Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream

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Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream is Olay’s newest and brightest eye cream that evens and brightens the delicate skin area around the eyes. Lightweight and pleasantly cool, this fast-absorbing formula feels silky and smooth to touch. This formula, crafted with stable Vitamin C, Low-ph Niacinamide and Peptides, visibly brightens, hydrates, and improves the appearance of skin.

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Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream


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Great texture, excellent results!

I’ve been using the Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream and I have been absolutely loving it! Given that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a number of their eye products over the year, I can confidently say that this is certainly among the top 3 that I’ve ever used from the brand. This comes in a shiny gold jar with a silver lid that’s easy to unscrew. It has a very gel-like texture, which I love. I don’t find it to have a scent, which I appreciate. This is light and doesn’t leave a tacky residue at all, and it gets absorbed very quickly. The best part, of course, is how my skin looks afterwards - the fine lines and eye bags around the under eye region look less apparent and less dark, and overall, I just look a little less tired than I feel. I would certainly finish this jar and recommend getting one for backup!
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Love it

I have really bad dark circles and puffiness under eyes. Heard really good things about this product and had to try it. Very satisfied with the result in just a short amount of time. Also just before bed I apply this soothing eye cream/gel to my eye area. This cream moisturises my tired eyes and leaves my skin feeling nourished and sooo hydrated. I’m in love with it. I made my mum try it out and she finds it very light weight and smooth. I have been using it for just less than a month but the difference is quite visible. I feel elasticity in my skin and my eyes look fresher.
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lovely vitamin c

I received this as a trial from review crew. I really enjoyed this product as I have been trying to integrate vitamin c into my skincare regime. I use it in the morning under my sunscreen and find it sits really nicely. I also really enjoyed the fact that it didn't have the strong vitamin c citrus smell that most of them seem to have. I also liked the packaging, nothing too flash but easy to use and hard to break. Would recommend to a friend and would buy again as it is a great price point. After using it for the trial period, I did notice my skin looked more even and glowy, a winner from me!
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I have been using the Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream for past several weeks and I really wanted to love this product but I just found it way too greasy for my liking. A very small amount does go along way as it such a creamy and oily consistency. I felt as though it was hydrating for the skin around my eyes but it didn't soak into my skin enough and left me feeling too oily. The scent is super refreshing and reinvigorating orange smell to it thanks to the vitamin c that is in it. I would recommend this eye cream to someone with really dry skin and those who don't have sensitive ski .
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Lightweight, gentle and hydrating

This is a very lightweight formula that I love as you only need a tiny amount to go a long way. This eye cream is very hydrating. My skin stays feeling hydrated all day and all night. I have noticed the darkness under my eyes disappear more and more each day and the skin around my eyes feels nice and plump. I also love the subtle fragrance and that it is very gentle on my skin. I would recommend this to anyone looking to brighten under their eyes and help with fine lines. This product will definitely be staying in my skincare routine.
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Great addition

Eye creams are an absolute staple to my everyday routine and come in at a range of price points Olay sits at the more affordable end but that doesn't mean the quality is less . As I've gotten older I've really noticed the importance of a high quality eye cream and the need for regular use. I'd never tried this brand in an eyecream before but the packaging was interesting and different which I liked. It looked like a high end luxury product. Olay's Vitamin C eye cream was soft and very easy to apply. It didn't feel heavy or overly greasy. I was pleased with how well it was absorbed too. After 2 weeks of regular use I can definitely see a subtle difference. It has brightened and softened what is usually a darker area. I like that the price point is affordable and although this eyecream may not be the best one I've ever used it certainly delivers some good results. If you're looking to brighten this eye area and want an affordable product that is easy to apply, feels silky on the delicate eye area and delivers results then this is a great option!
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Eye cream

I love the packaging on this product. The box feels very luxe and I love how shiny it is. The little jar of eye cream looks great. I love the colour of a darker yellow, it's very appealing to the eye. Overall, this is a great eye cream. It brightens the skin under my eye and above my eye. I use my fourth finger to scoop up a little of the eye cream and apply it under the skin of my eye and above. When I apply it on, it feels very nourishing and hydrating so I know my skin is being looked after. Afterwards, my eyes look bright and I don't look so dull. It also smells really lovely. I really like the fragrance. It isn't overly strong which is great because I can be sensitive to really strong fragranced products.
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Easy to apply!

