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OPI Crystal File is a high quality nail file with an effective filing surface made from the finest crystal. It helps prevent splitting and chipping, leaving the nail edge perfectly smooth.


OPI Crystal File


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OPI are probably the undisputed must have brand for nail care and this nail file is absolutely something that is worth the price point.  I consider myself to be lucky to have strong nails which grow quite long. Files are one of the staples of my routine as I find that a good file can take the place of a nail clipper quite fast.  I didn't know crystal/glass files were a thing an everytime I saw them I was confused more often. After reading that they were the file you should have, I caved and grabbed one of these.  Life. Changed.  This absolutely blows every other average, cheap file out of the water with how quickly and effectively it can file back your nails. I definitely feel I do not need clippers now with how neat and clean this leaves my nails and how fast an easy it is to take off length with it while still keeping the integrity of my nail intact. This leaves my nail edges smooth and well shaped all in a couple of strokes and as little effort as possible.  As always, only file in one direction as this does make a big difference! I have had this for coming on 6 months and see now reason for it to be a dud anytime soon. I think that these will last a lifetime unless you break them as they are glass/crystal.  PROS - excellent and effective option to shape nails  - could replace clippers for a lot of people  - long lasting  CONS - expensive - easier to break by accident 
This crystal file is nothing short of amazing. It does quick work of filling your nails to the desired length in record time and somehow smoothes the edges at the same time. It’s sleek and more attractive than traditional files and comes in a protective plastic tube that ensures it remains in tact. It is crystal after all. I’ve become a convert and will never use anything else. 
OPI Crystal File is the best money you will ever spend on a nail file!  I bought one of these, and 2 years later, it is still working so effectively.    The file is made of crystal and is very strong and sturdy, the file will not break or wear down.   Other files that are made of cardboardy materials, just don't have any staying power, and nothing is worse than picking up your only nail file and realising it is so worn down, it is not even worth using.   Yes these are cheaper, but how often are you buying them?  This crystal file is so good, I will never be without one now, it is quite possibly the best nail product invention and investment you could make!  The file is easy to use, and doesn't take many strokes to get the desired effect.   I thoroughly recommend this product!
This nail file is so much better than the cheap, plastic ones I used to use.  The crystal nail file is great because it's sturdy and it does a great job of filing my nails.  The edges of my nails are always so perfectly even and smooth.  I don't like to keep my nails long so the file helps buff them down without making it too short.  It is kind of pricey for a nail file but it will last you a long time!
I have mine for over 5 years now and still fantastic. Very efficient and files my nails beautifully and I'm very impressed with it. if I ever lose it I will for sure buy it again. It is a bit pricey for a file however it is worth it. It does the job and just brilliant product.
I adore my opi crystal nails file, I love opi polishes and this file is of the same high quality. This is a top quality file made from the finest crystal to file nails effectively. My nails never break now, it prevents splitting and hang nails, far better results than a cheap emery board, well worth the money, a fabulous product that I highly recommend, I cant be without mine.
This nail file is a must for me. I need to keep my nails short, but still want them to look lovely. The crystal nail file keeps the splitting at bay, and doesn't take a lot of effort. Love, love, love it!!
This product is a must for anyone who files their nails ! It efficiently and quickly files your nails with much less effort than an emery board. It is a little pricier than a traditional nail file but believe me, your nails will thank you for it. I will never go back to using an emery board !
I refuse to use any other type of file after using this! my nails a very thin,brittle and weak! since using the crystal file, I have actually been able to get some length on them :)
I absolutely love my crystal nail file, I was initially unsure whether it was worth it, but after buying one of these, I will never go back to using emery boards. My nails are so much stronger and less brittle, they break far less and I've been able to grow them much longer than I ever could before. It is easy to clean ( rinse in water) and doesn't wear out. The only reason for having to buy a second one is if you drop it and it smashes (silly me!)