Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hand CreamPalmer's Coconut Oil Formula Concentrated Hand Cream

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Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Concentrated Hand Cream is an intensely hydrating hand cream for dry skin. Formulated with ethically and sustainably sourced coconut and Tahitian monoi oils, it seals in moisture and provides protection for dry or cracked skin. It contains no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, sulphates or dyes.


Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hand CreamPalmer's Coconut Oil Formula Concentrated Hand Cream


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Really moisturizing hand cream. The consistency was thick and creamy and made it easy to apply. Would recommend to every one with really dry skin. After using it for few weeks in a row, I got over the coconut scent. Kudos to the brand for making a product where the scent lasts for hours, but it was too overpowering for me. Packaging is cute, small and easy to carry in the bag.
This is a super moisturising hand cream that smells amazing and comes at a super great price. I love the palmers cocoa butter range and this concentrated hand cream does not disappoint. A little goes a long way, it rubs in easily with no greasy feeling and leaves hands feeling super soft and moisturised and protected. The creams texture is luxurious, thick and rich and I achieve great results with this. I always have one on hand and highly recommend it. One of the best hand creams iv tried.
The best hand cream ever! It absorbs so easily into my hands, doesn't feel greasy, smells so nice and fits in my handbag perfectly. It makes such a nice gift too and a great stocking filler at Christmas time. I love using it whenever i get the chance to!
Really good hand cream and at such an affordable price! Perfect for people that have jobs where you wash your hands often or are wearing gloves on and off throughout the day. Great for sensitive skin and not too greasy or thick. Soaks in really well and easy to use.
My absolute favourite thing about this is the scent, it is heaven in a bottle. It’s so soft and I love using it. It leaves my hands feeling moisturised and it does the job.  Don’t use too much as it can get a little greasy but nothing too bad. 
Beautiful smelling hand cream that has a really thick consistency and comes in a cute little tube that's perfect to keep in a handbag or workbag. I only apply the cream at night because I work with my hands and it would only be wasted using the day as I continually wash my hands. Because it's thick and concentrated it takes a little while to work into the hands and does have a slightly greasy feel but it does a great job of moisturising overnight.
This Palmers hand cream is so lovely. It is really moisturisering and leaves my hands silky soft. It has a subtle fragrance and is free from any nasty parabens ir mineral oils. I apply it through out the day and then massage it into my nails and cuticles at night.
Absolutely can't ask for more for such a great product at an extremely affordable price. There so much good things about this hand cream. The hand cream is chemical free, has beautiful coconut scent, and it does keep my dry hands moisturised during winter. The cream has a rather thick texture but it absorbs onto my skin very quickly without feeling sticky or greasy at all.
Originally received a small tube of this from a subscription box, and have since made a purchase. This is literally THE BEST stuff. The smell is to die for and its a great moisturising cream for dry and cracked hands (I also put a little bit on my dry heels and it works wonders) non-greasy and absorbs quickly, reasonably priced, what else could you ask for!
PALMER’S Thankyou so much for saving my hands. I use the Palmer’s body lotion. But hands and face need separate creams, as the texture and requirements differ. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula for hands FOCUSES on my dry, red patchy hands. I’m a self employed cleaner of houses. So I’m very conscious of going chemical free for cleaning and self care.  The red patches on my hands is exposure to a lot of water and different ingredients for different products. My hands  bare the brunt of my work. I’ve tried different products as they become very responsive to what I use, as they are in strong need of nourishment and require t.l.c. Tahitian Monoi oils and coconut does heal my hands. Palmers focus on Being chemical free. Their signature  texture isn’t slimey. I keep the suitable size tube in my cleaning bag and one in my bathroom. So Palmers Coconut Formula Oil Concentrate Hand cream is always on HAND X
I chose this handcream for the coconut scent but that's not the only thing to love about it! It's affordable, non-greasy and nourishing! The consistency is thick and rich and it absorbs really quickly. I don't have to worry about transferring handcream on everything I touch. The tube is a good size and doesn't add too much extra weight to my bag like larger tubes do. A great buy for the price
I purchased this as a gift, but at the same time I got one for myself. I can't believe doing shopping for someone else makes you buy one for yourself as well! When I opened the lid it smelt so good. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft. It's not greasy! And the plus is that its chemical free!!