Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner

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Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner is a leave-in hair treatment. It contains natural coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin B5 to hydrate and detangle hair while keratin works to strengthen and protect.


Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner


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I absolutely love Palmer's cocoa products because of how hydrating and nourishing they are, as well as their classic scent! This leave-in conditioner works like a dream and feels amazing on my hair. For starters, it makes my hair smell amazing - like coconuts and chocolate! I usually spray it on damp hair after showering and after my hair dries, it always feels incredibly soft and silky. It also helps to tame frizz and create a nice shine. Pros: - Smells divine! - Easy application - Don't have to wash it out - Leaves hair soft and silky - Tames frizziness Cons: - None
Loved this product. I love palmers cocoa products, this leave in conditioner smells divine, like summer and its super easy to use, I just spray on hair, comb through and leave to soak in. After shampooing my hair is super soft and shiny and much more easy to style. The product helps manage frizz, leaving my hair super sleek. I love this for summer at the beach as it helps protect my hair from sun and salt and makes washing and detangling easy. Its packaged nicely, the handy pump is easy to use and it comes at a really great price so its great value. it contains keratin to strengthen hair and it helps to prevent drying and split ends. It also has aloe vera and vitamin B5 to nourish. Overall a great leave in conditioner that I would highly recommend.