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ONEFIGURE BEAUTY Lash Starter Kit is the perfect kit for those who know what they want and/or first-time users. Giving you everything you need to start your lash look, the kit includes: 1 x pair of Magnetic Lashes of choice, 1 x Original black Magnetic Liner of choice and 1 x Magnetic Applicator.




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Lashes for days!

This kit is super easy to use, whether you're a beginner or experienced using lashes, it comes with easy to follow instructions and everything you need to slay all day with the beautiful lashes! My friends thought the 'poppy' false eyelashes were lash extensions and thought they looked amazing too! Putting on the lashes was seamless and easy to do and were suitable for everyday wear and for more dramatic or going out looks. The lashes feel lightweight, look natural yet a bit extra and the eyeliner holds the lashes in place all day! I definitely recommend this lash kit, it's beautiful, works well and the lashes are great for anytime use and are great quality and the whole kit contains everything you need, I loved the lash applicator as well and how easy to use the eyeliner was!
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Magnetised and dramatic

Magnetic lashes seem to be the latest fad and I was very intrigued to try these. They did not disappoint and made my overall makeup look far more put together. This kit is a one stop shop for beginners and those who are a little more experienced at wearing lashes. I loved the longevity of these and found them to stay on all night. I normally struggle to get the right stickyness of regular glue and either put them on prematurely, or a little to late. I also struggle to really get them in tight with my existing lashes. This product allowed me to pop them on and with the liner effect it filled in any gaps and looked seamless. The Poppy lashes added nice drama to my look and I love that they are such good quality that I can probably get another 10/15 wears out of them! The glue is of reasonable size and will last a long time and is somewhat a two in one product which is great! I love that it was easy to remove at the end of the night also. The tweezers allowed me to get the inner part of my lashes stuck down real good, which is something I struggle with when applying normal lashes. Thanks BC & ONEFIGURE Beauty! :)
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First timer

When I opened my kit and found these, I won’t lie I was a bit nervous. I’m a 26 year old whose never used false eyelashes (despite getting them put on by a professional) I read the instructions about 10 times before getting the confidence to put them on, it took a few attempts as I had no idea what I was doing! But once they were on and looked good, they weren’t going anywhere! Having them as magnetic is such a smart and safe way to use false lashes. I love the eyeliner however the curled tip was a bit tricky to master. I only rated it a 3 as it was my first ever false lashes experience so I can’t really compare it to others. But now that I’m one down I won’t look back! Look out lashes!
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Magnetic eyelashes must try

I received the Poppy lashes with my kit and i found them to be very full and beautiful. I couldn't wait to try them on! With the package I got the rose gold applicator and the black eyeliner. I cut the eyelashes to suit my eye shape making sure to keep the magnets. I followed the instructions on how to use them. I applied the eyeliner twice waiting 30 sec in between. Following by 2 min until eyeliner is dry and then I could attempt to put the eyelashes on. Usually this is where I struggle with normal glue lashes, however, not with these magnetic lashes as the lashes were easy to maneuver into the desired position. I was very impressed with how well the lashes stayed in place. I really like how the eyelashes looked fuller at the ends of my eye making the look "fox eyes". I really liked these magnetic lashes and I have already suggested them to my friends.
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Very easy to use!

I received the Poppy lashes with my kit and it is so beautiful. It has a thicker lash at the outer end, and that's really my style. It came with a very simple and practical packaging. The magnetic eyeliner has a very good texture, not too light and not too thick. It was very easy for me to use however, the tip of the liner brush is curled. I'm not sure if it was supposed to really be curled. It was difficult to make my cat eye line sharp or pointy at the end because of the curled tip of the brush, however it was very east to line my lids with that curled brush so I have a bittersweet feeling with that brush tip. I made two coats of magnetic liner just to be sure then put on the lashes. Putting the lashes was a breeze, it stick together very well and I worn it for a day. I had no issues with it, very comfortable and it stayed intact. The only reason I'm giving it four starts is because of the unusual brush tip but overall, I really love it and would recommend! I am a fan of magnetic lashes and liner!
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OneFigure Beauty Lash Kit

