Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing with Vitamin C & Bergamot

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Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing with Vitamin C & Bergamot is a hydrating facial mist that can be used after cleansing or during the day to replenish moisture in the skin. The mist contains a vitamin B3 complex that works to boost the skin’s hydration levels by 60 per cent, while antioxidant-rich vitamin C and bergamot extract help brighten and revitalise dull skin.

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Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing with Vitamin C & Bergamot


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Refreshing morning!

This mist really energised me every time I use it. I love to use it every morning to wake me up, it is very refreshing. It has a nice citrus smell. The only downside is not really suitable for sensitive skin. The first time I used my face felt tingling and became a little red. However, the more I use my face doesn't react to it anymore. I highly recommend to people who don't have sensitive skin.

Not sold

Hmmm, I have been using this for a few weeks... but have to say I haven’t really noticed anything really good or really bad and I personally don’t miss it in my routine if I forget to use it. Maybe would be best on hotter days to feel refreshed... I may try put in the fridge.

Refreshing, hydrating

I love this product for summer. It’s super refreshing and keeps my face hydrated and feeling fresh all day. The super fine mist distributed evenly so it’s really easy to use. Containing bergamot it feeds skin and my skin honestly looks brighter when I use it. It smells lovely, a real summery fragrance which is an added bonus. It is a little pricey for play but well worth it, it’s packaged nicely and is a great size for my handbag for a quick refresh during the day. I love it and would recommend it

Fresh burst of moisture for indoor weary skin

I love a facial spritz...it feels wonderful,smells divine and cools the skin,but how did this one measure up? Olay comes up with some gems in skincare,and this mist....the Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing with Vitamin C & Bergamot,was a nice adition.It is a hydrating facial mist that can be used after cleansing or during the day to replenish moisture in the skin,whilst the addition of a vitamin B3 complex works to boost the skin’s hydration levels by (allegedly),up to 60 per cent, while antioxidant-rich vitamin C and bergamot extract help brighten and revitalise dull skin.Now i don't know about those claims (i didn't see any notable brightening,and my skin didn't instantly become revitalised,but it did feel soft and fresh for sometime (about 2 hours) after use...and that citrusy bergamot was uplifting during the day,and it played well over makeup (no running or smudging due to the even misting from the spray nozzle) For use as a "freshening boost",this is great,and it does look attractive (gold top and ombre brushed gold hued bottle),BUT,at $35 for under 100ml ? It isn't worth the coin to be honest
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Energize your skincare routine

This product is a nice addition to your beauty routine. The mist can be used as part of your skincare routine as a toner or to freshen up your skin during the day. The mist smelled fresh and summery on my skin. The smell awakens the senses and the mist feels cool on the skin so I did feel 'energized'. After using the mist for a period of time I found my skin looked brighter, dewy and fresh. I have sensitive skin and didn't find it reacted. One thing I found was that the spray trigger is a bit awkward as you need to hold it quite close to your face because the spray doesn't go far. Not a huge issue though!
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Light scent and refreshing smell

This product has a really lovely scent that is light and refreshing. The bottle sprays a very fine mist so I found myself needing to spray quite a lot to even feel like it had hit my face. As it is so fine I don't feel that it made a huge difference to my beauty regime or my skin. This was a nice product to try but I'm not sure I see myself using it on a regular basis going forward.
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Pleasant pick-me-up

I was sent the "calming" version of this mist to review which has niacinamide and aloe vera as featured ingredients. While I don't feel that it makes a marked difference to the hydration, tone or clarity of my skin, I enjoyed the way it adds a little bit of glow if I spray it on following makeup or as a pick-me-up during the day, which is how I've now incorporated it into my routine. Positives of the Olay hydrating essence include that the mist is incredibly fine so it works well over sunscreen and makeup. I haven't found that it interferes negatively with my makeup application or longevity (unless I am really heavy-handed with it!). The scent in the calming version is chamomile so it is nice and gentle and not at all overwhelming. I wish that I could say it did more to improve the overall quality of my skin because the key ingredients have worked well for me in the past but I didn't see a noticeable improvement while using it on bare skin and layered under my regular products. If I were to recommend this mist it would be to someone looking specifically for a spray that can be used throughout the day, rather than as something to replace a more potent toner or serum, for example.
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Great for makeup

This was my first time using a mist and what I like most about this one from Olay is how quickly it absorbs into the skin and refreshes makeup. It has a subtle scent, and is great for an instant pick me up to leave your makeup looking fresh and dewy. I think it’s great to have in your bag, the bottle is a travel friendly size or in your desk drawer at work for an afternoon refresh. It soothed my tired/tight skin, and I didn’t have any issues with sensitivity. While I haven’t noticed any significant improvements in my skin, I think it’s great for setting and refreshing makeup. It’s a little higher on the price point compared to some other mists, but if you’re an Olay fan I’m sure you’ll enjoy using this one.
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Energising essence

