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Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask is a sheet mask designed for dull/tired skin. It helps to reduce dark spots for an even glow. It is enhanced with Tension fit design that has an optimum fit on the face, made with a special elastic substrate that ensures your masks will never slip or move, no matter what you do. Luxuriously formulated with at least ⅓ of actives found in beloved Olay products, each mask is packed with scientific super ingredients proven to work hard for the skin. Key ingredients: 99% pure grade niacinamide and vitamin C. No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or mineral oils. Suitable for all skin types.

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Olay Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask


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Such a luxurious mask leaving my skin hydrated and glowing! The packaging looks very premium and mentioned there is 1/2 the actives in a full sized serum, love that for my skin. I am obsessed with Vitamin C because I have pigmentation and a few spots so was eager to try this. At first the mask looks quite small but it actually is very stretchable. I pulled it horizontally and vertically and was able to mould to the contours of my face which sat really well, it didn’t feel like it would fall off at all. The material is super soft and made it very comfortable. I am in love with the full sized serum (my favourite serum) so I was genuinely excited that Olay launched sheet masks replicating the serum and it did not disappoint. The product had a light scent and absorbed into my skin. It made my skin feeling intensely hydrated leaving a nice glow afterwards, just like the serum. My skin immediately looked brighter and saw my pigmentation lightened Each packet was packed with product for the mask, I even had left over which I used for my hands and my neck (such a win). Definitely worth trying and buying, I’ll definitely be stocking up on these!
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Nice mask

First of all thank you to BeautyCrew and Olay for the opportunity to trial this product. I wanted to love this mask but sadly found it lacking in a couple of areas. While the fabric that the mask is made from felt nice and fit well, the eye and mouth holes definitely need to be bigger they were too small and felt uncomfortable. Also, the directions for use were virtually nonexistent on the packaging, not very helpful for someone that’s never used a sheet mask before. I did like that the amount of serum that was included was very generous, I used the leftover product on my neck and décolletage. I found that after use my skin did have a nice glow, looked brighter and felt more hydrated. Overall, I would use again and would be happy to recommend to friends and/or family.
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Nice pick-me-up mask

I love the subtle orange-y scent of the serum. The quality/texture of the mask feels premium, a bit thicker than the masks I had tried before. The mask adhered well to my cleansed skin during the 15-minute duration but I have to agree that the holes could be improved as they are smaller than the other ones I had tried. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience using the mask. No issues encountered after removing the mask. My skin felt plump and hydrated. It somehow gave my face a bit more glow. Its claim of reducing dark spots might be seen after continued use.
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Affordable mask packed with skin actives

I love sheet masks and try to use them twice a week. This is the first Olay sheet mask I have tried and if it is anything to go by, it makes me want to try the rest of the vitamin C range. Firstly, I liked how strong the sheet mask felt - it wasn't flimsy and appreciated the density, the mask was quite resilient and can probably withstand a bit of movement without tearing. Flimsy masks are a pet peeve of mine. The fit could've been better - the holes for eyes, nose and mouth were a lot smaller and less accommodating compared to other brands. I also noticed that the mask didn't extend out much from the cheek and chin areas - I like it when masks stretch into the jawline - more surface area is always appreciated. Other than that, it was quite comfortable to wear. I didn't really notice any dominating scents or fragrances and I kept it on for around 20 minutes. It gave me a nice hydrating glow for the next 12 hours (I used it at night, then applied my nighttime products on top). This is why I sheet mask: it is like an insurance policy for dewy moisturised skin. Would I buy this? Maybe not at full price but there are always good sales at supermarkets and pharmacies. I do like to keep a good range on hand.
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Didn’t meet expectations

Overall this mask is not the worst, but it’s not the best. For the price point, I think there are better products on the market. The sheet could certainly have bigger holes for the eyes and mouth, especially to cater for those who have larger features. I did enjoy the amount of product provided on the mask, and it was pleasant whilst on. However, after taking it off, it left a really uncomfortable residue that dried out and was really hard to remove without washing my face multiple times - which defeats the purpose of a nourishing face mask. I would use again but would only buy if it was on special. Otherwise, I’ll pass.
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It's okay

The Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask was such an exciting thing for me, then.. unfortunately from the moment I opened the packaging & put the sheet on my face I felt let down. I done my normal cleansing routine & pat my skin dry, placed the sheet mask on my face. I found the sheet holes to be fairly small around my mouth and eyes. I did try to pull the mask around a bit and managed to get it to lay flat on the skin but I could barely see out of the eye holes haha my partner was laughing because my eyes looked so small. Once I'd left the mask on for some time, I did find my skin was definitely hydrated which is great although after applying my normal SPF moisturiser I found my face became a little sticky & the mask residue was starting to peel, like there was a film on my face. Not too sure if it was the SPF that caused it to do this but I wasn't keen looking like a glue stick had been rubbed on my face and peeling.
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Not too bad

