Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Sheet Mask

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Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Sheet Mask is a sheet mask designed for dry skin. It intensely hydrates skin for a dewy glow. It is enhanced with Tension fit design that has an optimum fit on the face, made with a special elastic substrate that ensures your masks will never slip or move, no matter what you do. Luxuriously formulated with at least ⅓ of actives found in beloved Olay products, each mask is packed with scientific super ingredients proven to work hard for the skin. Key ingredients: 99% pure grade niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or mineral oils. Suitable for dry skin types.

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Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Sheet Mask


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Such a luxurious mask leaving my skin hydrated and glowing! The packaging looks very premium and mentioned there is 1/2 the actives in a full sized serum, love that for my skin. Also an intense hydration surge, yes please, definitely made me want to give it a go. At first the mask looks quite small but it actually is very stretchable. I pulled it horizontally and vertically and was able to mould to the contours of my face which sat really well, it didn’t feel like it would fall off at all. The material is super soft and made it very comfortable. I am in love with the full sized serum so I was genuinely excited that Olay launched sheet masks replicating the serum and it did not disappoint. The product had a light scent and absorbed into my skin. It made my skin feeling intensely hydrated leaving a nice glow afterwards, just like the serum. Each packet was packed with product for the mask, I even had left over which I used for my hands and my neck (such a win). Definitely worth trying and buying, I’ll definitely be stocking up on these!

Hydrating and moisturising

This is a great sheet mask for dry skin. I generally have combination skin but my skin was feeling quite dry after winter so I gave this a try as I love olay products- they work and I like products with hyaluronic acid. The mask is easy to use and is soaked with tons of serum, I relaxed for 15 minutes before bed and just left the serum on overnight. The mask is super hydrating and in the morning I could see a difference, my skin looked plumper and smoother and not as tired and after rinsing it off it felt smooth and soft. It comes at a great price so it’s excellent value for money and I feel it delivers the same results as a much more expensive product. This is a winner for me and something I would use if my skin ever needs extra hydration and nourishment. I would recommend this product
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Thicker facemask that locks in moisture

Pros: - I used this in the morning and my skin was significantly more dewy and radiant for the rest of the day - Thicker than other mask formulas; feels more like an expensive one than a cheap one - Felt very hydrating in a sub-skin and top-skin way. Cons: - Formula is quite thick and built up on the edges - Mask didn't fit very well; to be fair, I am a boy, but was very small on my face. Overall, I did like it and would purchase it again, especially for the thick, creamy texture. Definitely a go-to in the morning if you have something on that night and want to look radiant!
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Good but a lot of serum!

As far as face masks go this is just slightly above average. It definitely works, my skin felt hydrated and plump after use and I could visibly see the difference. However, the after use serum that is left over on your face is a lotttt. For me, I couldn’t go about my day with that much serum on my face because after an hour I would look really oily and possibly break out - so if using I recommend wiping a bit off. It smells nice and didn’t irritate my skin so that was great! I think this mask would be perfect for use on a big day before makeup application - eg. A wedding or party.
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Short Term Hydration

I enjoyed using this sheet mask, however I'm not so sure it will make it to my regular skincare routine. I did really love the ingredients and lack of nasties. The sheet is quite convenient to apply, and it does give a spa-like experience. The sheet did not quite fit my face, but I understand that they mare made to be as universal as possible. While I found the mask to be hydrating, and I did feel that my skin looked quite plump and moisturised that night and the next morning, I didn't really love the texture of the serum. When I have used sheet masks in the past I simply massage the remainder of the serum into my face and follow with any additional skincare. The serum in this mask had an odd, tacky texture that seemed to sit on top of my skin, rather than sinking in. I left it on, but in the morning I could still feel it on my face. I also did not notice any longer term hydration, only the evening and morning after using it. It was okay, but not fabulous. So while I enjoyed using the mask, and I did feel it provided some short term hydration, it probably won't be something I rush out to buy.
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Good mask could be cheaper

