing that I do like - except may be texture. The mask smells very strong to me. Applies easily but doesn't deliver in terms of effects. Little magnetic massager hardly adds any points either. It's not a very user friendly design - hard to hold, keeps slipping if your hand is covered in cream, doesn't feel like it's doing much and actually doesn't do much either. I have tried the mask with and without the device and it's absolutely just the same - doesn't work - at least not for my skin. The effect of this product set is not better than a decent moisturizer in my experience.
I absolutely love this product! It smells amazing plus the magnemask is really easy to use. I have been using this product for about two weeks now and I can see a huge difference in my skin. My skin is smoother and definitely looks plumper. I will buy this product again plus I will definitely recommend.
I love this product. The cream is like velvet on your skin when you initially rub it in with your fingertips. The cream has a slight fragrance which is pleasant.  I was interested to see how the magnetic infuser would feel and work. It was great. It was cooling on the skin and it felt like a gentle massage. On the nights I use the product i go to bed and my skin feels so smooth and glowing. I  know that whilst I am sleeping my skin is receiving a wonderful treatment. I have noticed that fine lines have reduced slightly, although I haven’t used it for long enough to see by how much this can occur. I would definitely recommend giving it a go.
Firstly, I was intrigued by the magnetic infuser and always excited to try new technologies. The cream itself was a consistency I enjoyed, not too thick even though it is an overnight mask. I’m 25 so I’ve only recently been dabbling in anti-aging creams and I have found a lot have an awful smell; this one did not. I found the infuser easy to use and made me spend that extra time giving my skin a bit of love, but also the added benefit of not having to do it every night to see results.
HI Team as a 54 year old woman always looking for options to try -  I found the magnet option interesting and it seemed to work as relaxing way to work in the mask - I found the mask on top of moisturiser too heavy> however using at night instead of moisturiser it was absorbed into my skin and I loved that I didn't need to rinse later. my skin seemed more refreshed the next morning.   I  have only been using every 2nd-3rd day for a couple of weeks but will keep using regularly - I enjoyed the product.
I must say I was sceptical about using a magnetic infusion device...wasn’t quite sure of the benefit. I did enjoy how is made me focus more on massaging my skin....often I cleanse in the shower and skip a proper massage. I really felt the applicator made my skin feel like the blood was circulating ...it is easy to use and not battery powered. And made sense to use the mask with it to maximise the benefits of the massager. The mask had a lovely smell which always a big draw card for me especially before bed. My skin felt soft and circulating blood ....and for a 48 year old, that is a priceless feeling. The massager is good quality for its price point. I am looking forward to see the longer term benefits of the massager. The mask was a hit, improving the texture of my skin and softening lines. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product...I am confident a longer trial would have resulted in even better results. 
I was curious to use this product and the magnet infuser. Used it in place of my usual nightly routine and found that it left my skin hydrated and soft after using it on the first day. I feel that I would need to use this product for at least a month to really notice the full results and to decide if I will purchase. Will keep using and have recommended this for others to try (including my mother).
I am presently surprised by this product. I was unsure about the applicator, wondering if it was more of a gimmick. However after first use I woke up with refreshed, plump and hydrated skin. The mask has a nice fragrance and does not feel heavy on the skin, it also sits nicely over the top of my usual skin care products. I would recommend this product for anyone wanting an inexpensive mask that will hydrate and plump.
I neither love nor hate this product. I am somewhere in between. It comes in a nice jar and I love that the magnet infuser comes in a cute little bag. The product itself smells lovely and it is quite relaxing massaging it into the skin with the magnet infuser. I did however find myself massaging the remaining product in a little more with my hands. I felt it left quite a sticky residue if I did not do this. I understand it is an overnight mask; however, I did not find that sticky feeling very pleasant. My skin did feel nice and supple with continued use of this product. I guess I would use the product again but I would definitely just rub the extra product in with my hands.
I am a regular mask user - I just love them and this mask is one of the best. So easy to apply and blends in well and the next morning my skin felt softer and smoother and firmer after 2 weeks. I love the magnet infusion that maximises benefits...Jenny
Pleasently surprised by the Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask Starter Kit. I often break out after using marks but didn't with this. It smelt nice and wasn't overpowering. I applied with it after my normal night skin care regieme with my fingers and then massaged it in with the magnet infuser. Whilst I was sceptical about magnet infuser, I think it helped penetrate the cream deeper into my skin. The next morning my skin felt hydrated and brighter. I will keep using and repurchase.
