Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturiser SPF30

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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturiser SPF30 is an anti-ageing facial moisturiser that hydrates the skin while helping it rebuild its cellular surface structure to restore firmness. The soothing cream contains SPF 30 to help protect the skin against premature ageing.


Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturiser SPF30


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Just started using this a few months ago after doing endless research on a more advanced anti-aging type moisturiser. I have fairly sensitive skin that is easily irritated by heavier face creams, I really wanted to invest in a high end moisturiser because I thought that would be the best way to go. Well as fate would have it the high end anti-aging moisturisers I tried were too heavy for me (thank goodness for trial size and counter testers!) then I came across this little doozy at the supermarket on special so I gave it a go.  So glad I did, it's great. Not too greasy, and makes my skin feel great. I should have known because I've been using Olay 7 for years on and off and I always went back to it.  It also has the added SPF30 which for me is an added benefit.  It is fragranced so if that isn't your thing then go for fragrance free.
The Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturiser is my new favourite during summer months for many reasons. First of all the moisturiser comes with SPF 30 which is a big deal to protect the skin from sun damage. The moisturiser feels extremely lightweight on skin which does not mess up with my foundation. When I remove the makeup in the evening, my skin still feels very hydrating without any irritation at all. Truly love this moisturiser to be used during hot weather.
this is a great anti ageing moisturiser thatdeeply moisturises and restores firmness. I love the olay regenerist range and a big plus with this for me is the addition of spf, so its great for wearing outdoors for maximum skin protection. This glides on easily and sinks straight in with no greasy residue. The handy pump delivers just the right amount with no mess. its packaged beautifully and provides a nice smooth base for foundation. This feels like a luxe product and is great value, as for the price, it delivers the same results as a much more expensive brand. It feels nice and light to wear and lessens the appearance of pores and fine lines. I love the addition of vitamins and antioxidents and it smells nice too. This one is a winner for me, I highly recommend it.
I have used Olay skincare since my teens and now that I am getting older I decided to try a few more "anti-aging" products from the brand. I purchased this moisturiser firstly because it contains high SPF protection, contains an anti-aging peptide and comes in a pump bottle. I do love the sleek red packaging and the pump dispenser makes it quick, easy and hygienic to dispense the  cream each time. I am a bit lazy when it comes to my skincare routine and I'm therefore pleased that this moisturiser contains anti-oxidants and sun protection in one handy bottle. I dispense about two pumps and gently apply this to my entire face and neck area. I'm super careful not to use this around my eyes as there is a strong fragrance which is somewhat irritating. The texture is lovely though and it doesn't feel heavy or rich, and absorbs well to leave my combination skin feeling healthy, soft and hydrated. My skin does feel smoother and looks firmer when I use this moisturiser everyday, and it's a great base for my foundation too. I don't get any shine during the day and my skin stays hydrated and soft all day. I also have the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum which I apply under this moisturiser in Winter to give my skin even more hydration. However I find the moisturiser itself provides good hydrating and anti-aging benefits. I would recommend this moisturiser for normal to dry skin types and it may be too heavy for oily skin. I will continue to use and purchase this moisturiser as part of my daily skincare routine. Pros: - Contains high added sun protection - Has a good mix of vitamins, anti-oxidants and a peptide - Comes in a pump bottle and is great for travelling - Isn't too heavy or rich, and absorbs well to hydrate skin - Doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts -  A great all-round anti-aging cream for under $50 Cons: - The fragrance is very strong and doesn't disappear too quickly - Would have preferred if it contained less alcohol and preservatives!
I’ve recently spent a lot of money researching & refreshing my skin care routine on some high-end, highly-priced beauty products. But this moisturiser is one of my favorites items. Aside from its reasonable price point, it goes on beautifully - it’s not too thick & makes my skin feel so soft & hydrated. I’m confident when playing with the kids outdoors that my skin is protected by the SPF & I can just enjoy the rest of my day! I love it!  And… I may have just got my husband hooked on it too…
This is a good all-in-one, anti-aging day cream, that’s not too heavy or light. This moisturiser comes in a lightweight plastic bottle with a pump top, that makes it easy to dispense the moisturiser.  My favourite thing about this product is that it contains a good level of spf protection in an everyday cream. I apply a generous amount of this product to my face and neck area, and I feel that I’m getting good UV protection and anti-aging benefits too. Olay is a very reliable brand that always makes my skin look and feel better, and this moisturiser certainly delivers good results. This instantly hydrates my skin and helps keep it smooth and supple all day. I’m not sure it has firming benefits as claimed, but I think it’s a reasonable moisturising day cream. The fragrance is quite overpowering and does linger for a while. It can sting my eyes if I use this product too close to the eye area. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite moisturiser, but I will keep using this product as I like the texture which absorbs well. My favourite feature is the spf protection, as it’s very handy to find a day cream that contains a good level of sun protection too.  I will continue to purchase this Olay moisturiser and think it’s best suited to normal and dry skin types.
I normally use the Olay Total Effects SPF15 cream (gentle version) but decided to try the Regenerist cream as it contains a higher level of spf protection and more anti-aging benefits. The product comes in a handy pump bottle which I always prefer as it helps keep the product more stable. The texture is not too heavy and just right for my skin, however I do find the fragrance is very strong and it can linger for quite some time. I do prefer the Total Effects day cream, but the Regenerist cream does have a great formula with high uv protection. I think this is a very good preventative day cream for slightly more mature skin types. I wouldn’t recommend this cream to anyone with sensitive skin as it can be a bit strong and overpowering. I am unsure whether I will repurchase this cream as I do love my Total Effects cream so much!
Love this SPF day cream. It feels luxurious and indulgent. have tried so many and spent way too much on inferior products, often they are flaky and just don't do the job.This product glides on smoothly is a great base for my foundation and stays on all day. I just love it!! it does what it says it will do....
This is one of my favourite day creams with SPF.  It does not sting or go oily and is light enough to be good for sensitive, pimple prone skin.  There is a scent, so it may irritate super sensitive skins, but mine seemed to tolerate both the fragrance and SPF without significant problems.  Works nicely under make up.  Couldn't say if there has been any significant skin improving effects though!