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to trial the OneFigue Beauty Lash Starter Kit. Initially, I was nervous about trying them having not had the best experiences with lashes in the past because I struggle to apply them. Of course I was more than willing to give them a try. The kit contains an applicator, a pair of magnetic lashes and an accompanying magnetic liner. The applicator is a stylish metallic rose gold. It is shaped to fit nicely in the hand making it easier to control. I really like the length of the curved head, it's not too long or short and is just wide enough to better handle the lashes. The lashes come complete with a few little magnets lining the band. The band is on the thicker side to accommodate the magnets, but easy to manipulate. I'm not sure of the style I had included in my kit, but when ordering online you get to choose your lashes. In this kit, the liner is a liquid one in black. It comes in sleek glass packaging with brush tipped applicator. The formula contains magnetising particles to ensure the lashes stick like glue. I am more familiar with a gel liner, but the brush was easy to use. The liner is very pigmented, which I like in a black liner. As directed, I applied one layer, waited 30 seconds then another layer. The liner needs to be completely dry before applying the lashes, this take 2-3 minutes. Picking up the lashes with the applicator, I tentatively pressed the lash band onto the liner. There was no need to be tentative or precise, because the lashes were easy to maneuver into the desired position. I was very impressed with how well the lashes stayed in place. I did find the lashes to be heavy on my lids because I am just not accustomed to wearing them, so first application I did not wear them for very long. They were easy to peel off and the liner washes off with cleanser like a regular liner. To clean the lashes, as instructed, I just used a spoolie to brush off any residue. The next day I decided that I would feel more comfortable with a half lash, so I cut them making sure that there was a magnet on each end. I am much happier wearing them at this length, being more comfortable and looking less dramatic which I prefer. I can wear them all day and they do not budge. I am very impressed with the OneFigure Beauty lash kit. There is a decent range of lashes depending on your needs, from more natural (which I need to try!) to dramatic. And if I can apply them, anyone can!
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Fantastic magnetic lashes for beginners

The packaging is nice and simple, but still is eye catching. It is matte black with a white bordering line, and white lettering, with their logo outlined. It also has the instructions written on the side of the box, rather than having a printout inside. The tweezers are a rose gold colour, and come in a clear see-through slip case, to keep them from getting damaged. As this was my first time using magnetic eyelashes, I was a bit sceptical about how they were going to stay magnetised to the eyeliner. I was very surprised to see that they lasted the whole day. The eyeliner is a bit more on the liquidy side, but this made it easier to make the line thicker or winged. As it is a bit runnier it does take a bit longer to dry, which is great if you make a mistake and need to clean up. Although the liner does dry, I found it stayed slightly tacky, but I think that helped the lashes stay on a bit better. Once you’ve applied the eyeliner, and waited the few minutes for it to dry, applying the lashes is easy. The tweezers have long arched ends, which are specifically designed for the curve of the lashes and eyelid. They are made from a metal so the lashes stay attached and make it harder to drop them accidently. All you then have to do is apply the lashes on top of the eyeliner. The best part about these lashes is that you don’t need to worry about having to use any glue. I tried the ‘Poppy’ lashes. They are small enough that they look more natural, but they still give the effect you want from false lashes. These are good for a day and night look. These are great for anyone who is trying false lashes for the first time, or those who are just looking for a more natural lash.
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Magnetic lashes!

I was really excited to try this lash starter kit especially considering the fact that it was magnetic lashes! Now this was my first time ever using false lashes. I have never used them before so I was feeling a bit nervous and intimidated when I had to use them. I followed the directions to make sure I did it properly as I decided I was going to wear these for a wedding. Essentially how it works is that you put one coat of the eyeliner onto your eyes, wait about a minute for it to dry and then you add another coat of the eyeliner and then you add the fake eyelashes. The liquid eyeliner comes in a tube and because I have an unsteady hand it would be difficult to make it perfectly straight but I would try to get it as close to the lash line as possible. Once I let the second coat dry I applied the lashes on top. I struggled with this part because I wasn't sure how to put it on. You could trim the lashes to suit your eyes so it would fit nicely and look natural. The lashes managed to stay on relatively well but it was just getting it into the right position that was a bit of trial and error. The lashes itself were nice and full but not over the top and too dramatic. It gave my eyelashes length and volume and I was quite happy with the outcome despite it being my first time doing something like this!