I was really looking forward to trying this mask but unfortunately my skin type if didn’t really work as B well as I would have hoped. The mask did a great job of staying put on my face it didn’t slip down my face like others have. I didn’t find it made any difference to my skin, maybe if I had of used more then one it may have made a difference, hopefully with more frequent use of the mask it would help improve dark spots. I did find the excess product was probably a bit too much as I had to wash my face s few times as it didn’t absorb very well. I think it is a little expensive for one mask, don’t think I would purchase it at the price it retails at. I found the actual mask fit well to my face with no issues. Thanks beauty crew for the opportunity to trial the mask

Brightens and hydrates skin

I love a great sheet mask and this olay mask was great. I love that it is infused with vitamin c for brightening my skin. It’s really easy to use and contains heaps of serum, not at all stingy. I left the mask on for 15 minutes before I went to bed then simply peeled it off and left the serum on overnight. The results next morning were great, my skin was glowing and felt smooth and soft. It got rid of puffiness and I looked less tired, which is great as this is one of my skin concerns. It does help fade age spots and is a great anti ageing product. This mask is great for those with sensitive skin as it contains no irritants and I got no irritation from using it. Olay is a great brand and they make a really great anti ageing product and I felt this mask was really good value and delivered excellent results for the money. I would buy this again and would recommend it
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Unfortunately a no from me

Unfortunately this sheet mask caused my skin to break out the next day. It was the only different/new thing I used that’s why I know it came from it. The sheet material is nice and thick but the eye and mouth holes should be bigger as due to small holes wasn’t as comfortable as I constantly tried to adjust it for a better fit, but it felt quite moisturising during wear. I do have to add I have rosacea and besides the break out my skin was even more red than usual the next day as well. So unfortunately I won’t be purchasing in the future.
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3 star sheet mask

This sheet mask comes in foil packaging and packed with serum. When I took the mask out of the packet I noticed it had a slight quilting to it, I’m guessing that’s to help hold on to the serum. I put the mask on freshly cleansed skin, I don’t think I have a very wide face but I noticed the mask is narrow and didn’t fit all of the way to the side of my face, I also noticed the mouth hole is very small. The serum smells lovely, I subtle orange scent, it’s a milky white luminous serum and putting on the mask felt very soothing and hydrating. So after 15 minutes I took of the mask, and not all of the serum was absorbed so rubbed the rest in. After the serum was absorbed my skin felt hydrated and it did actually look luminous. Overall a good sheet mask and would use again
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Just another sheet mask

The packaging was very appealing but didn’t have very clear instructions or much information on how to use but I have used sheet masks before. The mask had a lot of product on it and was very slippery to unfold, there was enough for my neck as well. I left it on for around 20 minutes and my face had soaked most of the serum in. The sheet mask did leave my face feeling sticky and I did have to rinse it off but my face did feel soft and fresh after that. I would use it again but didn’t love it, I expected more from an Olay product.
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Ok face mask, nothing special

I was keen to try this product as I liked the main ingredients - niacinamide and vitamin C. In preparation I cleansed my skin before using the mask. There was a lot of serum in the packet, and lots on the mask. The mask itself was not the best shape- the eye holes were far too small and I found it uncomfortable as it was pulling on my eyelashes. The mouth hole was also quite small. However the size of the mask was good and it easily stayed on my face for the 15 minutes. After I removed the mask, there was some leftover serum on my face, which I tried to pat into my skin to absorb it. The serum pilled horribly and left a sticky residue on my face that became tacky, meaning I couldn't apply any other products on top. There was a lot of serum leftover in the packet which I felt to be a waste, as it is really a single use product, but there was no way I could have used all that serum in one go. I didn't notice any brightening effects from this mask after one use, but perhaps with regular use I would notice a difference. Overall I enjoyed the relaxing nature of the sheet mask, but without seeing much improvement in my skin, I would not use this product again.
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Olay delivers again

I had never used a sheet mask before and I found this product amazing. It fit really well and is a easy way to give your skin a bit of a boost. My skin looked great after I removed this mask, plumper, brighter and not as tired looking. My skin also felt amazingly soft and definetly more hydrated. The mask was quick and easy to use and it smelt pleasant as well. I've always loved olay products and this product was of the quality you would expect from such a well known brand. I would definetly use this again and give it a big thumbs up. Yes I recommend this product .
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Good to Glow!

