Pantene Pro-V Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam

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Pantene Pro-V Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam is a residue-free dry shampoo that removes excess oil and delivers great hair without washing. It has a vanilla and jasmine scent. Sulfate and paraben free.

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Pantene Pro-V Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam


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Dry Shampoo Foam

I have loved discovering the Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam, unlike regular dry shampoos this one is a foam I love this because I have the thickest of hair and often dry shampoos don’t feel enough for me in between washes however this does and I just love it. It comes in 169 gram bottle again like Pantene dry shampoo and conditioning range in a shorter more wider bottle then regular dry shampoos which makes it really comfortable to hold, the nozzle is similar to regular mousse dispensers and is really easy to dispense. Like always I part my hair down the centre then continue doing so on each side then the back it really gives my scalp and hair a nice refresh and just like it says on the bottle hair is refreshed in 60 seconds with no residue. The scent is nice and sweet and that of creamy vanilla and jasmine and also is made from it’s made with Pro-Vitamin B5 and tapioca leaving you with not only refreshed but nourished hair. I couldn’t recommend this enough.

Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam

I love the feel of the bottle that this Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam comes in, packaged in a wider shorter bottle which is white in colour and has a lovely gold and pink design on it. After dispersing the foam into my hands I ran it through the centre part of my scalp and hair and continued throughout the rest of my hair, it almost instantly blended in throughout my hair. I like the feeling of this better that regular spray of dry shampoos as my scalp and hair felt really refreshed and revitalized after use. I was really pleasantly surprised that it worked so well for me with my thick and frizzy hair. The scent is beautiful and sweet with creamy vanilla and jasmine. I would recommend this dry foam over a regular dry shampoo especially those with thick and frizzy hair like me that want a refreshing clean feeling.
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Okay! I’m all about dry shampoo for my second and third day.. I wash my hair every 3 days because of my greasy and dry scalp. This one is a little different. This dry shampoo smells amazing once again pantene have amazing scent! However I dont know how to feel about thia dry shampoo, it kind of leave residue on my hair and it’s not as good as I was expecting. This could have a little bit of improvement! Although might work well for other hair type as mine I would say is pretty hard to work with, with any product. Packaging and smell 9/10!
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Will be sticking to traditional dry shampoo!

I really wanted to like this but I just found it so bizarre! The packaging, I'll admit, is very cute, but the application is so messy - the nozzle itself is very flimpsy and I struggled when first using it to not get it all over the place. The product is essentially like a hair mousse, which I'm not a fan of - it made my hair feel quite wet and took a couple of minutes to dry, which isn't ideal as I usually use dry shampoo when I'm in a rush and about to head out the door! There's quite a noticeable scent but it was relatively pleasant so not too bad. It seemed to do the job okay but I can't think of anyone who would prefer this over normal dry shampoo? It certainly didn't feel any 'cleaner' than dry shampoo, and because it's slightly tacky, I had to give my hands a good wash afterwards - again, something that I don't have to worry about with normal dry shampoo. Overall, does the job but the application is so bizarre I don't think I would recommend to anyone.
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Not a fan, smells great though

I was intrigued by the concept of this product, but I don't think the execution is that least not for my hair and scalp. I have an oily scalp and dry ends. You apply this product to your hands like a mousse and then part the hair and apply in sections. It makes the scalp soo wet and then you need to use a dryer to dry the product and then brush it out. I have fine wavy hair and doing this brushes out any wave pattern, so I need to tie my hair up after application otherwise its a mess and even then my roots still looked oily, it felt sooo greasy and took on an ashy cast on my dark blonde hair. Washing the product out was also difficult, I had to use a clarifying shampoo multiple times to get it all out. All in all the effort of using this product seemed worse than just washing my hair in the first place. I will pass it on to a friend with less oily roots and straight light blonde hair, perhaps she can get it to work? The smell is great though?
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I did not love not hate this product. It was interesting to use and did the job but i still prefer the dry shampoo method better. It smells soooooooooo nice though and does make you feel like you actually washed your hair in the shower after you use it. I honestly am so conflicted by it. I will 100% finish the bottle though i am not sure if i would re purchase it again in the future to use again, especially when dry shampoo is so much more user friendly !!! I would recommend this product to those who have no time but want to get that full hair wash feeling quickly , especially in the morning before work. Just make sure you follow all the instructions properly and do it by sections so you do not end up with a mess lol.
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Efficient nozzle design

