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Olay Niacinamide Sheet Mask is a sheet mask designed for dull/tired skin. It helps to brighten dull skin for a radiant glow. It is enhanced with Tension fit design that has an optimum fit on the face, made with a special elastic substrate that ensures your masks will never slip or move, no matter what you do. Luxuriously formulated with at least ⅓ of actives found in beloved Olay products, each mask is packed with scientific super ingredients proven to work hard for the skin. Key ingredients: 99% pure grade niacinamide. No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or mineral oils. Suitable for all skin types.

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Olay Niacinamide Sheet Mask


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Such a luxurious mask leaving my skin hydrated and glowing! The packaging looks very premium and mentioned there is 1/2 the actives in a full sized serum, love that for my skin. At first the mask looks quite small but it actually is very stretchable. I pulled it horizontally and vertically and was able to mould to the contours of my face which sat really well, it didn’t feel like it would fall off at all. The material is super soft and made it very comfortable. I am in love with the full sized serum so I was genuinely excited that Olay launched sheet masks replicating the serum and it did not disappoint. The product had a light scent and absorbed into my skin. It made my skin feeling intensely hydrated leaving a nice glow afterwards, just like the serum. Each packet was packed with product for the mask, I even had left over which I used for my hands and my neck (such a win). Definitely worth trying and buying, I’ll definitely be stocking up on these!
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I was super excited when I first received this product as the things it promised on the packaging were amazing! The sheet mask was soft and thick and it had enough serum on the material to allow it to soak into the skin. And the size of the mask was perfect on my face! However, after removing the mask as directed, I found that my face was not hydrated at all and the brightness that it promised was merely a “band-aid” to the issue! That is, the brightness was only a temporary cover until you washed your face again. Also, there was a bit of residue that was left on my face which dried white and, hence, why I felt it was only a temporary solution. Would I purchase this again? Probably not as it didn’t meet any of my expectations! However, it's a great quick solution for a brighter skin, but only for a day!
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OK for a sheet mask

I'm not really one for sheet masks and the Olay Luminous Niacinamide Sheet Mask hasn't necessarily converted me. The sheet did feel wonderfully soft and the fragrance was nice and gentle, there was a good amount of product in the pouch with the mask which was both a good thing and a bad thing. There wasn't a note (unless I missed it) on the packaging regarding which side of the mask should be in contact with your skin, either the crosshatched or smooth side. I found the mask a little tricky to stretch due to the product saturation, getting a good purchase on it wasn't the easiest. When I did manage to stretch it to fit the proportions were really suited to my face shape and the eye holes kept slipping down over my eyes. There was a lot of product and fluff left over after the 15 minutes when I removed the mask and my skin couldn't absorb any more product so I ended up patting the excess off. My skin did feel softer after using the sheet mask but all round, for me personally, it was a lot of faffing around for a serum that I could just apply directly to my face out of the bottle in a much more straight forward manner.
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Would highly recommend

I was lucky enough to trial the Olay Luminous Niacinamide Sheet Mask and I absolutely loved it! The smell was really refreshing and not overpowering like a lot of sheet masks are. There was a lot of product on the sheet mask but it did soak into my skin (my skin must have needed it). My skin has been quite dry throughout winter and this mask is definitely what it needed. It was easy to apply the sheet mask, fitted perfectly onto my face and stayed on the entire time. I applied it before I went to bed and I woke up with my skin feeling so refreshed. This was a couple of days ago now and my skin still feels amazing. These masks are really affordable for what they are and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
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Decent mask

I love a great mask and found this one to be quite decent. The mask itself was thick and upon first impression i thought it was a small fit. My face is small anyway. However you can stretch it to fit. The eye holes are smaller then others, which help the mask go all aroundyou're eye however it can be irritating if the product goes too close. Normally i try dab some product around my eye area with other masks. I didn't have to with this one. The mask has a pleasant fresh scent. I did find that upon removing the mask my face looked radiant and well hydrated. I noticed some white flakes afterwards which i found to be odd as i did not have this with any other mask. I dabbed the excess product in and allow to absorb for a good 20min before applying SPF. Overall i think it is a decent mask if you don't want the hassle of the white marks save this mask for night time use before bed
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Amazing Sheet mask!