Thank you for letting me review this item. I liked the idea of niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid in a mask so was hopeful. Also olay is a good brand. I've used niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid products independently before and have enjoyed them particularly niacinamide for reducing redness. When I actually tried the mask The first thing that struck me was the smell of the mask which was very nice. The second was that There was a lot of product in the sachet (enough for multiple uses) . Both of those were positives but the eyes part on the mask didn't fit me very well. So that was a negative. It's not the kind of mask you can put on and do other things around the house while wearing. It's the kind were you need to lie down and just stay still or the mask will slide off. So keep that in mind. I kept the mask on for about 20 minutes. The smell was pleasant. It was a nice cooling sensation. After I took the mask off my skin it looked more moisturised and felt more moisturised however I didn't notice much in terms of a reduction in redness... ...Later on I noticed that there was also some pilling of the product later as the residual product residue dried onto my skin. This may be an issue for some people who layer their masks with other products. I think this was overall a good mask - if you like to wash it off and don't like to layer your masks and have time to lie down. My thoughts... if it was on sale at around $3/4 I might use it. Higher than this though At full price though I don't think I would buy it. It's a bit too expensive for the result and there are cheaper masks out there I use that are just as good and don't pill.... I think this Would make a good gift for a friend though. The packaging is pretty and it is a reputable brand and pleasant to use... overall it's a good moisturising mask, and depending on your needs might be what you're looking for
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Thick application but hydrating

Sheet masks are a regular addition to my usual skincare regime and I was excited to try the Olay sheet mask. At first opening the package I noticed a subtle fragrance. I have a smaller framed face and in terms of the eyes and mouth holes the mask fit well. However, it was too large for the rest of my face. I usually fold in the edges but the mask was quite thick and did not hold in to the folds, so ended up flapping around the edges of my face. I tend to go for thinner face masks for this reason. The application felt smooth and refreshing. I wore it for 15-20 mins as suggested on the pack. After removing the mask I usually like to rub in any left over residue, but when doing so it formed little chunks like when you rub off dried glue from your skin which I didn't really like. Otherwise, my skin was left feeling super hydrated and smooth even to the next day. Overall, the end result was great, but the actual application process could be better improved.
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So Hydrating!

I was very excited to try the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Sheet Mask as my skin has been so dry this winter! It did not disappoint. There was quite a lot of product on the mask which I loved, it soaked into my skin straight away. It was really easy to apply the mask and was the perfect fit for my face. A week later, my skin still feels soft and supple from this mask. I would be interested to try other products from 'Olay' as I have never used them before and I rate this mask a definite 10/10! Would definitely buy again!!
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Treat yourself!

I love sheet masks and use them regularly so was most excited to try this! The simplicity of a sheet mask infused with ingredients such as hyaloronic acid and niacinamide sounds most appealing and instantly draw my attention. It didn’t disappoint. I like how the mask has a slight stretch in it but eye opening a tad on the small side. Plenty of serum to really make sure you skin is covered and infused. Left my skin radiant and feeling plump. Used left over serum the next day also and my skin loved it. Would definitely purchase in the near future!
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Package was easy to open and fragrance was lovely. I stretched over face to fit as per the instructions but I felt that the eye holes were small and I accidentally flicked the mask in my eye when trying to fit it. The mouth was a little small too. Definitely refreshing serum and I did gently pat/massage the excess in after removing the mask which I didn't mind. Overall result is that my skin was left smelling great with a fresh scent and felt soft to touch and hydrated. I would recommend others to try this as I am a fan of Olay serums and it is nice to find it in mask form for that extra hydrating boost.
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Dewy skin

The mask is nicely soaked in the product, so it really gives your skin a good drink. I tried to stretch the mask to apply, as instructed, but it didn't really work that well for me so the fit wasn't ideal for my face and the eye holes were just a bit too small. However it did the job and I lay down for 15 minutes just chilling while I let it do it's thing. After I pulled it off I rubbed the residue into my skin and then applied my regular moisturiser. Wow, my skin feels so much more hydrated and moisturised than normal. My face looks smooth and refreshed. "Dewy" is definitely the apt word for my skin after using this mask and I would recommend it!
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Moisturising mask

The packaging of this sheet mask was very attractive. I loved the bold bright colours. The sheet mask itself seemed to be a bit too wet with too much product. The mask was a bit hard to stretch and to sit comfortably. The eye section seemed a bit small. The product initially felt cool and lovely on my skin however for the remainder of the time it felt like it was burning slightly. My face felt lovely and smooth afterwards for a number of days. I felt that the moisture in my skin did increase for a period after use.
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Loved it!