I recently tried the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask. I am the sheet mask queen - you name it, I have tried it! I liked how thick the mask was and how much actual product was on the mask. It stretched and covered my face nicely. I find a lot of masks don't have wide enough eyes or are too big and get in your hair! I left the mask on slightly longer than advised, maybe around 20 minutes. I then rubbed the excess on my face and neck. I left it there for a couple of hours then rinsed my face before bed. My skin was nice and soft. It felt hydrated and I had no break outs the next day. I didn't notice any reduction in dark spots but maybe you will see this with extended use. Would recommend.
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Pick me up I needed

I really needed a pick me up and this was my go to for exactly that. Upon opening the mask I noticed a lot of product in the pack which I think is great as you can use the excess product and pat on face every night for optimal results. Being a mum of 3 little ones, It was lovely to set some time aside to actually put my feet up for 15 minutes. After taking the mask off, the excess product was patted into my skin for optimal results. It left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and glowing. My skin didn’t felt plump and soft and I really liked how it didn’t feel sticky after. I didn’t notice a difference in spots however, this may be more noticeable with ongoing use. Highly recommended for any tired mama who needs a pick me up with the added glowing skin and hydration to match.
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I've had better masks

I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. The sheet came with a lot of product on it which wasn't a bad thing, due to it not being a messy mask to open and apply. So that was great. When I placed it on though, the mask seemed to either be quite small or my face too big. The eye holes were too small and the mouth opening only just fit over mine. I did gently try to stretch it but it didn't cover my entire face. The entire edging of the mask just wouldn't fit. It was odd because there was a lot of mask bunching up in places around my cheeks and chin, I feel the design could be so much better. Because of the bunching under my chin, it wouldn't sit nicely, it hung off. I used the extra product on my fingers to dab onto the places the mask couldn't reach. It was comfortable to wear despite these things and came off easily after 15 minutes. However I was left with white patches and lots of dried up product that made it look like my skin was peeling. I had to clean my face twice to get it all off. I didn't notice any difference in my skin afterwards which was surprising. My skin tone looked the same and I didn't feel like it had moisturised. I did only use the mask once, maybe if it was used more regularly, you might see or feel a difference.
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Lovely serum but tricky material

Just wanted to say Thank You to BeautyCrew and the review crew for sending me these sheet masks to use, trial and review. I've always been inlove with sheet masks. They are such a great way to give myself the self-care at home that I regularly need and love. Sheet masks are a great way to aid in relaxation and of course help with whatever your skincare needs are depending on what serums are included. I love to use my sheet masks fresh from my beauty fridge, which makes the mask cold and feels like I'm at the spa. Now this Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask was really lovely. As soon as I received the package, I placed them into my beauty fridge and left them over night to chill. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I used one of the masks and it was so beautiful. There was quite alot of serum covering the mask itself with plenty left over in the packaging which is great and I always use it on my neck, décolletage and chest. My only negative is that the mask itself was a little bit uncomfortable on the skin as I could feel bumps and texture so not the best and the holes for my mouth, nose and eyes were too small to the point that it was tricky keeping my eyes open without getting the serum in my eyes. Niacinamide helps to minimise pores, regulate oil production, and keep your skin looking fresh and bright. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights fine lines by stimulating collagen, brightens your complexion by blocking excess pigment creation, and protects your skin from damaging free radical and other environmental stressors. After using the face mask my skin was feeling so lovely, plump, hydrated and refreshed. The serum left a tacky layer on my skin afterwards which I was able to rub in and it smoothed right out. My skin was feeling beautiful all day long. I really loved the serum of this product but I didn't like the sheet itself. I wouldn't recommend this face mask because you can get these two active skincare ingredients in other ways that work better for the skin.
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Not bad

I have used the olay moisturiser that these sheet masks are based off and loved them, I liked thos sheet mask but I don't love it! Overall its not a bad option if looking for a diy facial at home or as part of your skin care routine but I think there are better products on the market. I believe it's expensive for what it is but that's just my opinion. The sheet mask could use bigger eye and mouth holes but I have a smallish face so it was OK for me. I like how it moisturised my face, I did notice a bit of extra glow in my skin the day after I used this sheet mask which was great. I don't think single use is enough to see any difference in dark spots. I would use again but would only buy if it was on special.
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My face is feeling energised and luminous

The mask comes with some serious product on it, which is awesome! The mask itself is thick and doesn't slide off (it stays put!). My skin feels energised and luminous after using it. It even bounces back when I touch it. I have some pigmentation from pregnancy (around my eyebrows and upper lip) they looked less noticeable (looking lighter). I absolutely loved the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Sheet Mask. I would recommend it. It’s a great pick me up which also helped with my pigmentation. Keen to try the serum next!
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Not for me

As a regular user of the Olay serums I was excited to try the sheet mask made from them! The sheet mask itself was made from thick material which made it easier to fit to the face and helped it to feel nice on. There was a lot of the serum On the mask itself, Once applied it felt very cooling and hydrating which was lovely. Unfortunately, after I removed the mask and let the remaining serum sink into my skin it dried leaving my skin feel tight. It was quite unpleasant and didn’t seem to give any extra glow or hydration to my skin beyond what my normal products would do. Although I love sheet masks, I wouldn’t use this one again. It did not make my skin break out or have any further complications afterwards. I enjoy using the overlay serums and will continue to do so.