Niacinamide is one of the rave ingredients in skincare these days and I was very excited when I got a chance to try Olay Luminous Niacinamide sheet mask. Sheet masks are one of my favourite skincare products because of how easy to have it on skins and because of the benefits they offer. This sheet mask proved to be one of the best ones. It was easy to apply it on skin. It gets onto the skin easily and covers the whole face area. The holes for the eyes were of good size. I kept it for 15-20 mins on skin. And the skin felt so good and soft afterwards. It felt as something is infused in the skin making it soft and plump on the outside. Overall my experience is great with this sheet mask and I definitely recommend it.
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Great concept - missed execution

Thank you to Beauty Crew and Olay for the opportunity to trial and review this mask. When I was invited to try this mask, I was over the moon as Olay Niacinmaide super serum is one of my favourite serums. However, I feel that this mask is a big miss of opportunity for Olay to establish itself in the sheet mask space. It has such a good base product (the serum) but this mask has not meet my expectations. I was also surprised to discover that the serum used in the mask is not the same as the serum that is sold in the bottle. For instance, the ingredients in the mask contain Magniseum ascorbyl phosphate, a derivative of Vitamin C, as the 5th ingredient. This ingredient is not in the bottle format. The inclusion of this ingredient is a bonus in one sense, but I find that by using the Olay serum bottle in the cover of this sheet mask consumers do expect that they are exactly the same serum. The mask is very thick compared to the other sheet masks I have used. The mask is saturated with serum. It also has a very strange cut. The instruction on the packet states "stretch both sides of the mask to fully cover face and press gently to ensure a good fit". I fund that the problem is the mask is not very stretchy. If the design was such that the sheet mask can be stretched and stay on my face with that tension, it has failed. The mask simply bounced back to its original size leaving the sides of my face uncovered. The cut-out for the eyes are also very small, which is not a huge problem for me as my eyes are small, but I can imagine it being problematic for others. The content of the mask did work very well. The thickness and the smallness of the mask aside, my skin did get a good boost with moisture and more significantly, glow. The serum is compatible with my skin. The niacinamide and perhaps the added vitamin C work really well to give me a luminous glow to the skin. However, after I pat the serum into my skin and proceed to seal everything with a moisturiser, it does pill very badly (which is again, a surprise for me as the Olay niacinamide serum never gave me any pilling issue - another evidence supporting that the serum used in the mask is different to the one in the bottle). The next morning, my skin still looks luminous and also very refined, but I also noticed that very obvious white precipitate has formed on my skin which needs to be washed off. Overall, I appreciate that this sheet mask has some positive impact on my skin - but I would expect so if I had put any sheet mask on and let it soak for 15 minutes. Being a sheet mask fan and having tried many different ones in the market, I don't think Olay's one is one that I would enjoy using again (not to mention that $11 is extremely expensive compared to what's available in the market).
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Nice but nothing phenomenal

I would like to thank Beautycrew and Olay for giving me the opportunity to trial this sheet mask. I do you love pampering myself with a sheet mask and I was very excited to try this one with the promises of a great fit and being filled to the brim with niacinamide. This mask did not have a heavy scent, which I did quite enjoy as sheet masks with too much of a scent can make me feel a bit nauseated by the time it’s time to take it off. I did have to stretch it as per the instructions to get a good fit on my face, but I was able to wear it around while getting ready for bed without it falling off. I did find that it bunched up around my chin and mouth if I did try and talk to my husband, but that blame is on me not on the mask! I unfortunately did have a downside with this mask, it is the first face mask I have ever used that made me feel claustrophobic by the 10 minute mark. I could not make it to the full 15 minutes is anxiety set in and I had to take it off. My skin felt nice and smooth after taking the mask off, but there was a little bit of stickiness on my hands and face after rubbing in the residual serum. This mask was nice, but nothing too inventive or magical in my opinion.
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Olay mask

