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Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water is a micellar water that removes face and eye makeup without the need to rinse with water. The formula contains rice bran and aloe extract to cleanse and remove impurities, leaving the skin hydrated, toned and luminous.


Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water


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I got to trial this and I am not a very big fan of it......I don't like to use makeup pads to removed makeup and pump bottle is kind of designed specifically for that. I am not really a big fan of micellar water for make-up removal and this did very little to change my mind. There was not much I actually liked about the product to be honest. The packaging, the applicator, the smell, the actual result after using the product was not something that suited me. I have combination skin (oily and dry in parts). I wouldn't recommend this product.
I am a miceller water aficionado and love trying new ones that come out on the market. Let me say to start with, I loooove the pacakaging on this one. The little pump on top allows you to place your cotton round directly on top to soak it instead of having to pour the product onto your pad like you normally would. So ease of use is amazing with this one. Also I quite like the bottle so I don’t mind that it hangs out on my bathroom cupboard.  It doesn’t have much of a scent and a couple soaked cotton rounds is enough to remove a whole face of heavy makeup. I feel like it might have a slight toning affect as my skin feels tightened after using. It removes eye and face makeup well, although when I used waterproof mascara it didn’t really seem to remove it at all, so if you wear waterproof products this may not be for you. But in my experience oil based products are better at removing waterproof anyway.  It’s really affordable and I would definitely purchase this again. 
I am very partial to Micellar water having tried similar brands in the past. I dont tend to find it deserve the fame and attention it receives. Occasionally I will use Micellar water when I’m busy being lazy and I just want to get to bed or as a refresher first thing of a morning and last thing of a night. Unlike other brands the Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water comes in a pump bottle which I particularly liked. It was easy and clean to use. I didnt find it very effective at removing all my makeup but it is handy to clean off any residue left from after my usual cleanser. I loved having it on hand to remove excess oil and dust during make up free periods/days.  It is a super gentle solution that leaves me feeling fresh and cool. I was really happy that it didn't leave behind any greasy feeling nor dry my skin out or cause irritation after using it. It temporarily leaves my skin looking toned and luminous but I really didn't notice any permanent improvement. Even though it has many positives I feel that as a cleanser alone it lacks effectiveness. Used in conjunction with a regular cleansing routine it can be quite useful. Question is whether it is really a need or just another beauty hype to be caught up in?!
Olay! Feels great on my skin especially after a long day with caked makeup I am able to take everything off with two pumps and one cotton pad. It's like a oil/liquid blend feel but my skin feels so fresh. Also, you can just use this as a cleanser in the morning or before bed
I regularly use Micellar Water for efficient and thorough removal of makeup, so was pleased to receive this Olay one as part of being in the 1st Supercrew. It's a very generous size, with a well designed bottle.  To dispense the product, you "pump" it out, which helps minimise wastage.  You simply put a cotton wipe over the top of the bottle, give it a small push and the perfect amount of Micellar Water is dispensed.  I definitely prefer this dispensing system over the traditional bottle styles.  I really like the formula too.  It works a treat at removing my standard makeup, without leaving behind a film or residue.  My skin feels thoroughly cleansed and ready for the following skincare regime. It also removes most of my eye makeup, though I still need the extra help of my eye makeup remover to fully remove my mascara.  What I really like with the formula is that it never irritates my sensitive eye area.  It's a great first cleanser at night, and is a product I would both purchase myself and highly recommend to others.
I am a micellar water convert so the Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water is one that I was keen to try.   The Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water comes in a plastic container with a pump applicator. It has 237 ml of product. The container has a clear part so you can see how much product is left with is handy. I like the packaging as I think it looks stylish and the pump is easy to use with cotton pads. It doesn’t really have a scent either, so it would be useful for people that like products with no scents.   I found that the Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water is good at removing all of my makeup (I don’t wear heavy makeup, its usually fairly light and natural daily) quickly and without drying out my skin or needing to rub it too much. This micellar water felt really gentle on my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry at all. The Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water also works well to tone my skin, and leave it looking fresh and clear.   Overall this is affordable and a good value micellar water. 
I've tried micellar waters in the past and to be honest, I'm not a fan of the method of cleansing as I personally don't feel "clean" after using. I decided I would give this a few weeks trial however as I wanted to be able to give a fair and honest review of everything included in the absolutely amazing (and generous! ) SuperCrew parcel. The first thing that stands out with this product is its unique dispensal method. To use you need to put the cotton pad flat on the lid and press the pump down till the cotton pad is soaked with liquid. The Olay micellar water is clear and smells much like every other micellar water I have used in the past-quite mild and basically odourless. To use,I wipe the pad across my face on both sides and generally have to soak a second cotton pad and repeat until I see no more makeup.  Now I wear quite minimal makeup and it still requires two pads to thoroughly remove my makeup and I feel more effort than it would to simply just wash my face. My skin felt nice and soft after use. This was very gentle and non drying and seemed to remove all my makeup effectively.  I will go back to using my foaming cleanser simply because I enjoy that process more however,this is quite a good value micellar water with aome fantastic ingredients for those who enjoy this method of cleansing .