I just can’t live without an eye cream in my skincare routine. It just makes me feel dry and dull if I don’t use them twice a day. Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream just came in handy and is now part of my favourite daily routine, specially morning, cause it gets my under eyes skin ready for my make up products! It’s non fragrance and very very light weighted texture makes it perfect to apply on our delicate under eye area, Brighten and awaken the area. You just need a tiny amount of product. Only downside for me is the package, as though it’s a little cute yellow pot, it doesn’t seem pretty and luxe, for the price you pay for it.
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Wake-up-eyes cream

I was super keen to try the Olay Niacinamide and Vitamin C eye cream as my dark circles have grown a lot in the last few months having a very active baby. Can we first discuss the size of this jar! OMG the Olay eye creams seem huge. I have been using this morning and night for almost 4 weeks and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface! The cream itself is a nice light bouncy formula that applies easily to the eye. I don’t really notice a scent to the eye cream like I noticed to the face cream, if it is there, it is extremely subtle. I found this worked well under makeup too. Over all I find my under eyes are brighter and it seems to give me a little pick me up in the morning. I have been calling it my wake-up-eyes cream when asking hubby to pass it to me while feeding baby.
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A simple fuss free eye cream

I received this product for review. It’s presented in a simple screw top jar that is sturdy and solid. I could not find the percentage of Vitamin C listed on the packaging, which makes me believe it’s minimal. The cream was lightweight and had a pleasant faint citrus scent. It spread nicely on the skin and dried down quickly. It also had a lovely cooling effect that lasted a few seconds after application. I enjoyed using this product as a base for makeup and I found it worked really well at providing a smooth base for my makeup. As for any of the Vitamin C benefits, I would need to continue using this product for longer in order to make an informed opinion. Overall, if you’re looking for a simple base that sits nicely under eye makeup, Vitamin C benefits aside, this could be what you’re looking for.

Smoothes and brightens under eye area

If olay brings out any new product I have to try it. This is a great brand that delivers great results at a great price. The vitamin c eye cream new to the okay range is a miracle worker. After only a couple of days my under eye area looked fresher and brighter. It’s light and comfortable to wear, no sticky greasy feeling, it sinks straight in and the scent of it is pretty. This won’t irritate sensitive skin, it has a silky consistency and I only need to use a little of the cream so it will last for quite a while. I noticed fine lines were less visible after only a week and my eye area definitely looked smoother. I will continue to use this eye cream because it works. Great product
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A hydrating eye cream

I have dry under eyes and very apparent dark circles combined with sensitive skin. So I am always on the hunt for an eye cream that tackles both of these. I used this in place of my usual eye cream in the morning and at night. It was hydrating without feeling heavy and was quickly absorbed as I patted it into my skin. I didn't have any issues layering it with other products (moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup). After using this for about a month, this is a great eye moisturising eye cream, my under eyes are plump and hydrated but didn't notice any change in my dark circles. I would recommend this if you are looking for an everyday eye cream.
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Hydrates & Brightening Eye Cream

Love to use this Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream. Have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I find it hydrates and brighten up my skin round the eyes area. The eye cream do not have added fragrance and do not have any added Parabens which is great. I've used it in the Morning & Evening on cleansed skin with just a small amount of product. It's a small jar but a small amount of product goes a long way. The texture of the product it's very light and easy to applied on the eye area without leaving my skin feeling too greasy as the product absorb easily into my skin once I applied it on. It has also helps with my eye bag as I can see improvement after using it for weeks.
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Bye bye dark eyes