Being pregnant I was excited to try this new sheet mask that has niacinamide in it as my face has been feeling dull lately. I love and use quite a few Olay products and love a good sheet so was excited to use this one. I loved the idea that it only needed to be on for 15 mins so I could do my normal routine or watch some Netflix to let the time pass. I started to feel a tingling sensation within 5 mins which was tollerable but not something I like. Persisting for the 15 mins I kept it on and then removed it and rubbed in the left over niacinamide into my face and neck. Make sure to do it properly as it can leave a white residue on the skin. I didn't really notice any visible brightness within my skin. The sheet itself was great. It stretched nicely and fit the face well. I don't think I'd be reaching for this mask again.
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Hydration boost

This mask is great. I have sensitive skin and rosacea so a lot of sheet masks can be quite irritating. This is soothing and moisturising. I love that there’s no strong scent, and my skin felt and looked extra gooey after using. The mask fitted my face well and the extra serum can be used on your neck. Would definitely use a gain for an extra boost of hydration. It’s perfect for combination skin and it worked and felt lovely on my skin. I would purchase and use again definitely recommend. This mask would be a great travel companion to hydrate skin to combate jet lag.
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Just use the serum

While I actually really love many of Olay’s products, sheet masks in general have ben going lower on my list of treatments I am finding effective and this one was no different. While the stretch of it actually felt really nice on the skin – actually felt like the mask was gripping you and give you optimum contact of sheet to skin – the fact there was a serum underneath it , meant it slowly slid to its smaller, natural state. This became uncomfortable around the eyes and added a pressure there that should not exist with sheet masks. Due to this I ended up needing to take off a few more minutes before my 15 min buzzer went off. Once the mask was off, I spent a minute massaging the leftover serum into my face – it left it feeling sticky for a while afterwards which I dins with many sheet masks, but never find when using serums normally. I think I would prefer to just use the serum than the mask combo.
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Quality and Hydrating Sheet Mask

I really enjoyed using this sheet mask in one of my self care Sundays routine! It's a very thick heavy sheet as opposed to other sheets that are much thinner. This gives you a longer wear and longer hydration on the face. Thinner sheets usually dry up quite quickly so you do get your money's worth for this product. I definitely felt my skin to be much smoother and more hydrated but it is quite difficult to tell if you look 'more plump' after one use so I would like to try this at least once a fortnight to see any ongoing changes to my skin. When I wear the mask I also use a jade roller on top to stimulate the skin and let the product work into my skin. A great face mask for home spa treatment!
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Boost of hydration

I absolutely love this Olay niacinamide sheet mask. I tried it out yesterday and my skin felt so refreshed after using it. I left it on for 15 mins. I love that this mask is chemical free which means it is safe to use. One sheet mask contains 1/2 the actives in a bottle of Olay Luminous Niacinamide Hyaluronic Super Serum. I am super impressed with this. My face usually lacks hydration and i instantly felt more hydrated after using the mask. My skin looks more plump. Love it so much that i will buy it again and also will recommend to all my friends and family.
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Not for me

I found this mask really lovely to apply. The mask fitted well and stayed on for the 15 mins suggested application time. The mask instructions didn’t say to wash off the product afterwards, and usually with sheet masks you’ll apply excess serum and let it soak into your skin. I found this made the serum dry strangely on my skin and I noticed dry, white patches where excess serum had gathered. I didn’t notice any particularly huge difference in my skin, however it did feel plump afterwards. I probably wouldn’t repurchase due to the weird drying down issue, but it felt nice once I’d washed the serum off.
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Great quailty sheet mask with lasting effects

I was lucky enough to trial the Olay Luminous Niacinamide Sheet Mask and i was very impressed. Pros: • The sheet was thicker than other sheet masks I've tried so it made it a lot easier to apply. There was good stretch in the fabric. • The fragrance was subtle and pleasant. Not overpowering at all. • My skin felt softer for several days afterwards. I used the excess serum from the bag on my hands and they also felt softer for several days, even with lots of washing. • No sticky residue once i have patted the excess serum into my skin Cons: • the sheet did leave white fibre all over my face once i took the mask off, a bit of a pain the pick it off • The eye holes could be slightly larger.
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A nice sheet mask!