I love me a good micellar water! Unfortunately this one didnt really hit the spot :( I wear quite heavy makeup and need to have it thoroughly removed every night where I felt this one didnt really perform well. It might suit those who prefer the pump action and who wear a bit lighter of makeup, I felt like this one just added another step into my routine and didnt really add much. I will stick to the Bioderma micellar that I am used to.
This micellar beats one of the popular ones I have used in past. Since I do not wear makeup often I use it to remove spf and city grime and dirt+skincare off my face before my oil/balm cleanse with cleansing device. Bottle dispensing: turn the top clockwise, place pad on the top disc shaped bit, press couple of times, pad gets soaked. Great little thing for travels, locking system means no spillage. Skin is so well cleansed after swiping this all over my face. I can see brown gray grime of the city on it! Prevents my pores which are quite visible to become clogged with blackheads. Love that it is gentle and had some powerful skincare goodies in it and no preservatives or nasties (unlike other leading brand does have and sells for so much $$$$). It is  effective, gentle, not perfumed, affordable, has added good for the skin ingredients (like vitB3)....product passes all ticks for me!
Thank you Beautycrew for including this Olay micellar water in the crewkit for trial. I like micellar water and so far I have used both Bioderma and Garnier (thanks to beautycrew trial) micellar water and I like them both. This Olay micellar water looks fancy. Instead of an usual flip cap design, it comes with a pump. To dispense the product, I cover the pump with a cotton pad and push the pump down. I found that one pump is enough to saturate one cotton pad. However, some practice is requires so that the right amount of pressure can be used to push down the pump without having the product coming out too quickly. I found that this micellar water is less effective than Garnier, and certainly less effective than Bioderma, in removing mascara. Repeated application is required and unfortunately I found that being quite damaging to my lashes. A few has come off. On top od that, I am not a fan of the fragrance. I find it overpowering, and it smells like organic solvent. It does not irritate my eyes (I don't have sensitive eyes), but the smell lingers and bothers me enough that I would wash off the micellar water immediately with a regular cleanser.  Overall, I am not very impressed and this is my least favourite product from the crewkit.
Firstly the packaging looks fantastic but is confusing to use, and a fair bit of product gets wasted no matter how I tried to use it. The product itself works very well on standard make up but for me it struggled to remove my waterproof mascara. I haven't tried it on standard mascara. After it felt like I had a bit of residue on my skin. Not much of a residue, just enough to feel a little odd and you will need to cleanse after.  I feel I had to use more of this product than other Micellar waters to achieve the same result, usually 3-4 cotton pads is plenty to get all make up off including waterproof mascara but with this I was using 5-6.
I was lucky enough to be able to trial this product and as I do love using micellar water, I was hoping I had found another one to add to my collection. My go to micellar waters are from Garnier and Simple. These take my makeup of quickly and leave my skin feeling hydrated, without any greasy residue or tightening of the skin. I tend to use micellar water before doing another cleanse with my Shiseido Ibuki cleanser, so am mainly looking for something which quickly removes make up without leaving my skin feeling dry or tight. Unfortunately, the Olay Luminous Advanced Micellar Water did not impress me and I will explain why. Firstly, the pump itself is not typical. You have to put a cotton pad on top, press down and it saturates the cotton pad. This sounds good in theory, but unfortunately product would squirt out of the sides at times as well. This was a little annoying but nothing I wouldn't happily deal with for a good product.  On to the solution itself. It is very lightweight and applies nicely, without leaving any greasy residue which I liked. The scent is unassuming and mild as well, so I had no issues with that. However, the main drawback for me was that it didn't easily remove my make up. It took effort and time to actually take my make up off - and I don't wear any waterproof products either. This is the main reason I use micellar water, so for me, one that doesn't do this isn't one I will be repurchasing.  It wasn't a bad product, in that it felt nice on the skin - didn't feel any dryness or tightening and it didn't irritate my skin. But on the other hand it wasn't anything great - it didn't perform well in the area I would most use it for. Overall, I think there are better micellar waters available for a very similar price which work better for me personally and which I would recommend over this one.
I am a huge fan of Micellar water so in trying this one, we were already off to a good start.  In addition to being excellent at removing makeup, this is a really neat, different presentation with the upright pump top bottle.  I found it really easy to use and two pumps gives me plenty of product per use.  I should note though, I've been repurposing some breastfeeding pads that weren't great as breastfeeding pads because they ball up and leave fluff everywhere.  They work much better for makeup removal and the larger size makes them ideally suited for this type of largish pump top.  I might need to use two overlapping cotton rounds once I run out of the bf pads.  Anyway, as Micellar waters go, I find this one to be quite decent and on par with others (average), but extra points for nifty pump top and the fragrance, which reminds me of my beloved Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.  It might have been a safer choice for Olay to make it fragrance free, but I like the fragrance so I'm glad they put it in there as it could very well be the difference whether I buy the Garnier or Olay.
