Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming with Aloe Leaf & Chamomile

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Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming with Aloe Leaf & Chamomile is a hydrating facial mist that can be used after cleansing or during the day to replenish moisture in the skin. The mist contains a vitamin B3 complex that works to boost the skin’s hydration levels by 60 per cent, while calming aloe leaf and chamomile help soothe dry, tight skin.

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Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming with Aloe Leaf & Chamomile


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I really like this! A lot of products that claim to be a mist just drench your face entirely but this is actually a light mist. I keep it at my desk at work and spray it throughout the day when I need to freshen up my make up or just truthfully need a 30 second time out. The scent is lovely and calming. I will definitely repurchase when I’m out.

Hydrating and Soothing

I tried this product as my skin was quite inflammed from acne breakouts and quite dry. I don't love the scent of it but it's not terrible. I like the how the mist makes my skin feel glowy and hydrates. It doesn't leave any greasy residue on the skin which I love as other mists have left residue on my face. I also spray onto my makeup brush to hydrate dry patches on my face when i finish my makeup application then finish off with a spritz over my whole face. The spray bottle is not premium as it's plastic squeeze bottle but great for handbag as you don't have to worry about it smashing and breaking/leaking all over your bag so I can understand the logic in the packaging. I will keep using as it feels nice and has helped calm by red and inflammed blemishes.

A refreshing, hydrating mist

This is a great hydrating mist for the price. I love the addition of aloe and chamomile as it’s so soothing, great for sunburn in summer. This mist leaves my skin fresh and revitalised, especially great in summer. It doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy and won’t clog pores. It has a pleasant scent and is good for sensitive skin. I wish the bottle was something other than plastic as it would seem much more luxe, but overall a great mist for the price as some other brands come with a much more expensive price for the same job. A great product.

The finest mist I've ever tried

I go through so many bottles of face mists throughout the year to set my make up, freshen up and re-hydrate my skin so I was super excited to try out the Olay Calming mist. I have used this mist for two months now and I love this mist so much. The highlight for me is the mist dispenser which dispense micro fine mist. It spreads evenly across my face with a gentle aloe vera and chamomile scent which is very calming for me, I can just keep misting throughout the day. The essence absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and my skin feels refreshed. It wake up and prepare my skin before applying makeup. I spray onto my makeup so that foundation and concealer looks less cakey and softens the whole makeup look. It does the job beautifully and because the mist is so fine, it does not mess up my makeup or tears running down my face. Surely this is one of the best mist I have tried and highly recommend to others.
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Pleasantly surprised

After 2 months of daily use, my experience: Dislikes first: thin cheap plastic not attractive packaging. Price for it too high in Australian market. Scent: 1 dollar soap, generic. Likes: nice ingredient mix (B3, chamomile and aloe extracts), soothing formula indeed. Mister fine and gives really precise application that I need when using (NuFace) micro-current device. First couple of weeks could not stand the mist. Used it after and before skincare application as one would use face mists to refresh, tone or hydrate. It stung my skin. Then later on week 4 or so...decided to change my skincare routine and use this mist only to conduct micro current while using nuface. I wash my face with non oil cleanser. Then spritz and moisten well half face which I am treating. Then use micro current device and glide massaging all over, eye area too. Then proceed second half, then forehead last spritzing Olay mist beforehand to enable good conductivity and glide. After: skin so soft, hydrated, plumped...best part: zero film left on the skin! Stinging, zero. And applying any skincare if I want to after is sublime: everything can be layered. Have used mists before and essences that leave film (gloss and shine that does not look good and leaves layer on the skin) and make my foundation or tinted spf go on super streaky and ball up. And also want actives not to have barrier when applied on the skin. Mist is great result wise and purpose wise for me. Just pricing for light plastic packaging and cheap soap smell and not having any pricey ingredients in the formula...too excessive. Olay does sell half price all the time in one store or another, so no need to pay "full price". Does last for a long time used daily. I still didn't use the bottle up. Another month to go, at least, for my morning routine. And I spritz a lot
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Great product - way overpriced!

I was surprisingly impressed by this product. I've tried misting sprays before and have never been blown away by them. This one felt really nice on my skin. It sprayed in small gentle patches so you can control how much you spay onto the face. It settled in nicely to the skin, it didn't feel overly oily or slippery. Made my skin feel super hydrated and fresh. I like the smell and the feel of it. A big downfall is the price point though. For something that (to me) isn't an essential skincare product to own, $35 is quite a high price.
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Refreshing and Calming

I really enjoyed this product, it had quite a nice scent to it, not too over powering or over perfumed. My skin felt calming and refreshed after use. I especially liked using this after cleansing, or in mornings before applying makeup as I found it to be hydrating without being oily or heavy. I do think that in summer months this would be a perfect product chilled for the hotter days.
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Beautiful Mist

