OPI Brilliance Long File

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OPI Brilliance Long File is a dual nail buffer that quickly and effortlessly brings artificial and natural nails to a high gloss shine.


OPI Brilliance Long File


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OPI Brilliance Long File is a great file to have as part of your home manicure.  It is not a file to file your nails with, rather a buffing file to bring the nails back to their natural gloriness.  The pale green side is used to smooth the nail, and get rid of those ridges that make your nails bumpy and uneven.    Then you turn the file over and use the pale side.  This will make your nails nice and shiny and glossy.      Use the green side about once a week, just lightly go over the nails, then buff with the other side.  You can use the pale side twice a week, to keep up the shine.  If you want a natural look, this is all you need to do.  If you want to paint your nails. you can now apply your base coat and your polish.  Your nail base will be so even, the polish will go on so smoothly, and look really professional.
I bought this nail file to help improve the appearance of my natural nails (a lot of the time I don’t have time to paint my nails). I find this really quick and effective to use. It it is not for filing or shaping your nails but for buffing them and making them shiny and glossy. I love using it because it’s super quick and easy, and helps me look put together in an instant.