Pantene Pro-V Love Your Smooth Leave-in Crème Frizz Control

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Pantene Pro-V Love Your Smooth Leave-in Crème Frizz Control is your ultimate guard against hair frizz. The leave-in crème deeply nourishes and restores your hair’s lost shine, while helping to eliminate frizz. Flaunt healthy, manageable and moisture-rich hair and say goodbye to frizz forever with the Pantene Leave-in Crème.

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Pantene Pro-V Love Your Smooth Leave-in Crème Frizz Control


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Perfect for my bleach damaged ends!

I loved the Pantene Pro-V Love Your Smooth Leave-in Crème Frizz Control! I’ve never used a leave in cream before as I have quite naturally oily hair, however just before lockdown I bleached and dyed the bottom half of my hair – 3 months in lockdown later my hair felt dry, coarse, and straw-like at the ends. This Leave-in Crème was a godsend! I washed my hair at night using the Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner then worked a dollop of this crème through my mid-lengths and ends; after which I blow-dried and brushed my hair as normal. Waking up the next morning, my hair felt so much better! It’s softer, healthier-looking and it doesn’t tangle and knot up so badly like it used to.
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Frizz free and fineeeeee looking hair

This is a great creme with a twist top that makes your hair truly frizz free! I love the simplicity and smell of the product. The plastic green and gold bottle is BIG and will go a long way, considering I only used a walnut sized amount each time. I am yet to try it on dry hair, however loved the results on wet hair! It was easy to smooth into my hair I found it also helped to remove tangles and keep it silky add shine. thank you BC & Pantene for allowing me to trial these products and finally unlock frizz free and fresh hair in lockdown!

Controls frizz, moisturises dry hair

I love Pantene and this leave in frizz control creme was a real winner for me. I use this after shampooing and conditioning as my last step, easy to use, I just smooth a little on my wet hair - a little goes a long way, and style as usual. The product doesn’t weigh my hair down or add excess oil. It does, however, control my frizz perfectly and after styling my hair looks smooth, silky and feels so soft. This is a great product for those with thick hair like mine to add moisture, prevent drying, frizz and flyaways and look like it has been professionally done. It’s super economical and I will certainly use this product again, it’s amazing
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Great looking hair that shines

I’m pretty impressed with the Pantene Love your Smooth leave in cream. It’s a 270ml bottle, which is easy to hold and squeeze. At $11.99 it’s value for money, as with all Pantene products, a lot goes a long way. I’m talking from experience, when I first tried this product , I applied it to my dry hair and used way too much. My hair looked oily, not a good look at all. I found for the best results I washed my hair with both the Pantene and conditioner that does the frizz control and then applied the leave in cream to my wet hair. The results are amazing, nice smooth, soft silky hair that is manageable. My hair felt nourished , healthy and shiny.and days after still has that nice healthy look and feel. I certainly will be using this product again.
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Great product!

I used this product as part of the 3 step range and this final product really does seal the deal! It's so easy to use and apply and leaves your hair smelling fresh, and it feels so clean and smooth. This is probably my most favorite item of the range! I use it in the mornings and sometimes before bed to ensure my ends are locked in and I don't get dry ends or frizz. Highly recommend to anyone that has dry and unruly hair like mine! Try the rest of the range together as well as I found the products especially work really well together
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Great Product, Great Price

Great product for a great price, as the headline states! I was excited to trial this leave in creme for frizz control and applied it as the third step to my haircare regime. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent!! The consistency of the procuct itself was great, I worked it into my hair's ends and distributed the "residue" as I moved up from my mids to roots. I let my hair air-dry and was very pleased with how it naturally styled, all without the need for heat! The bottle is a great size and less than the recommended amount was sufficient for me to achieve the desired results, which ends up being even better value! Pantene pulled through with another effective and affordable product :)
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Love it

Absolutely love this product!! Iv use a lot of Leaving in conditioners and so many leave my hair feeling oily and heavy! This one did not do that at all!! The light smooth fresh texture makes it so easy to massage into the head and hair. After washing your hair all you simply do it after washing your hair once your out of the shower Just towel dry your hair squeeze a bit of the product ok your hair and run it through ur hair with your hands and massage through evenly. Let it dry and that it your hair is left so soft and Shinny incredibly smooth like you have been to the salon it also leave the hair smelling so beautifully clean another thing I absolutely love about this product is it has all the nasty chemicals removed! Which makes it safe for the whole famous to use! I love using it for my so especially been a big it leaves his hair cleaner smoother for longer will definitely recommend to family and friends
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Fabulous without costing an arm and a leg

I used this leave in Creme as part of a 3 step process when washing my hair. I used this as the last step and used when my hair was towel dried after a shower. I focused on the ends as they are the most damaged and worked it through the rest of my hair. The smell was very pleasant and left my hair smelling fabulous! I used it on the flyaways at the front of my hair when dry and was able to tame them. It didn't make my hair greasy or with a heavy feeling. I found it very easy to get the product out of the bottle and it dispensed a good amount.
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Easy and great product!