I was so excited to receive this mist from Olay to trial. The packaging is lovely, although I thought the plastic bottle was not very sturdy. My favourite thing about this product was the dispenser. You can hold down the dispenser for a nice, long, gentle release of mist which is really fine and feels super refreshing on the face. I’ve really enjoyed keeping this on my desk for a refresh on my face throughout the day - it has become my work from home staple! The only negative for me is the price - $35 for this product is too expensive. Otherwise had a lovely if mild scent and helps keep the skin refreshed and hydrated. Would definitely recommend checking this out.
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Olay Mist

The product dispenses through a great mister, which to me was the highlight of the product. It did leave my skin feeling refreshed after application however this was only for a few moments, and I do not feel I have received any benefits after testing this product daily. If I was to continue using this mist I would use it over makeup as a refresher throughout the day.
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Earned a place on my dresser

Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming with Aloe Leaf & Chamomile is something I look forward to after a shower. I like the dispersed light spray and it does have a fresh and calming effect. I use it after cleansing and before moisturising. I use it for its refreshing effect, not for any particular skin concerns. It has been a pleasure to use and it has earned a place on my dresser!
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Pleasantly surprised!

I imagined that this product would just be a pleasant mist, with the scent as a pick-me-up throughout the day. I was really impressed with this product! I was complimented quite a bit on the overall look of my skin. I looked fresh and dewy (but not oily) and it left my skin feeling really nice. Only losing a star due to it's price point, but I would definitely purchase this product in the future
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Not for me

I wanted to like this and give it a good go, however it blocked my nose up badly. I was only able to try it twice due to this issue so I can't say how to works long-term. The spray on the bottle is quite good. The mist is really fine and doesn't concentrate in big blotches which is good. The scent is very fresh and reminds me a bit of cucumber. I didn't notice any difference in how my skin felt or looked. I'm just disappointed, something in it doesn't agree with me. I found I couldn't breathe through my nose properly for a few hours afterwards.
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Nice light calming face mist

I love face mists and was so happy to trial Olay Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming with Aloe and Chamomile. I found the mist to be nice and light to use after I applied my makeup in the mornings and also useful to use for light hydration throughout the day. I can’t say that I saw a massive boost in hydration levels after using this throughout the day but the scent was nice and calming when I was stressed. The mist comes in a plastic bottle for a premium price for a face mist. A glass bottle would make the product appear more attractive and prestige at the price this product is offered.
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Soothing for tired skin

I like that this mist has aloe vera and chamomile extract, the scent is definitely calming and subtle. It did help to calm and soothe tight skin, especially in the afternoon. It works well under and over makeup to give a dewy finish. I felt like I needed to use quite a few pumps to distribute evenly though. I had to spray sections of my face, rather than using it as a spritz all over. Keep it in the fridge if you want to level up as a refreshing mist - it absorbs pretty quickly - no drips. Packaging is compact and the product travels well in a make up or hand bag.
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Okay - but expensive

First up - The pros: the mist is lovely, so fine. If you were using this as a makeup setting spray, there would be no issues there. I enjoyed the scent as it wasn't too over powering. Sure, it was nice, but I'm not sure if it was overly hydrating or calming to justify the price point. At $10-15, sure, I'd happily add this to my routine. But the benefits of the mist don't justify the price tag.
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Spa-like feel, but disappointing product.

This mist goes on so fine you hardly feel it, like a true spa. Unfortunately, it's a little sticky and leaves a film on the face, which I didn't feel was worth the skin benefits on-pack. Also, if you pump more than three times, product comes out of the top and spills over, making the process a little messy. While the premise is a great idea, I'm disappointed by the execution of this product.
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Light refreshing mist that gives a boost of hydration to your skin. It has a very fine mist that cools your skin and I really liked the fresh scent.
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Easy application for quick hydration

I can be quite lazy with my skin care routine so I like to look for products that are quick and easy to apply/use. This mist definitely fell into that category however I felt the mist left my skin feeling quite saturated without a way to absorb into the skin. To combat this I used my fingers to massage the product into my skin which did the trick. I have dry and sensitive skin and while I haven't noticed a long term effects, the immediate effect of the mist always left my skin dewy and refreshed without much effort! I didn't have any sensitivity issues either although be warned that there is definitely a fragrance to this product. I think this product would be great for anyone who is into easy skin care routines (Also great for after gym showers!) Keep in mind that this is more like a moisturiser/toner and isn't a mist that is suitable as a setting spray :) so I think with that in mind - this product is well worth it.
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Great product

I received this product to trial and I would say it’s a really convenient product. I have a combination and I tried it on through out the day for instant hydration and it worked really well. The fragrance is really fresh and calming and the packaging is great too. It looks Luxe and gives the proper hydration. I used it before makeup as a base and it worked perfectly and my makeup was set whole day. Overall it’s a great product and I will be using again.
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Very Soothing

This product surprised me. I usually really don't like facial mists. They sit on top of my skin, don't sink in and make my face look increadibly oily! But this mist didn't do that. The sprayer itself is amazing! It is so fine so you don't get big blobs of product on your face every time you spray it. The scent is very calming but not over powering. The only downside to this product is the price. If it were cheaper, I would repurchase time and time again!