It's definitely a different form of dry shampoo than what I am used to but still easy to use! The nozzle on this can made it easier to directly apply to my roots. Absolutely loved the subtle fresh scent, not overbearing like many other dry shampoo's do which end up irritating my allergies. There was a white residue/cast on my roots at the start, so this product does have to be massaged in well, though I do love how the foam just easily dissolves into your roots. Also, love the formula, I feel like its much safer for my scalp for the long run as unlike other dry shampoo's I've used that aren't as safe for the scalp and end up giving a dry and itchy scalp as well. Overall, I would buy it again, I just wish they made larger cans for girls who need it for their greasy roots/dry ends!
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Foamy powdery Shampoo

This was my first time a 'shampoo foam' for my dark asian hair. You will need to be cautious with the spray when first using as a lot came out and went everywhere! Best to shake it before using to ensure the product will be evenly dispersed. When massaging into the roots of my hair, my hair felt more 'wet' than 'dry', it took a while to get my roots to dry. I feel like it left a slight 'powdery' feeling on my roots and didn't see.a massive difference in terms of 'collecting oil'. My hair didn't feel any voluminous or clean compared to a typical dry shampoo. I would recommend using this product if you have run out of dry shampoo or for 'smaller' sections of hair.
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Not as good as their other dry shampoo product

After using this as well as the dry shampoo spray I have to say this was a disappointment. It might just be my hair type but I did find that this made my hair a little bit heavy and a little bit crunchy. It still had the lovely smell and the same great packaging but I think should only be used for people with thicker hair types or when your hair is in DESPERATE need of dry shampoo. Out of the two products, if you have thin hair like me, I would definitely recommend going for the regular dry shampoo over the mist.
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Mixed feelings

I really like the design of this bottle! It adds a nice touch in my bathroom. I like this new concept of "washing" hair is as easy as applying mouse. It makes my hair very soft and easy to stylish (I have fine, straight, dark hair). However I won't use this if I want to keep my hair down. It weights my hair down a lot at the end of the day. My boyfriend really like it and he said this is the best dry shampoo to use. Particular the no residual benefit. The fragrance is lovely but a bit strong for me. I would keep buying it if there is a non-frangence option. I would recommend this product to short hair, guy friends and anyone
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Fun Foam Dry Shampoo, Refreshing Jasmine Scent

The Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam is something new for me as this is foam based and I have only tried the normal aerosol spray dry shampoo. The foam is suppose to be a residue free dry shampoo that removes excess oil. I found that it does not dry quickly and leaves my hair feeling a little damp. The instructions do note that you need to work in sections, and rubbing into the roots to work the foam. It did feel clean and nice afterwards, and has a lovely jasmine smell and manages to linger the day. The can itself is slightly too wide to handle conveniently and a little awkward to hold at times. Though the nozzle is well shaped to aim the foam at the roots. Works reasonably well, fun to use and worth a try.
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Beautiful scent, but bizarre application

Although this product has the most beautiful scent, I have to agree with the other reviewers in that I found the applicator utterly puzzling to use. The thin-tapered nozzle did not really do the product any favors, and as one girl put it, it would dispense (or shoot) foam across to the other side of the room if you were not careful with the nozzle. I also was not a big fan of applying foam to my hair in order to get the 'dry shampoo' effect. To me, it would not be the go-to product to achieve this result. I tend to associate foam with things like volumiser which you would apply on wet hair after a shower.
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Gym bag must-have.