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used Olay Eyes Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Eye Cream I had previously only used moisturisers and face creams from Olay. I have dark bags under my eyes and whilst this doesn't eliminate them totally I saw a visible difference in the hydration around my eyes an dthe dark circles were lessened. I love the little container it comes in and the texture is soft and spreadable without being to greasy. A little goes a long way! I used this both in the morning and at night and I have to say I really did see a difference in the short time I used it. I my total eye area looked and felt more hydrated, refreshed and bright. I like the fact it is not fragranced for such a sensitive area of the face. I will definitely keep using it as I can imagine that when using it daily over a course of time that the results will be even more noticeable!!
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Tired eye refreshing

The Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream is really nice to use. I have been using this product in my daily routine in the morning and evening over the last few weeks and found that within the first week of use I noticed a smoother, brighter and hydrated complexion. I have very tired eyes from working in front of a pc all day and just being drained and while using it I feel like my under eyes have become brighter along with being hydrated. I don't seem to look so tired. I have been trying so many under eye patches and creams lately. A little goes a long way and I find that half a pearl size is plenty and is enough for both eyes. I feel that this product is worth purchasing and will last me a while with every day use. I have been using with the moisture that goes with this product and they both work so well and complement each other. This is a product that that I would definitely purchase again.
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Great, brightening eye cream

I used the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream for a few weeks now and can happily report that it actually does what it claims to do. Before using this eye cream I only really used an eye cream at night, before bed. Since adding this product into my daily routine (both AM and PM) I found that the skin around my eyes is hydrated for longer, and overall appears 'brighter'. There are less dark spots under my eyes and my skin is smoother. I do also have a few melasma/pigment spots around my eye sockets/cheek bones and as far as I can tell (after a few weeks only) this eye cream is also helping me brighten the appearance of those as well. It's super easy to apply - all you need is a pea sized amount of the cream which spreads evenly and soaks in fast. Overall, this Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream works well with my combination skin and I 100% would recommend it to others !
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A welcome addition!

The Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream has been a welcome addition to my morning skincare routine. Similar to the moisturiser, the lightweight texture is a big win, it sinks right into your skin and does not leave a greasy layer on top. So you know it is really working and being absorbed to give that 24-hour hydration. Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the fragrance in the cream it was a bit too strong for me and so I avoided using it at night time. I did notice that my under eyes dark circles had lightened and overall smoother after consistently using this product!
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Gel-like consistency, leaves eyes brighter.

The moment I heard that I can trial Olay's new eye cream and it is supposed to brighten my eyes, I was sold. My eyes show my current state of being a mother to a toddler and a newborn - the exhaustion is visible and I need all the help I can get. The cream itself comes in a really cute yellow pot and on opening, I saw that it was actually more of a gel-like consistency and not a cream. It is see-through and thick, which reminded me of jelly. I used it twice a day and applied it to my eye area. Since it is a bit thick, then it took a while for it to fully absorb. Unfortunately, I still found that a lot of the time, my skin was left sticky. I tried to play around with the amount I used and a half a pea size was suitable for me and left my skin comfortable. After using it for three weeks, I can say that the skin around my eyes looks definitely healthier, younger and brighter. I would have preferred if it was in a pump bottle, which would have made the dosing easier and also more hygienic.
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I absolutely loved this Eye Cream! It has by far surpassed my expectations. I have been looking for a brightening Eye Cream that contains Vitamin C for a little while but have typically found they lack hydration and have left my eye area feeling very dry. However this cream from Olay was both brightening and hydrating and I feel that I can really notice the difference in my skin! I used this Eye Cream both morning and night it was that good. It also sat great under makeup. I would definitely repurchase and would recommend to a friend!
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Lightweight moisturising eye gel

I trialled the Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C eye cream along with the face moisturiser of the same range. Both are lovely lightweight moisturisers. Similar to the face moisturiser, it is a lightweight gel consistency and does not have any noticeable scent unlike the face moisturiser (which I did not mind at all). I found it absorbed very easily and did not leave any residue at all. As someone with dry to normal skin, it can sometimes get greasy in the summer humidity so I was pleased that it provided adequate moisture without having to use a heavy cream.