Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment

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Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment is an exfoliating treatment formulated with a brightening complex to exfoliate and accelerate the skin’s cell turnover rate. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy treatment also works to hydrate the complexion while reducing the appearance of dark spots over time.


Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment


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Toner with a twist

Love this product, it's packaging and how easy it is to use. I've been trying this product for about four months now and it's definitely a game changer. I'm not going to lie, I read the whole bottle and reviews but still was not sure of the use for it. I got this as a gift and after seeing the beautiful packaging, I had to try it. Once again, Olay has killed it with the packaging. The holographic bottle and it's sturdy packaging makes it feel very luxurious. The dropper in the bottle is very easy to use and squirts the exact amount you need to apply on your face. The smell is almost similar to some of there shampoos which was weird but I loved the smell. The consitence isn't too runny or too thick. Feels very very hydrating on the skin and makes you feel super fresh. I apply this just after my shower and it gives me a fresh skin feeling. As per my last points, I've been trying this product for four months and haven't noticed a difference in my skin but it does make my skin feel super hydrated and fresh so I'm sure it's working in the background to clean and tone my skin.
I was recently lucky enough to win this serum in a prize pack. I have a lot of pigmentation so this product seemed to be ideal for me. The Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Serum comes packaged in an absolutely gorgeous glass cylinder bottle with shimmery pearl like colouring. It is a dropper applicator that refills when you close and reopen the lid.I find one dropper a third full is enough for my entire face and neck. The serum is a milky like liquid that is slightly thicker than a face oil or regular serum. It has a nice clean,soapy like scent and absorbs into my skin quite fast after application. It does leave a slightly sticky feel to my skin but it layers well under my other products and makeup without making them pill . The serum does give my skin a luminous glow(thanks to the pearl optics in the formula I assume) but I haven't noticed any fading of pigmentation as yet,though it has only been 3 weeks or so of use so I may need to give it longer for that. What I have noticed however,is my skin is much smoother and I have had a dramatic decrease in blemishes and bumps since using this. Im not sure why this is but I assume it may be the niacinamide in the ingredients. My skin hasn't been this soft or smooth in a looooong time! Very impressed with the results so far and will definitely continue using. I would recommend this to anyone who wants smoother,clearer skin as it is definitely working for me in that regard ! 
I was fortunate to receive this Treatment Essence from Olay and wasted no time in trying it out as I’m always keen for skin-improving products. The essence seems to be used as an alternative to the serum in the Regenerist regimen, especially for  those with dark spots or pigmentation , or wanting a smoother, brighter complexion (which means just about everyone!) It has a milky appearance with a pearly sheen, is slightly thicker than the serum (which I have also tried and love), but is easily absorbed. Designed to be used after the cleansing step and before a moisturiser, two pumps is the recommended dose to ensure the essence targets all areas. I smooth the essence over my cheeks and forehead lightly, paying extra attention to the hairline where I have a few darker spots, leaving time to fully absorb, and then follow with the Regenerist Microsulpting  Cream. I find that this formula is a little  more “sticky” than the serum, but it does have the effect of smoothing my skin and giving a slight matte effect, which looks and feels  so  good.This is probably the result of the brightening Pearl Optics complex, that exfoliates to even the skin tone, and explains the pearly sheen of the fluid, which I love. (I’m just a sucker for shiny things, I guess). The Essence also contains Niacinamide, the Vitamin B-3 that is featuring in so much skincare at the moment, which can make skin firmer, reduce inflammation and help it to retain moisture , contributing  to that smoother, more matte appearance. I was almost about to write this product off because of the packaging. It seemed ridiculous to have to close the lid after every pump so you could draw up more product. My bad, of course! I realised their  refill instructions described how you could draw up extra product, by pressing down  on the lid and then releasing  to draw it up – sort of the opposite  of what you’d expect. My suggestion would be that Olay is a little clearer on those instructions, because normally a refill is a replacement bottle. I’ve been happy with this product, I have not seen any improvement in (my very few) dark spots but I have noticed a change in the smoothness and tone of my skin, and I will keep using it to see if there are any more changes in store.
I picked up a bottle of the Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment in a sale while I was looking for a pigmentation treatment to basically lighten my freckles and even out my skin tone.     The treatment is packaged in a pearly white plastic bottle with an auto-dropper dispenser which makes it easy and hygienic to dispense the liquid.  The bottle contains 30ml of product.    I have mature, combination skin with fine lines and, as I mentioned, freckles.  I’ve never minded my freckles but just in the last year I’ve decided my skin looks much better with less pigmentation.    I use a full dropper of the treatment to spread over my face.  The lightweight texture of the treatment makes it easy to spread and the treatment is easily absorbed into my skin.  There is no greasy or tacky feeling.    This sort of treatment takes time to work, however after using the treatment for just four weeks I’ve seen enough improvement to make me want to keep going.  My skin is a lot brighter and it seems my freckles are slightly lighter.  Or maybe I just can’t see the freckles as much because my skin is so luminous.  But, whatever it is, I’m happy with the results.    
I only recently purchased this serum as I love the olay range and have tried most things always with great results, I had never used this. I really liked the serum, it absorbs well, is not greasy which I love and it feels light to wear. It felt firming and was nice to apply under an olay moisturiser. My skin felt really soft and smooth after applying this. I thought my skin looked better a wekk after using this and it might be the exfoliant in the product ridding skin of dead cells for renewal and brighter appearance, a great product I recommend
A nice enough feeling serum that left my skin feeling soft and fine, although despite using it for about six months, there was no noticeable improvement in my skin texture, luminosity or brightness.  The range is nice and it complements the cream, although as a stand alone serum it was a bit disappointing.