I loved this super moisturising mask with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid! My skin felt so soft and hydrated. The lovely soft mask fitted perfectly around my eyes, nose and mouth which is very hard for me to find. I loved this mask so much I bought the whole bottle of Olay serum! It was worked miracles for my forehead wrinkles and dry patches especially around my eyes and nose. Olay products always seem to work very well for my skin this hydrating mask was no exception. I would highly recommend it for anyone with dry skin and wrinkles!
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Instant Hydration and Glow

I have dry skin and use sheet masks regularly. I was really excited to try this product, as it seems to be exactly what I need to quickly rehydrate my skin. I usually use sheet masks after my usual face wash routine in place of a night moisturiser. I was actually really impressed with this product, as my face felt plump and rehydrated, dewy, and absolutely radiant the morning after using it. The reason I had to deduct a star is because of the fit of the sheet mask itself. I found the opening for the eyes and mouth to be too small, and the width to be too short for my face. This mask was made to stay on your face to allow you to do things as you’re wearing it, however I found that I ended up having to lie perfectly still to avoid getting the product into my eyes. Overall, it’s still an amazing product that does what it claims to do: Instantly hydrates and gives you a dewy glow!
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A staple for me!

This sheet mask is a not revolutionary but it is a good staple mask to have in your makeup draw or kit. The double benefit of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide means that you are being doubly as kind to your skin. The actual mask is a great texture and fits snugly on the face and I didn’t find too much slippage after having the mask on for 15 minutes. Another benefit of the mask is that it is a absolutely drenched with serum, like a crazy amount. There was enough left over in the packet to apply for the next two nights which was awesome. This mask is really good value for money and is something that I would go searching for in the chemist if I forgot to pack a mask when I was away.
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A Hydrating Treat

I suffer with skin dryer than the Sahara desert so I gravitate to skincare boasting moisturizing effects however sheet masks are not my normal go-to. With claims of intense hydration from first use and having had a recent skin needling procedure resulting in extra dry facial skin, I'm intrigued. I applied the mask after a hot shower onto a freshly exfoliated face. The mask emanates a pleasant "fresh" scent, not uncommon from many other skincare products I've used previously. It comes well and truly soaked in the serum, like a milky gel with plenty left behind in the packet for top up if desired. The stretch of the mask aided in easy application, it fit my face fully and comfortably. If I was to have my input to its construction, I might suggest slightly bigger eye holes and provisions for wider set eyes with more available across the bridge of the nose however, with a small face I found the fit sufficient but there is room for improvement. The mask was soft and cooling and the gelatinous feel of the fluid suggested it was providing the advertised moisturizing effects. It sat without issue on my face in excess of the instructed time required and felt somewhat relaxing during. There was a thin residue left behind on removal which dried down in around 5 to 8 minutes. My face was left feeling *slightly* tighter yet fresh and moisturized but with a itty bitty bit of tackiness at the touch. I wouldn't look to replace my current products with this mask but would be a nice treat for my face every once in a while.
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Refreshing cream texture serum mask

When I opened the package I noticed creamy serum around the sheet mask loved how moisturizing it is on my skin. The sheet mask it self has very soft cotton feel texture and loved putting it on my face but noticed the eye openings were smaller than the other sheet mask and felt uncomfortable so I stretched out a bit so it can fit my eyes. The size of the mask fit perfectly on my face but my face size is smaller than normal people so the size will not compliment other consumers. I took it off after 10 min and I can feel my skin is moisturized and brightened but it was more like instant glowing I guess. The next day my skin was still moisturized but didn't feel any brightness. Would recommend try at least 3-5 times to see the result. For the price, it's not bad. I would purchase this product in the future.
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Highly recommend this sheet mask

I had been wanting to try this serum for some time and jumped at the chance to try the sheet mask. I used it firstly as a mask which was great. I then was also able to use it another time by squeezing out the remaining liquid to use like a serum. I absolutely loved this product, my skin feels extremely hydrated, soft and smooth. I can definitely recommend the mask and will be buying the serum now too. I have adversely reacted to hyaluronic acids in the past but found this one effective yet gentle
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Just like a drink of a big glass of water !

I really enjoyed the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Sheet Mask. It was in an easy to open package that was full of serum the sheet mask was very standard but stretched out to find and fit my face perfectly. I think that my skin really needed hydration because it seemed to soak in almost immediately. I found that quite quickly the tissue of the mask started to peel off and I kept having to push it back down in place to stay on my skin in places. I have used them previously that stay on for a touch longer so that is where it lost a point for me. I wasn't really able to multi-task or do other things as it kept peeling off.
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Nice mask, nothing outstanding though

I was really excited to try this mask and was very grateful for the opportunity to review it. As a lover and regular user of sheet face masks, I have to honestly say that this was much like most other masks that I have tried. The mask itself was easy enough to apply however I definitely felt as though there was too much product on the mask, making it feel heavy and constantly sliding down my face. The serum was lovely and did leave my skin feeling very hydrated. It had a lovely fragrance to it, not too strong either. Overall this is a nice mask and quite well priced (in line with other similar masks), but nothing amazing that would make me rush out to buy it again.