Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Essence Water

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Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Essence Water elevates your daily routine by priming your skin’s surface and enabling faster and deeper penetration of other skincare products. The ultra-light liquid is supercharged with an advanced blend of anti-aging ingredients including Olay’s hero ingredient Niacinamide - with 99% purity - that works to instantly hydrate and prime for plump, radiant skin.

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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Essence Water


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I wish I could love it....

I tried this after seeing some of the reviews on here and thought to give it a go and see how I felt about it as there was mixed feelings, some people loved it and other thought it was average. It was nice to try. It feels so extra using an essence especially when already having multiple steps in my skincare routine so it felt nice but I don’t feel like it added to what I was already using. It didn’t make me excited to go back for it. Surprisingly I found it kind of dried out my skin considering alot of people said it helped with hydration. I wish I could say I loved it but I have to be honest and say it was average for me. I will continue using it and I hope I can change my mind about it.
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Lightweight, smells nice

I have used this product morning and night for nearly 3 weeks now. Although It smells nice and absorbs almost instantly I have not noticed a difference in my skin texture or my skin looking any more hydrated than if I had just splashed cold water on my face and moisturised. I am not a big fan of the watery texture as I find you just end up spilling it a lot easier than a serum product with a bit more of a jelly or cream texture. Although you do get a lot in the bottle, so it will last you a long time. If you do like this watery texture the benefits are that it absorbs quickly and does not leave you with any residue, so if you have limited time in the morning to get ready you do not have to wait before moving to the next step in your routine.
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Simple but not powerful enough for me

Clean package and branding that was well-aligned with the actual bottle in the box (nice and consistent). I'm glad the bottle was plastic, as sometimes hands can get a bit slippery! The lid is an easy screw-top but no hygiene seal; very easy to use. I didn't bother with using a cotton pad or ball; I simply splashed a little in my palms and applied directly to skin. My main issue was the fan could dry the product quicker than natural absorption (so this is something to be mindful of). However, I didn't find the product to add much in the way of moisture overall, rather, it assisted with the application of my serum (which I used directly after). I think the product is okay but it is not as good as the other essence water I have used (and still have in my drawer). I think this Olay essence water will be better for me personally during winter and not during a season change or when my skin is really drying out. It simply doesn't give me enough oomph. Still nice, no conflicting fragrances, very light and easy to use.
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Not super special

I received this product to review, and I generally like Olay products. Pros: Good texture - not sticky or oily. I like the idea of an essence. I like not having to use more cotton pads to apply another product. I like Niacinamide. Cons: 99% Niacinamide is advertised on the package, but this is somewhat misleading - of course there are other ingredients, and it is just part of the formulation. It's hard to know what percentage you are putting on your face (often 5% is recommended). No ingredients on the bottle - once you have thrown away the packaging, you have no guidelines left. Also, it is almost impossible to read the use-by date printed on the red bottle. Hard to know what is an 'appropriate' amount to put on - directions state 'take appropriate amount on palm or cotton'. Had a couple of suspicious breakouts after using this product i.e. not in my 'normal' spots. 'Purging' is an unlikely cause - I had already been using another product with 10% Niacinamide twice a day. Going to stop using it on my face and see whether my arms enjoy it! Other: Scented - smells like my hair conditioner, but not overpowering. Watery. Not at all like a serum (which is fine, and expected) - just don't go expecting anything thicker.
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Hydration in a big bottle!

A big bottle and not a lot needed, so great value for money. Left me skin feeling fresh and hydrated without being at all greasy. Didn’t notice any overall improvement in my skin though, but a great product for quick hydration without having to apply moisturiser.
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Feeling refreshed!

I was happy to be able to try and review the Olay Essence. I’m 40 years old and I’m starting to notice my skin ageing. This is a great product that made my skin feel hydrated, smooth overall fresh. It literally nourishes your skin and allows for all day hydration even with makeup on. It was an easy addition to my morning routine and I highly recommend it.
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Great essence

I love essences and was really excited to try this Olay one! It super light on the skin so absorbs pretty quickly. I also like that it has niacinamide which is one of my favourite ingredients as my skin loves it! I wake up with such cleanse and plump skin. It layers well with other skincare and I’m really impressed by it.
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Smells amazing!

