OPI Callus Foot File

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OPI Callus Foot File is a dual-grit smoother that buffs away dry, rough, callused skin. The medium side grit reduces calluses while the fine side buffs to a smooth finish.


OPI Callus Foot File


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OPI Callus Foot File has a great handle to grip onto and really to town on the dry rough skin on my feet. I keep it in the shower and do it just before I turn the water on to avoid the fine powdery skin making a mess. It is quick and easy to use and very efficient. I use the grittier side first and then buff it with the other side to finish off. Smooth feet for another week! I would recommend this foot file.
A pampering product for feet. It effectively abolishes dry, rough skin on feet. Since I first began using this foot file my feet are so much softer, a smooth baby's skin feel. This product is designed fantastically and really does the job. I recommend it to everyone.
The OPI callus foot file is an excellent manual foot file option. It has one heavy duty side for those tough tough calluses and one smooth side for buffing for a smooth finish. It has a slight curve on both sides of the files so you can get right in the middle of the palm of your feet. The handle is big and so easy to hold onto and because I use it in the shower the design is very good for grip. A small tip from me is if you use the fine side of the file gently you can also use it on the top of your toes. I use it every 3-4 weeks and it has lasted me a long while, especially if you rinse it really well after each use for hygiene reasons. It's best to hang it somewhere dry with the rope included so you can avoid mildew or mould from forming. Best manual foot file available.
A must have in everyone's cupboard. No more winter boots through summer, from the day you start using it, you will be wanting to wear your sexy summer thongs all year round. Best product and works like a dream. No more dry skin, here's to sexy smooth feet :)