Amazing!! This product allowed me to get smooth tresses and I am so thankful! It was so easy to dispense with a twist top and I could easily get a walnut sized product and spread it through my damp hair. It smells great and didn't leave a residue or greasy feel to my hair, which some products can do after a wash. My hair is quite wavy/curly so I have found these products to enhance that without causing frizz or excessive flyaways. It helped to calm and accentuate the natural body of my hair and even providing some extra hydration.
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Surprisingly good, now a new fan of leave ins

I was never the first one to say that I’m a fan of leave in creams because I’ve always found that they leave my hair sticky and damp looking. Because it was damp, it certainly maintained the frizz, but just didn’t look good because it looked oily. With Pantene’s leave-in, I’ve since changed my mind about leave-in creams! Very easy to apply and seemingly dries up when my hair dries, and it doesn’t make it look oily and damp. It’s also light, and doesn’t weigh my hair down which means it won’t look flat. Used after I use the Pantene shampoo and conditioner, this trio works wonders on my hair and I would definitely buy all three once my supply runs out!
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Nourished ends

This treatment was an added bonus with the shampoo and conditioner. I applied from mid-length to my ends after each wash to damp hair. I applied about a 10 cent amount to avoid my hair feeling too weighed down. Overall my hair felt light and my ends felt nourished. Any excess product on my hands I then brushed my fingers through the top half of my hair to catch any fly aways. I've been receiving compliments from my partner who has said my hair smells great! After using the range collectively, I have seen an improvement in the frizziness. The range has def made my hair feel softer and has given a hit of shine!
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I’m a huge fan of this leave in cream definitely makes me have less frizz and more of a curl I put mine in what the bottle said then I also applied to towel dry hair and I love how it works in towel dry and dry hair my hair is very thick and frizzy so worked well for me also loved the smell and the way it made my hair soft definitely love these types of products because as a girl with mint green hair I have to bleach it to achieve my hair colour so I always love useing these products as daily as I can so my hair health gets better. Also I recommend useing a little bit of water spay in your hair for product to thin out a bit works well thanks
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Great all-purpose moisturising hair cream

This is a massive bottle of product for such a great price, and it can be used in so many different ways, it’s such a great all rounder product. Use on wet hair for easy detangling - safe for the kid’s as well. I used the product after towel drying my hair, and found it was great for my frizzy, dry, curly hair because it smoothed out my hair and made it look neat, tidy and with no frizz, usually after I use a styling cream I need to add something extra on top for a bit of hold so the frizz doesn’t pop up, but I was actually surprised this product has a slight amount of hold, or maybe it’s just the anti frizz magic of the product?! It’s great on dry hair for an overnight mask, it gave my hair that extra bit of moisture I’m always looking for! I haven’t had a chance to use the product before blow drying, and for me that is the ultimate test as to whether I would buy the product again and use it on a regular basis. (I plan on posting another review about this when I’ve had a chance to use it before blow drying!)
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Smells amazing!

Ok firstly the smell of this is probably the best I've ever used - it's AMAZING. It's not the most standout in terms of performance, but I'd use it for the smell alone. One thing to note is that it does contain silicones which aren't the best for your hair long term, especially if you dye it or use heat tools often due to the film it can leave on your hair (makes your hair look shiny and healthy but can interact weirdly with dyes and damage your hair with heat tools). I've tried it with both wet and dry hair and haven't seen much of a different between the two and the packaging doesn't suggest one over the other, so it's great for both! Overall I'd recommend as it does seem to reduce frizz and smells amazing, but do use a clarifying shampoo every so often to counteract the silicon content!
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Good at fighting frizz

This is a good styling product to fight frizz. It is moisturising and light, not weighing down my fine hair. I was a bit concerned when I read in the bottle I should apply it from roots to ends, but I gave it a try and it works really well at keeping frizz away. I have fine hair, so I found that if I apply a walnut-sized amount as suggested in the bottle I end up with too much product on my hands. So I've adjusted the quantity and use a third of that and I am happy with the result. I also love the fragrance and the fact that it has no nasties. At this price point, I'll probably be buying it again when it's finished.
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Just as good as a higher end brand!

I started using this product about a week ago after showering and washing my hair with the same range shampoo and conditioner. I use it when my hair is still damp but not wet. I have noticed that the product doesn’t make your hair crunchy like some other brands have a tendency to do. It works really well with controlling my frizz as I have pretty dry, fine and frizzy hair. It smells beautiful with hints of floral and is very easily spread over your hair. I would definitely recommend anyone that is on the fence to try it. The product is budget friendly and works just as well as some higher end brands!
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reduces frizz

I use this Pantene leave in cream after I wash my hair using the same shampoo and conditioner. It comes in a 270ml bottle with a twist nozzle which makes it easy to use. It is a 24hour frizz control leave in cream. After washing my hair and towel drying it, I put some of the cream through my hair from root to tip. The bottle says about a walnut size but i use a bit less than that as i have medium length fine hair. It has a smooth creamy texture and when my hair is dry it looks and feels so smooth and soft and shiny.
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Thick, clumpy, goop

This product is my least favourite part of this range by Pantene, it is super thick and gloopy, doesn’t apply or spread through hair easily, has a super strong almost nauseating smell and clumped hair and added nothing but extra weight and surface oil even after being combed and brushed through. The product was not ideal for my thin hair and managed to clump sections together which then dried crusty and left me needing to wash my hair again immediately after. I would recommend the rest of the range bar this product and I felt it didn’t add anything of use and was not in line with the usefulness of the rest of the products
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Pantene Smooth Trial

I used this Creme whilst my hair was towel dried (slightly wet) after a shower. I focused on the ends as they are the most damaged and frizzy and worked it through the rest of my hair. I loved the smell and found it very simple to use. I am yet to use it on dry hair. I loved it as it didn't cause my wet hair to go crunchy or for it to feel like it hadn't just been washed (which i find to be the issue with some other leave in creme's). The big gold bottle looks great in the bathroom and the easy application nozzle makes controlling how much is dispensed much easier. thanks BC & Pantene!
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Tame the Frizz

I have been using this Pantene Pro-V Love your Smooth Leave-in Creme Frizz Control for about a week so far and I am really impressed with the results. It hydrates and smoothes out frizzy hair without weighing your hair down. I love the pleasant fragrance smell the product has. It is a great product to use alongside the shampoo and conditioner in the Pantene Pro-V Frizz Control Range. I would definitely recommend people to try it out, especially since it is also really affordable and you get a decent amount of product.