After using this product for a few weeks now I can say that I love it and I will definitely be repurchasing this. The mask smells great and you don’t need to wash it off, I apply this at night 2-3 times a week and sleep with it on then in the morning I wake up and my skin feels extreme hydrated and even though I have oily skin it doesn’t feel greasy or oily i can tell my skin is just very hydrated, I also feel like my skin texture has improved since using this product I wouldn’t say it has gotten rid of my fine lines but it has definitely improved the look of them.
It's a pleasant enough product. Smells nice and it feels lovely on the skin. I was only able to trial this for 2 weeks before the review was due so i'm not sure if it just wasn't enough time, but I haven't noticed any difference in fine lines or skin firmness. I'm happy to keep using the product and maybe changes will come in time, but I wouldn't be prepared to buy the product at this point in time.
I’ve enjoyed using Korean sleeping masks in the past, so I was very keen to try this new product from Olay. It’s used as the last step in your night-time routine, 2 or 3 times a week. For me, I find these types of products provide an extra hydration boost my skin likes without making it oily like heavier night creams do. The mask is very light, it has a watery gel like consistency, and is super easy to massage in before using the Magnetic Infuser for 1 to 2 minutes. The Magnetic Infuser fits easily into my hand and is really light. I was expecting it to be heavy like a magnet (as the box says ‘Use Magnet For Deep Infusion) but I don’t think this is a ‘true’ magnet. The product didn’t leave my face feeling sticky, in case you were worried about not rinsing it off. After applying this my skin felt nice, it didn’t feel tight or oily. It felt hydrated and soft, and in the morning my skin still felt good.My complexion looked clear and bright. This product would be great to add to your routine if your skin needs a boost throughout the week and you only need to add a couple of minutes to your routine, no rinsing required! I’m quite pleased to now have an easily accessible alternative to the Korean masks I’ve used  that doesn’t come with a high-end price tag.
Easy to open the container and easy to apply the treatment. Smells great! After I applied it, the next morning my skin felt soft and refreshed! Not quite sure what the difference would be if I just used my finger and not the magnet infuser. But with using the magnet infuser it seemed to work well and was easily applied. It was good that I didn't have to wash it off too. Cooled down and made my skin feel refreshed after a day in the sun. The magnet infuser came in a handy little pouch too! Have recommended it to my Mum to use.
I am one of the lucky beauty crew members to receive this product for trial.  I have mixed feelings about it. What i like about it is the infuser comes in a lovely little pouch, and that the infuser feels lovely and calming on the skin on application. The infuser is also extremely easy to clean and fits the opening of the jar exactly which is a nice touch. What I don't quite like about it is that the cover of the jar is very loose and hence not suitable to be packed for traveling. And after using the product 3-4 times a week for a month, I don't think I noticed a difference in the firmness of my skin or reduction of the lines.
I honestly couldn’t believe the results after just the first night I left the mask on! I woke up and my skin was luxuriously silky, which in turn gave my skin a firm feeling. I used the mask and massaging magnet for a week and I love the results! Definitely recommend!
I won’t go into what the product is, how it’s packaged, etc. because if you’re on this page you already know!  Anyway time for the review: This mask is incredibly fragrant, It’s not unpleasant but I’m not really a fan of strong fragrances in skincare products. Fortunately it did fade after time. I started by applying the mask every 2nd day at night after cleansing, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. The magnet infuseris meant to help the product absorb and active ingredients to go deeper into the skin. The magnet infuser was cool and relaxing and I really think any type of gentle facial massage is beneficial for the skin. However I find it unusual that this is pplied after moisturiser. Because theoretically doesn’t our night time moisturiser provide a barrier to keep all the active ingredients and hydration in while we sleep? Hmm I’m no scientist but it does seem weird. Anyway after application it felt quite tacky. And it pretty much remained that way, like it never really soaked in. So I decided to try it instead of my moisturiser and found this much more effective. It soaked in better and was less tacky. In the morning my skin definitely looked more radiant and refreshed. I can’t specifically say that wrinkles were reduced but there was an overall look of ‘health’ (or at least a good nights sleep which this mumma hasn’t had since 2012). Overall I do like the product and will continue to use it a few nights a week in place of my regular night moisturiser (or perhaps before). Would I purchase again? Probably only if it was on sale. 
Olay Magnemask Infusion Rejuvenating Jar Mask and manual hand held massager. Packing is comparable to more expensive luxury brands, the massager comes with a storage pouch. This is a leave on mask applied after your usual skin care regimen. It has a milky gel like consistency and feels cool when applied, and smells of cedar making it a refreshing experience. A nice product to apply as we head into those warmer summer evenings. The application is a night time ritual as you apply the gel and then use the massager to achieve a deeper penetration of the product into the skin and encouraged blood circulation. It left my skin feeling firm and glowing. As a side note I used the massager to apply lavender oil to my temples to help relieve a headache. If you want to tone and firm your skin this product will help.