Olay's Micellar Water cleanses my skin adequately but struggles a bit with removing heavy or waterproof makeup. I found that you might have to cleanse your face a few times to remove all traces of makeup. The product doesn't leave any oily residue and has no scent. It didn't dry out my skin and didn't cause any skin irritation. I found the pump on this product a bit awkward to use. You cover the hole on top of the pump with a cotton pad and press down. It squirts some micellar water onto the pad and you can get some spillage, especially when you can accidentally press the pump when closing the lid. This product contains some nice ingredients like rice bran and aloe extract.
Olay Regenerist Luminous Micellar Water comes in a bottle that is easy to use, generously sized at 237 ml's and is a nice clear liquid, that does not have much of a scent.   I generously coated my cotton pad with liquid, and wiped them over my face.    My makeup come off quite effectively and I was quite amazed at how much was on the cotton pad, as even on days when I just wear a little BB cream and powder, the Micellar water makes it come off so quickly and easily.  I love how you don;t have to use water, and you can go straight onto toner , serum, and night cream.     The pump is nice and easy to use, and locks into place simply by turning left and right.    It is well priced too, and should last a month or 2, depending on how often you wear makeup and how much you use.    This Micellar water is quite good, it may not work as well as some others, but is gentle, refreshing and contains lovely ingredients which make the skin feel nice like rice bran and aloe vera. 
I am big fan of micellar water cleansers as my skin is slightly sensitive and I was very keen to try this one by Olay as it contains rice bran extract and like most Olay products has an anti-aging peptide ingredient too. The packaging is unique and you are supposed to press and pump down on the top of the bottle with your cotton pad to dispense the product. This takes some getting used to but in some ways it is less messy than the usual micellar water bottles which can dispense too much product. The formula itself is pretty good and there is no noticeable fragrance so you can use it around your eyes. I usually wear a long-wearing foundation and waterproof mascara and didn’t find this cleanser removed my makeup as well as some other micellar waters I’ve used in the past. So I did need to reapply the cleanser a few times to get the job done effectively. It doesn’t leave much of a greasy residue which is a bonus but I think it would be better suited to those who don’t  wear heavy or long-wearing makeup.  Overall it’s a decent cleanser if you want something lightweight and non greasy. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want a heavy or oily makeup remover/cleanser. 
I love the innovative and convenient packaging. The dispenser is great and it is as easy as placing a cotton pad over the top and distributing 1 or 2 gentle pumps.  The product itself removes makeup well, and doesn’t leave behind an oily film or dry skin out. It also works nicely as a toner to leave skin looking brighter (as it contains niacinamide). I have incorporated this into my skincare routine on days where I want to do a double cleanse, and it works well for that purpose. It doesn’t strip skin of moisture or leave skin feeling tight or uncomfortably squeaky clean. It feels cooling and refreshing on skin and contains hydrating skin loving ingredients.  It is a good formula however, I found that it does not work as well when used as an eye makeup remover. I got some of the cleansing water in my eyes and it does cause some stinging and discomfort.  It also takes a little bit more effort to remove long-wearing makeup formulas, however overall I think the product strikes a good balance by providing an effective cleanse, whilst remaining gentle on the skin. 
I have been obsessed with micellar water since the first time I've used it, and it is something that I ALWAYS have in my bathroom bag, but unfortunately this product was more of a miss than it was a hit for me. The packaging was confusing initially, and then temperamental thereafter. I'm not sure if I received a faulty nozzle, but I found it difficult to control the spray from time to time. The product looks and smells like all other micellar waters I have tried, so no complaints in that department, but in regard to performance it just wasn't up there with the others. I don't wear much makeup, but when I did I found it more difficult to remove than usual, and I did find that it left a slight residue on my face. To be clear though, this isn't a bad product, I just personally don't find it as effective on my skin as other brands I have tried.  A positive I have for this micellar water, is that it doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin at all, which has happened with some other micellar products I have tried. So this one is a thumbs up for any of my sensitive skinned pals out there.  Final verdict - I think this is a okay product which gets the job done, but I do think there are better value for money micellar waters on the market currently.
I was lucky enough to trial this product for the past couple of weeks. I really like micellar waters and try to include them in my evening routine. I liked this micellar water but it did take me awhile to figure out how to dispense the product! The pump is a little different to what I am used to and I found it made the process a little harder than it needed to be. The product itself was lovely. It removed my makeup but did not manage to get my mascara off. It has no scent and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling quite soft and refreshed, which was nice. Thanks for letting me trial this product!
The pump bottle Micellar water by Olay is an interesting product to use. The pump itself was a bit tricky for me because if you used the pump without twist locking it, it would spill and I had many instances when I tried to lock the pump bottle and ended up squirting some of the water out. I love using Micellar waters and toners and this was nice treat to use. It made my skin feel refreshed and clean without drying or stretching out my skin. It is simple to use, just hold it upright and press the pump onto a cotton pad.  Pros: Skin felt clean and refreshed after use Worked as well as other Micellar waters  Cons: None  Recommendation: Although the pump dispenser was a little tricky to use, this Micellar water made my skin feel clean and freshened after use.