I’ve been using it twice a day before serums and it's been a great addition to my routine. Firstly I really love the smell of it. Secondly i’ve noticed my serums did apply easier and smoother but time will tell if it also boosts their effectiveness.
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Light weight essence

I was very fortunate to be given this product to trial. I used it as my first step in skincare regime. It is watery and hydrating on my sensitive skin. However after 1 week I don't find it making a huge difference to my skin texture. I will continue to use it to see if it improves my skin texture over time.
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Love it

This was my first time using an essence water and I wasn’t disappointed. My skin felt super soft and hydrated after using this and the bottle is huge so you definitely get value for your money
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Light & Hydrating

The product had a very mild pleasant scent and was very liquidy, which felt more like a toner/first step of my skin routine. It feels hydrating and not greasy at all but it haven't been used for long enough to feel a huge difference to my skin overall. Would recommend this for people looking for a good first hydrating step before applying moisturisers on.
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Could be good

This is a great sized product for the price. Niacinamide has been apart my skin care routine morning and night for a few years. I used this product directly after cleansing prior to applying any active ingredients. It has a pleasant scent and went on nicely. Other products absorbed well over the top and did not pill. I didn't notice any differences to the appearance of my skin while using this product. I felt hydration levels were the same as usual. I would recommend this as a good product for people starting out with active ingredients however it is not something I would repurchase.
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Very much enjoying so far

I have used the SKII Facial Essence Treatment for many years and so was excited to be able to trial this product to see if the results were on par at a much lower price tag. The reason I have rated four stars is that I'm yet to be able to say how much difference it is making to my skin. However, I absolutely love using the product for a few reasons: - I really like the scent! Obviously compared to SKII it is lovely - It feels very nice on my skin and glides on, drying quickly - It does not irritate my sensitive skin in any way (yes!!) - The bottle is huge... so I don't feel bad going to town splashing it on my face for a skin treat I have been in the market for a Niacinamide product and am excited to see the results long term on my skin. It has made me consider Olay for other skincare products too. Amazing price, great bottle and lovely experience so far.
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Olay Essence Water New Fave!

Wow, this is amazing that a western company is releasing a Korean/Asian beauty product to the market & the 150ml bottle size is great value! The second ingredient on their list is Niacinamide which means it should contain a decent percentage of it. Niacinamide is a great all rounder to include in your skin care regime & this is the perfect product to incorporate it especially if you already have multiple other products already in use. The essence water is a thin consistency, more viscous than pure water but thinner than a serum & it’s the first step of a skincare routine. It dries down fast but hasn’t left my skin feeling dry, but you do need to continue with the next skincare steps be it a serum or moisturiser etc. It hasn’t broken my skin out like some brands have (in fact I don’t purchase other Olay products as my skin reacts badly to them generally) so that has been a major bonus! I really like this Essence Water. I feel like some hyperpigmentation on my jaw line has started to fade already in just the small timeframe of using this product. If you see this on sale grab it & give it a try!! I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like this product & hope to see more releases in this vein.
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Refreshing base

I have never used an essence water but have added this product into my daily regime for the past 2 weeks. I enjoy applying the essence as it is a refreshing start and end to the day and I have noticed that my serums and moisturisers sit nicely over the essence. It also has a lovely light fragrance and comes in a huge bottle - enough to last a lifetime! This is a worthwhile addition to my daytime and nighttime skin regime.
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A great way to give your skin extra hydration

Quite a few years ago I loved the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence. I was hoping that this would be a similar product. I really enjoyed trying this as I found it hydrated my skin and helped my other products sit well over it. I like that it's a very light and watery consistency as some essences are thicker and gel like. The light consistency makes it great for layering. If you're starting to feel like your skin is getting dry, but you don't want to use thick creams, then this a great step to add in hydration without feeling heavy or breaking you out. I love how big the packaging is. It's really great value for money. I would buy this once I've finished this bottle.
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Very soothing and refreshing splash!

This essence was lovely to apply. It was absorbed well and the scent was not too overpowering. The bottle will last for a long time as I found you only needed a splash as it was working it’s powers. This would be great to take away on a holiday after a day in the sun.
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A must-have step in skincare

This is a must-have step in my skincare routine after cleansing and toning to replenish any moisture lost by my cleanser. I really liked the thin, watery texture of this essence, and the fragrance was nice - sort of reminded me of an expensive smelling shampoo. Thankfully the fragrance disappears after applying. After applying my skin feels instantly more hydrated however the product leaves a tacky feeling. However, this goes away within 5 minutes. This product isn't hydrating enough alone to provide a glow so I'd suggest following up with a hydrating serum or moisturiser to amplify the effects of this product.
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A great product at a fair price

I love the okay essence water. I typically incorporate essences into my skincare however have yet to include niacinamide and I found the play essence has helped me complete my skincare routine. The essence has a soft and pleasant scent and absorbs in the skin really fast (practically like water). I then proceed with my other skincare thereafter. I find it has provided extra hydration and my skin feels hydrated for longer after use. P.s. the instruction says to use with a cotton pad but I like to use my fingers and pat in the essence. I use the leftovers on my fingers and they have been looking a tad smoother.
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Hydrating and plumping water

The product performs extremely well, it hydrates and plumps the skin and also has a slight firming effect. It's also extremely easy to use, just pour it into your hand and splash it on your face or you can pour it into a cotton pad and wipe that over your face. It's meant to enhance your skincare products and help them work better - however I just don't know if I would buy this again. It feels like an extra step that you could do without if you had a hydrating serum/moisturiser. Probably good if you have oily or aged skin.