This mask was enjoyable! I’m not raving about it and writing home but it’s definitely a nice new one to try. Make sure that you apply it on a freshly cleansed cleansed face and Pat in the excess. This is one of those sheet masks that you get a lot of serum in so I use it on my neck, décolletage and arms etc. would recommend also using something like a thick moisturiser and maybe an oil to lock in all of that goodness overnight for maximum results… I had the afterglow you get from a sheet mask but as expected, didn’t necessarily have lasting results (super unlikely from one application anyway!) As with a new other people who have reviewed this it’s definitely a different type of fit to other sheet masks, I found the eye holes a little restrictive too so it wasn’t the most comfortable to wear. I do love that it’s free of a bunch of nasties including sulphites, parabens etc. so this is one you can definitely feel good about using.
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Would give it another go

The sheet mask was saturated in product and had pleat of product left in the packaging too. The mask wasn’t flimsy and I didn’t have trouble positioning it on my face . I stretched the mask so I could comfortably place it especially around eyes, nose & mouth. There’s a mild fragrance. Once it’s on I felt a slight tingling for few seconds. I left it on for the recommended time. Once taken off I still had plenty of product left on my face which I gently tapped and left to dry. I could see a light film sort of thing appearing. Around my nose and sides of mouth the product dried and left white residue. Overall face had the hydrated look.
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instant results

The Olay Luminous Niacinamide Sheet Mask was so lovely. I used it just before bed, after washing my face. It's thicker than other face masks I've used but in a good way as it sits on the face firmly and is not too 'slimy' or moves around too much. I also slathered any residual product on the neck. It felt nice, no tingly stingy feeling. No strong smell and the mask itself is so easy to place on face. After about 15-20 mins I took the sheet mask off and let the product continue to do its thing. The next day I woke up to a clear, bright and hydrated face! I couldn't believe it. No breakouts or reaction. I will purchase more of these and use as a treat for an overnight facial! Highly recommend!
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Good, but not great

I love a sheet mask, and niacinamide, so I was excited to try this mask! It’s a nice thick sheet mask, not tissue thin like some masks, and saturated in a white creamy serum. It had a very subtle fresh scent and felt very cooling on the skin. The mask its self is smaller than other face masks, which initially I appreciated as most sheet masks are too big for my face. However the eye holes of this mask are exceptionally small, and while wearing I constantly felt it was moving over or too close to my eyes, making it uncomfortable. I applied the mask on fresh dry skin post a shower. I left it on for the recommended 15 minutes, after which there was a lot of residual serum on my face that I patted in and allowed to dry. My skin felt cooled, refreshed, hydrated but appeared mattified. I then followed with my SPF (gotta have sunscreen everyday right!?) and that’s where things went bad - the serum residue had dried white on my face and when I applied product over the top it pilled and created a huge mess on my face. There were white flakes all over my hairline, chin, nose - I ended up having to wash my face and try to get the product flakes out of my freshly washed hair. I’ve never experience this with any other sheet mask. So I’d suggest using at night, but you still may run into the same issue if you apply a moisturizer over the top. The following day my skin did look bright and hydrated though. So overall, it was good, but not great.
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Olay Mask

The sheet had slits to enable a good fit. It stayed firmly in place, enabling me to wear it while getting ready for the recommended 15-minute wear time. There was enough of the serum leftover in the sachet to douse my neck & décolletage. When I take the mask off, I patted not massaged in the excess product. I found it doesn’t take too long for it to fully soak in. The skin can feel a little bit tacky for a few seconds, whilst the product is fully soaking in. Also I found later on during day a bit of white residue on my face. I wouldn't do this mask before I was going to head out as I would have to wash my face again and I feel like that would be a waste of the mask. I got nice results with this mask, the skin is left feeling soft and smooth. It adds the right amount of hydration and gives a lovely glow to the skin.