Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum

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Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum is a lightweight anti-ageing serum formulated with skin-plumping amino peptide complex II to regenerate surface cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The formula is fragrance-free and colour-free.


Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum


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This  is a fantastic effective lightweight and elegant serum for all skin types, especially normal to oily. It is fragrance free (fantastic for sensitive skins) and has antioxidants which help protect against environmental pollutants. The main ingredient as in all Olay products is niacinamide which helps even skin tone, helps with pigmentation and pore size. This is a great budget friendly addition to any skincare regimen.
This is a great serum that really leaves my skin smooth and has made my skin tone more even since I've started using. I have combination skin which can be a bit sensitive, and I therefore decided to purchase this product as it was fragrance-free. Olay make great anti-aging skincare but I do find they have very strong fragrances...I am therefore pleased to have discovered this product which causes minimal redness and irritation for me. I would say this is a basic anti-aging serum as it doesn't contain any fancy, high-tech ingredients but a peptide and some antioxidants. It is therefore also pretty affordable too and seems to do a good job smoothing out my skin, so my moisture and foundation glide on easily and stay put all day. I don't have any major complaints or dislikes other than that it contains too many fillers (i.e silicons) which make the product lovely and smooth to apply but do irritate my skin if I use them too much - so I only use this serum in the morning. Other than this I am very pleased with how much firmer and smoother my skin is looking when I use this. I think this serum would be ideal for all skin types and is also reasonably priced.
I have been a user of this serum for the last 5 years.  It contains lots of great anti aging ingredients at a very affordable price.  It comes in a pump bottle which I like as I have read that creams sold in a jar can lose there goodness when exposed to the air.  It's very light weight and easily absorbs into the skin.  I use it in the morning mixed with Olay regenerist lotion with spf and nightly at the end of my skin care regeim.  I find it can also be used as a primer under makeup.  I really think for the price thid serum is the bomb and definitely help with the signs aging / wrinkles.  I really hope this never gets discontinued
Regenerist Revitalising Serum is an affordable but very good quality serum. This serum has light weight texture which feels very comfortable on skin. It absorbs instantly on my skin leaving the skin feeling super hydrated. I use the serum day and night with  the Regenerist whip moisturiser on top of the serum for a month and I can see the difference. My skin looks more radiant, plumper and hydrated.
I use this serum every morning under my regular Olay Regenerist cream and lately I have been using it with my Regenerist Whip cream for extra hydration and anti-ageing benefits. I prefer this Revitalising Serum over the Regenerist Micro-sculpting one as this one is fragrance-free and has a slightly lighter texture, so it absorbs better into my skin. The serum comes in a 50ml bottle with a pump dispenser and I use one pump for my whole face and neck area. I gently pat this serum into my skin and the texture isn't sticky or too rich, and I really do like that there is no added fragrance! The serum does contain some good vitamins such as niacinamide and pathenol, which have made my skin look and feel smoother. I apply moisturiser on top of this serum and my skin feels silky smooth and well hydrated, even on makeup-free days I feel like my skin still glows! I don't have any issues with this serum other than it contains dimethicone and alcohol which can still cause breakouts for some skin types. But I think this serum would suit sensitive skin given that there is no added fragrance or colours.  Overall this is an affordable serum that provides smoother, softer skin and keeps my skin well hydrated all day long. I haven't noticed changes in my tone or texture, or a reduction in wrinkles. But because this serum does leave my skin feeling so smooth and prevents my cheeks from getting dry or dehydrated, I will continue to use it daily. 
I absolutely loved the olay revitalising serum. The gel is soothing, cooling and feels nice and light to wear. it glides on easily and sinks into skin immediately. This feels really hydrating and nourishing and leaves skin with a nice smooth matt surface for makeup. i recommend an olay regenerist moisturiser over this for best results. The results are immediate, my skin feels plumper, firmer and looks clearer and brighter. fine lines and pores are diminished which is a great bonus. I love the anti ageing properties of this product and its unscented, so great for those with sensitive skin. using this always makes my skin feel really smooth. Love love it and highly recommend it.
Regenerist Revitalising Serum is beautiful! I have been using this wonderful serum for the past month or two and love the smooth, cooling feel the gel texture provides as it touches the skin, and really impressed with how quickly the product absorbs in to skin ... super fast. The scent is subtle and pleasant and the serum itself instantly gives my skin a smooth texture and whilst hydration slowly but surely. The cost is next to nothing when you put into perspective that Olay actually works. I definitely recommend Regenerist Revitalising Serum to anyone who listens because like all Olay products, it is super affordable and really works for me.
I recently tried this serum after looking for an affordable serum for ever! I quite like this one, I won't say it's my favourite because I do love The Ordinary and theirs are great value too. However, Olay is a little easier to get a hold of and to be honest I actually didn't mind this serum. I did not see any life changing results but I found that it really hydrated and plumped up my skin. It also was not sticky and glided on really well under my foundation. I found the packaging very functional and easy-to-use. I have quite sensitive skin but my skin liked the ingredients and I did not have any adverse reactions. I would personally recommend applying something like Hydraluron underneath (helps make the serum more potent and increase hydration). But, overall quite a simple and reasonable effective serum.
I love this serum! It is affordable, comes in a lovely pump packaging and it does a great job at hydrating my skin. The fragrance free formula makes it suitable and non-irritating on sensitive skin like mine and the formula is lovely. It spreads on the skin smoothly and absorbs quickly into the skin. I love how it leaves my skin soft and smooth without being heavy or making it oily. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good hydrating serum. I would definitely repurchase this in the future!
I love this serum! I discovered it in my mums makeup bag in Thailand. My skin was red and wore out from the sun and traveling. I have used it everyday since. Its great of a morning as a sort of primer for your skim before the days makeup. At night after Ive washed my face I put another coat on before bed. A small pump goes a long way, on average I get 6 to 8 weeks per bottle. I credit this product for a huge difference I've seen in my skin in the last 6 months. A combination of micellar water and Olay Serum has drastically changed my skin. I no longer feel reliant on my foundation.