This Olay Mist is an Ultimate Hydration Essence used to hydrate the skin. It has bergamot and vitamin c so it’s a revitalising mist. I love bergamot and the scent is fresh and clean. The mist is enriched with vitamin c to brighten the skin. I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I definitely feel like it’s an energising spray It’s so refreshing to spritz your face and décolletage with. I use it several times a day although you could also incorporate it into your skincare routine as it is an essence.
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Hydrating mist

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and overall I like it. It’s easy to use after cleansing your face and the mist is really fine which I like because it doesn’t leave your skin feeling too wet. The fine mist feels hydrating, but I do need to use quite a few sprays. It also has a nice subtle and Fresh fragrance that I like. As I have only been using it for 2 weeks I haven’t noticed any brightening effects yet, but I will keep using it. It can also be used after applying makeup to leave a dewy texture to your skin. One negative is that the bottle is quite small compared to the price, but I do feel like it would last a long time.
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Good but not great

The mist was refreshing and had a nice sent. It was nice to you use in the morning and in the afternoon for a refresher. I also used it to also dampen my Beaty blender when setting my concealer under my eyes. I think it was a nice product but definitely not amazing as I didn’t notice any improvements to my skin or feel energized in the face after using it. I also expected the vitamin c in the product to hydrate my skin like other vitamin c products I’ve used in the past. It was a good product but I might stick to my regular mists I use.
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Luxe but ultimately not worth the price

Ok so first off when getting this product, the packaging is luxe. It looks very lovely and looks nice on the counter. I have dry skin so I tried this before moisturising and then on top of makeup. It gave a little hydration but didn’t really make a significant difference. The scent is very pleasant but doesn’t linger which can be a pro or con depending on how much you like scents. As other reviewers have mentioned the spray mist is super fine and it really takes a few pumps on your face. Given the price point and all of these factors I really can’t justify in my budget to repurchase this. I feel like it does the same job as much cheaper versions.
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Pick me up for your skin

The energising olay mist is really great if you want a pick me up for your face. It gives your face a subtle glow while making your face look brighter and refreshed as well as moistured. The formula is non-greasy and easily absorbs into your face. And if you spray a bit too much just dabb it into your face with your fingers. It has a beautiful citrus smell and comes in an easy to use plastic bottle, so the bottle can’t break. It can be used throughout the day if needed. I used it before applying my moisturiser. The only thing to note is that on the parts of your face that are sensitive, which was around my cheek bones it did sting a bit, but went away after it absorbed in. Would recommend the product to anyone who wants to brighten up their face while leaving your face moisturised.
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Great Refreshing Facial Spray

I really liked the scent of this product, and it left my skin feeling refreshed after application. Although the product smells nice and makes you feel refreshed after using, I didn't really notice any difference to my skin otherwise. So I don't think I'll buy this product again, however I would recommend it to someone who is looking for a refreshing facial spray.
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Natural refreshing scent

Compared to the calming spray, this one in relation to scent is a lot more natural and does not smell like shampoo. the mist is light which is nice. The formula does not irritate my dry skin. I took 1 star off because of the price as you can get something similar for less than half the price.
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Light and smells great

This is a super light mist that has a really lovely smell. I’ve been using it after I was my face before my serums. It’s been a welcome addition. My only qualm was that its a very gentle mist so I felt like I had to spray more then I normally would and closer to my face to get what I would get from other mists.
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Fresh and light.

I love the smell of this mist, its light and fresh and not overwhelming. I used this in the morning and night after cleansing and it made my skin feel hydrated. I am quite sensitive to perfumes and didn't have any troubles at all with this mist even though it is scented. The spray bottle was easy to use and the mist came out fine.
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Not a necessity

It has a pretty smell. The mist is fine which I loved. It’s very lightweight. I’m not sure I need it, unless is it a very hot day or very cold day when I need to hydrate my face, as the face products I use hydrate my very dry skin sufficiently.
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Nice simple toner but too expensive

I'm not in love with this product for the price of it. The spray is a little too fine so I feel like I need to use more pumps than necessary. The smell is nice and subtle plus doesn't last long. I don't feel that I've been using it long enough for any great benefits to be noted. Nice simple toner but too expensive.
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A lovely luxury item

I love the packaging, fresh, fruity scent and the luxurious misty spray. It feels like a treat to use and really lifted my mood every time I used it. I have used a cheaper version (Mario Badescu) and the more expensive version (Tatcha dewy skin mist) and it does sway more toward the feel of the Tatcha. However I haven't noticed a change in my skin tone at all. Its a luxury you could keep in your bag or on your desk to spray when you need a pick-me-up but the price point is a little high for a novelty spray. I won't repurchase.