Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Conditioner

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Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Conditioner is a lightweight, nourishing conditioner that helps repair damage and protects hair from future damage and split ends. The conditioner contains lipids, Pro-V B5 and antioxidants that leave hair feeling soft, silky and full of body. The formula is free of silicone, parabens, mineral oils and colourants.

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Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Conditioner


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Leaves my hair feeling soft and silky

I grew up using Pantene regularly, but I have recently started using more “natural” haircare products. Although I love going more eco, I have noticed that my hair isn’t as nourished compared to before. I have also started colouring my hair so it is definitely more damaged these days. This is a thick conditioner that goes so smoothly onto my hair and I definitely feel like it is moisturising my hair, as opposed to simply coating it. Similarly to the shampoo, it has a really nice scent which is not overpowering and lingers on my hair, which I really like. I apply the conditioner to about half the length of my hair (to prevent a greasy scalp), and I find it works really well on my ends. I believe that trimming my hair is probably the best thing for split ends, and I don’t think the conditioner works wonders in this area, but I am left with soft, shiny hair. I have never really had an issue with knots, but the conditioner makes your hair so smooth that it is definitely more manageable. I love that the shampoo gives my hair more volume, and the conditioner continues with making my hair more soft and silky. I really like that it is a “light” conditioner, in that it nourishes my hair but doesn’t make it feel heavy or greasy. It washes off well, retains the scent on my hair, and leaves it feeling really great!
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Pleasantly Surprised!

I don't normally buy Pantene products but was thrilled by the results! My hair feels light, moisturised, and no residue was left. Plus the smell was divine! Extra bonus: My boyfriend loves the smell of my hair!
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Extremely hydrating

Was extremely hydrating. If anything I found it a bit too hydrating and could make my hair slightly greasy. However it was fantastic to use when my hair felt a bit dry and dead, seemed to give it another life. Would definitely recommend for someone who is battling with dry hair
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Super soft

I used this conditioner in conjunction with the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Shampoo. This conditioner is super rich and moisturising without leaving my hair oily or heavy. My short and curly hair was voluminous, shiny and healthy for days! Definitely recommend these products.
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Great paired with the Pantene Moisture Shampoo

Paired with its shampoo, it makes a great combination to keep your hair silky and healthy. After my first use, my hair was left with a lovely, soft and silky finish unlike other brands I’ve used.
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Beautiful product

This is such a compliment conditioner to Pantene daily moisture renewal shampoo! I have been using both for about 2 weka and can see a big difference in my used to dry frizzy hair ! My now hair are more healthy and shiny ! I am definitely going to buy this product in future and will refer this to my friends and family!
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Hydrating & moisturising without the weight

I love a good moisturising conditioner however I feel some really weigh my hair down, surprisingly I didn't have this issue. It worked so well with the shampoo and it smells amazing. I focused this product on the ends of my hair as I use a straightener daily and my ends can get really dry and brittle, this conditioner added back hydration to my ends and they felt softer and smoother. Also I found that it really helped take out any tangles i had in my hair - would recommend. Love that drugstore products are really stepping up and providing good quality products without the crazy price tag.
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A tall glass of water

Hydration? Yes! I LOVE a richer conditioner and this one hits the mark. It doesn’t feel overly intense and I didn’t feel like it weighed my hair down, which is essential for me as my hair is fairly thin and lacks volume. Additionally, it has a gorgeous fresh, sweet scent to it which makes it a winner in my books.
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Intoxicating! Loved it

First off I have to say the smell of this is incredible and extremely addictive/intoxicating - all your friends and work colleges will be asking what you used! This is a great follow up from the conditioner, I had no irritations and no problems with the lather or overall quality of this product. Works wonders to keep hair happy, healthy and well hydrated! I would recommend this to anybody wanting a bit more life and freshness in their hair - especially coming into the cooler weather!
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Silky and soft hair

This conditioner was amazing! I had never tried Pantene products before but this formula left my hair smelling and feeling amazing. My hair is quite thin so often products feel heavy on my hair and left with an oily sheen, but this conditioner nourished and cleaned my hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Would definitely give this a shot if you love silky soft hair!
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Amazing product

This conditioner is amazing, it goes perfectly with the shampoo. The smell is beautiful and refreshing, leaves hair smelling beautiful all day and left my hair feeling smooth and really manageable. I have thick long hair and this made so much difference to my hair routine. I will be purchasing again very soon! I recommend trying this product as it’s affordable and honestly better than most of the expensive conditioners that I buy!
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Soft and silky

Thanks to this product hair is now tamed, soft, silky and bouncy. It did wonders for my hair. My hair is now hydrated and even when I haven't washed in a day or two my hair still feels soft and silky when compared to other conditioners I've used
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Renewal Conditioner

I haven't used Pantene in many years so was very interested to see how this one would be as I have found them to be a little heavy on my hair, making it oily. Well I was pleasantly surprised! Both smelt great and was light weight after washing out, cleaned my hair really well and went great in combo with the conditioner to add lots of volume to my hair once dry! Definitely a good supermarket shampoo and conditioner buy!
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This conditioner is great! It smells really nice & makes my hair feel really soft after every use. This conditioner spreads well & not alot is needed each time you wash so it will last for a while! I would repurchase this! It worked great with the shampoo!
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My hair loves it

I used this conditioner with the matching Shampoo and it leaves your hair smelling divine! It is also extremely moisturising without weighing my hair down or leaving it oily.
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smooth, soft and wavy

I was incredibly lucky to receive this product to trial. I have long, thick, dry and frizzy red hair and I love how this product made my hair look and feel. My hair was left feeling soft and smooth with minimal frizz which allowed me to keep my hair showcasing its natural waves without the need to use heat styling products. also really loved the clean and fresh fragrance. Wonderful product for the price. Do recommend.
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Love Love Love!

I absolutely loved this conditioner! It did an amazing job at softening my hair and keeping it really moisturised until the next wash. Would definitely recommend to everyone who is after a great conditioner! Has a really lovely scent too, goes very nicely with the shampoo!
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amazing! My daughter and I have long, curly, frizzy hair and this product did everything to contain it. It gave a soft, smooth feeling and helped with the frizzy. It felt quite moisturing too and I notice a difference in the texture of our hair. Even smells beautiful. Was super easy to comb through. Will highly recommend to anyone with frizzy, curly hair!
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Soft and smooth

This conditioner was a lifesaver for my bleached hair! It’s a thick formula, that throughly hydrates and coats all of your strands. It left my hair feeling soft, smooth and tamed & would definitely recommend to anyone needing a great hydrating conditioner
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For someone like me who has really thick and curly hair, conditioner is the most important part of my shower routine. This product was great. I didn’t have to use much to get my hair untangled and soft and it also smelled AMAZING. I appreciated how the bottoms of my hair were still shiny (and not greasy like some products) after I dried and straightened it. I really do look forward to using both this product and the shampoo during my shower routine now. Would definitely recommend!