I really enjoy using this dry shampoo foam to refresh my hair post-workouts on non-wash days. It works really well at absorbing the sweat and oil, and evaporating clean to leave my hair refreshed and with a subtle pleasant scent. It definitely took me a couple of tries to get used to the foam texture and how to use it correctly, but once I did, this stuff is AWESOME. I blast my roots with a hairdryer to dry off the sweat, apply this product at my roots and massage in, dry it with the hairdryer again, and then brush through. It revives my hair every time without drying it out.
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Not a favourite

Not my favourite Pantene dry shampoo product, it is a bit confusing as it’s a foam and not dry shampoo. Unfortunately the entire procedure takes me just as long to wash my hair, I am big on saving time and this doesn’t cut it for me. However I loved the scent and the fact that it has no alcohol, sulphates and parabens, this is always a big selling point for me as my scalp is sensitive. Be sure to follow the instructions on the back throughly as the first time I tried the product this went horribly won’t.
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A great alternative to washing your hair

I like using this dry shampoo foam to achieve a deeper clean than using a dry shampoo. It's great as there is no need to use any water to wash my hair, so it is perfect for preserving my salon paid blow dry for longer. The foam is light and smells great, so fresh with a light floral fragrance. The tricky part initially, is trying to figure out how to dispense the foam, as my first go caused the foam to splatter everywhere. But I eventually got the hang of holding the nozzle down with my thumb and it dispensed fine. To use, simply shake the can well, and dispense the foam and apply the roots. I then use my hairdryer to expediate it to dry and simply brush and style away. It feels very light and gently on my hair and it it great knowing that it contains no alcohol, sulfates or parabens. The packaging is great too and looks very stylish sitting on my bathroom shelf. Overall a great and quick way to wash and clean my hair without water.
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Foamy dry shampoo! Worth a try!

This is the first foam dry shampoo I have ever tried and it took a little bit to get used to. The packaging is super cute but i found that the foam which was dispensed would get awkward and fall before I had the chance to work it into my scalp. This caused quite a bit of wasted product. The smell was a tad strong but nothing too overpowering. Once I had rubbed the product into my scalp, I had no oiliness for a few hours. I probably won't repurchase as I prefer other dry shampoos which aren't foam.
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Not worth the effort

I felt so lucky that I was able to be a part of the beautycrew trial and to try this new type of dry shampoo and i have never come across a foam type one before. And after trying it, i Think there's a reason these are not very common. This is a more laborous effort than the usual spray dry shampoo. It requires you to do it all in separate sections which to me is another step that I'd rather not take if i didn't have to. The first time i used it, i think i applied it way too hastily and not in enough sections and i just felt like it left my hair somewhat greasy. This was less of a problem the second time around but then it took longer. I gave it points for the lovely smell and unique concept but it wouldn't be one i would use again
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Innovative product, amazing scent

When I first heard about this product I was really intrigued with the concept of a foam dry shampoo. It's a very unique product and one of the first of its design Ive seen around but unfortunately not for me. It comes out of the bottle mousse-like and not what I had expected from dry shampoo. You then proceed to run this foam into your hair for about a minute. It feels like you are washing your hair in a weird way. The smell of this product is also amazing. What I didn't love about it was that after use, I felt like my hair was slicky sticky with some residue. It did disappear with time but definitely felt like there was some product in your hair. It also gives your hair a bit of volume if that's what you're after. Overall an innovative product but unfortunately not for me.i prefer the Pantene dry shampoo.
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Not a fan

I've tried many dry shampoos but never a dry shampoo foam, so I was even more thrilled to give this product a go. However, this did not meet any of my expectations. First up, the pump that dispenses the products is really hard to use. It has an awaked angle and squirts product everywhere. Upon shaking, dispensing this into my hands and then sectioning my hair to rub it in, it made it wet and almost look worse than it previously was. It took forever to dry down and did not soak up the oils in my hair. I ended up having to wash my hair that night (10 hours later) to get rid of it. I've given this one star as I enjoyed the orchid flower fragrance and because it is alcohol sulfate and paraben-free, but other than that, it is not a product I would recommend.
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easy to use

This is the handiest product ever! I usually have to wash my hair every day as it is so fine with oily roots and dry ends. I was really intrigued as to how this would work on my hair type but is has been such a lifesaver. I was a bit concerned the first time I used it as my hair looked even greasier when I applied the product but it was fine once it dried in. It's really easy to use given the nozzle applicator. The product really reminded me more of a hair mousse than a dry shampoo but it works well. The packaging is cute and is the perfect size to carry in your handbag. not a fan of the smell but can't win at everything.