Pantene Pro-V Miracle Mask Biotin

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Pantene Pro-V Miracle Mask Biotin is a hair mask that contains biotin and multi-supplement infused formula. Biotin (otherwise known as vitamin B7) is one of the best-kept secrets in hair care. The vitamin helps aid dull and damaged hair by nourishing strands from the inside out so that hair returns healthy, strong and resilient. Add this reconstructing, weekly hair mask to your hair care routine and witness it transform dry, brittle hair in just five minutes. It ensures that your hair stays smooth and strong even at the roots.


Pantene Pro-V Miracle Mask Biotin


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Relaxing but oily results

The process of applying and using this hair mask was incredibly relaxing. I incorporated it into a nice self-care evening and found it to be refreshing and uplifting to take that short period of time out of my busy day to take care of myself and my hair. I really enjoyed the results for the body of my hair, as it made it smoother and softer, as advertised. However, I was incredibly disappointed because I found that even though I thoroughly rinsed it out after the advised time, my roots definitely appeared oily (and I do not have naturally oily hair). I tried the treatment again the following week, avoiding my scalp area and found I had much better results. I still would not recommend this to a friend or family member, particularly if they did have naturally oily hair.
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A true miracle mask

The Pantene Pro-V Miracle Mask Biotin come beautifully packaged and looked like such a luxurious formula which was a nice consistency. Upon opening the scent was lovely and when applied to locks I felt an instant smoothness, with my hands just gliding through my hair. The mask was deeply nourishing and hydrating, it left hair silky soft and styling was a breeze. Combing and brushing with such ease, locks felt much stronger, were visibly healthier and I look forward to feeling pampered now with each and every hair wash. It is a product I am happy to use and so excited to recommend, amazing!
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Good mask!

Pantene’s Miracle Mask Biotin is an excellent hair mask. It leaves my hair feeling so much smoother and less frizzier. It is super easy to apply, leaving it on for some minutes before rinsing off and achieving healthier and silkier hair. The mask gave my hair a nourishing boost, and left my hair feeling like a dream! I will continue using this mask until it runs out and then I will buy more. I would definitely recommend this product to others wanting to achieve healthier hair that can make heads turn.
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A must have!

So in love with this hair mask. True miracle. I have the tendency to have dry and coarse hair due to it being heavily dyed and processed. This kept my hair very smooth and healthy. I can feel it during and after shower. My hands just glide through my hair and this rarely happens. I’ve used it twice a week and my hair has never been healthier and shinier. Unto strong, smooth, fabulous hair. Would definitely recommend to colored and natural hair. A must have in everyone's hair pantry. I've already bought one for mom to use.
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Day spa at home

Firstly, the smell is the best smell of any hair mask i have used. It didn't go away after the blowdry either. I look like i walked out of a salon, i wish i could upload the photo. My hair feels like it did when it was virgin hair and if you had felt my hair prior you wouldn't believe the difference. I am officially converted. The shampoo, 3 minute miracle and hair mask are my new hair products. What a saving of money. I also went and purchased the pantene miracle oil. Thank you for letting me test these, i am extremely happy and so is my hair.
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Great mask!

This was a great treatment mask to use on my hair! I have fine hair (but a lot of it) and frizzy hair with a slight wave. I find it hard to find products that have enough moisture to tame the frizz but don't leave my roots feeling heavy and greasy. I found this product was a great balance between the two. I found that my hair was not as frizzy. I also found that my hair didn't feel greasy at the roots. I also really like the smell of the product. It is quite strong when using all three products in the range - but I loved the scent so it did not bother me. I also loved that my hair smelt amazing when it dried. I often use masks as a conditioner and found that I could do this with this product. For the price it is definitely worth a try!
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Hello hydration!

There's nothing better than pampering yourself and one way I like to do so is by using a hair mask. My hair has suffered quite a bit during lockdown as I haven't been able to get the hair treatments that I used to get and while nothing comes close to salon hair treatments I find that this biotin hair mask is pretty good and really affordable if you're on a budget. It's a hydrating hair mask that can be used as a weekly treatment for those who have dry, damaged and coloured hair. For my hair I feel as though this is good to use once a week and throughout the week I'll use my Pantene conditioner and other hair treatments. I apply it to damp hair and use it all over my hair and then wait for five minutes for my hair to soak up all the hair mask goodness. Once I wash it out my hair feels noticeably softer and smoother. It helps to tame my frizz and keep my hair moisturised so when I blow-dry, straightener or curl it, my hair looks much better.
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Hair feels beautiful

I have never used this particular product before and WOW was I surprised. I did not expect the results and I got. It truly is wonderful. . My hair felt thick, strong and healthy after using it. I have shoulder length blonde hair that is heavily highlighted, dry and damaged on the ends and this product made such a difference to the feel of my hair. After styling, it felt smooth and sleek from roots to ends. It even controlled my sneaky flyaway greys hairs that like to stick up and annoy me, they seemed to be less noticeable. I also noted that there was no heavy, weighed down feeling and my hair was felt very light and manageable. I can’t stop running my fingers through my hair because it just feels so soft, clean and fresh. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use it.