Pantene Pro-V Miracle Oil Leave On Treatment

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Pantene Pro-V Miracle Oil Leave On Treatment is a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil infused with Pro-Vitamin B5, deeply penetrating to the core of your hair to hydrate and repair from within, leaving it smooth and manageable. The Miracle Oil can be used to control hair frizz, leaving you with a brilliant and healthy shine.

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Pantene Pro-V Miracle Oil Leave On Treatment


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Loved it!

I love the Pantene pro v range and this leave-in oil treatment is a winner for me. I have thick medium length hair and this helps control frizz and adds a lot of shine. The pump bottle makes it easy to use and eliminates mess and just a few pumps are all I need to smooth through my hair. I use this two or three times a week. I like it after shampooing before I blow dry on wet hair and I also use it sometimes overnight on dry hair when my hair needs extra hydration, especially on the ends. My hair is always really soft after I have used this and it’s a lot more manageable so I will always keep a bottle handy.”
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Game Changing Oil

Friends, this one is a game changer. I have naturally quite frizzy hair, leaving it to dry naturally has always been preferred but required even more styling afterwards. The oil, when used in conjunction with the moisture renewal shampoo and daily treatment conditioner has been a really beneficial regime for my hair. I’ve noticed visible signs of healthier hair, it’s shinier, smoother and significantly less breakage. I used the hair mainly on wet hair, scrunched it through and left it to dry naturally. As a follow up, I did at times smooth some over dry hair to ensure it’s maintained throughout the day.
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Okay for beginners

I will start off by saying I havent used Pantene products in a long time. This range pleasantly surprised me and I was lucky enough to trial it. I loved the range, however of the three this was probably my least favourite. It is hard to know how much to add without getting too oily the next day ( I would suggest you start very small) and whilst my hair was softer I would probably put that more down to the treatment conditioner. The oil is pleasantly scented and available at the supermarket. I would recommend it to someone who usually uses supermarket brand shampoo and wants to try an oil that comes in a range they are already familiar with.
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Lovely and lightweight

Love the bottle that this product comes in and there's so much product. You only need 2 tiny pumps of product and used on damp hair it goes a long way. My hands are left feeling a bit oily but my hair doesn't feel oily. It keeps my hair lovely and fresh for 2 days. Absolutely gorgeous product and would buy it again. I would recommend this lovely product to others that are looking to revive their hair. It is lovely, cheap and so much is in the bottle, it would last a long time. The packaging is stunning and would stand out on the shelf at the supermarket, making it easy to find.
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Surprisingly high quality product from pantene

This was a surprisingly good product from Pantene. This oil loves up to its promises of being nourishing, moisturizing, lightweight and a bonus: smells so luscious and luxe when you’re applying it. It comes in a very generous sized bottle which is excellent because you will need quite a bit of this product if you have thick long hair like I do (a little doesn’t go very far). The bottle itself is glass which I appreciate for environmental purposes! Comes with ways to use instructions and clear recycling instructions for each piece of packaging (win win win!)
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Great product but it's not for me

I had the pleasure of being selected to review this product! I've never used hair oil before and after a shower where I'd use this product I found that my hair felt greasy as if I didn't wash it. I quickly found out that a little bit goes a very long way! There is every chance that I may have used a little too much but unfortunately this product wasn't for me. Overall, this was a great product to use. The smell was pleasant and not overpowering. It would be a great product for someone who struggles with locking in moisture in their hair.

Controls frizz adds shine

I love the Pantene pro v range and this leave on oil treatment is a winner for me. I have thick medium length hair and this helps control frizz and adds a lot of shine. The pump bottle makes it easy to use and eliminates mess and just a few pumps is all I need to smooth through my hair. I use this two or three times a week. I like it after shampooing before I blow dry on wet hair and I also use it sometimes overnight on dry hair when my hair needs extra hydration, especially on the ends. My hair is always really soft after I have used this and it’s a lot more manageable so I will always keep a bottle handy
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Great oil!

I usually use oils and serums in between washes to add some moisture back into my hair, as I blowdry my curly hair straight and find that the ends start to get a bit drier the longer it has been since my last wash. This oil went on easily (some oils can be messy!) and gave my ends a bit of a moisture kick as well as reducing some of the frizz that can creep in. Like the other products in this range, it has a nice scent that is not overpowering. This is a great product for the price and is easily accessible.
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No oily hair here!

I was super excited to try this and I was not disappointed. It’s such a big win when I find a hair oil that leaves your hair feeling hydrated and not oily, and for a hair oil with a nice price tag, it was a very big win. The Pantene Pro-V Miracle Oil Leave On Treatment is also marketed to be used as both for damp or dry hair and they weren’t wrong. Often I find that when using a hair oil on dry hair, it’s result is more oily, but that’s not the case here. Even when applied to dry hair, it seems to absorb and provide moisture to the hair, giving it a healthy feel and shine. Using it on damp hair after a shower, is definitely when this product does work it’s best. I brushed it through after a shower and every time my hair lasted days of feeling soft and much easier to detangle. I’d definitely recommend the Pantene Pro-V Miracle Oil Leave On Treatment!
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I am so impressed with this product. To be honest I have never loved oils as a leave in treatment in my hair. I hated the texture, and always felt like it made my hair greasy really quickly. This one did absolutely none of that! My hair feels so soft and smooth, so shiny and looks incredibly healthy! The fragrance on this is also is so delightful, and a little goes a long way! I have quite wavy hair and am always worried that products will make my hair look dull and lifeless, however I noticed after a few weeks of using this that my waves are so defined and beautiful. I would definitely recommend this product as it is super affordable and you get a lot Of product for your money!
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Smells heavenly and keeps your hair hydrated!

AMAZING, i can't recommend this oil enough! I usually am pretty apprehensive about trying different hair oils because sometimes they just sit on your hair and do nothing (the really silicone feeling ones) or they feel just way too heavy for the hair and like it isn't absorbing into your strands. But not with this product! I started to notice a big difference once I started to use the pantene pro-V range, especially the combination of the 3 minute treatment with the combination of the miracle oil leave on treatment. I notice as soon as I get out of the shower that my hair already feels much more moisturised and hydrated than it used to. After towel drying my hair and it's not dripping anymore, thats when i tend to use the miracle oil. After this I let my hair air dry and feels super hydrated and silky. This is actually amazing because my hair is legit straw LOL after being bleached to death. I only wash my hair like every 4-5 days unless it's a hot day because my hair is bleached and mega dry. So it also dries out just as quick. Therefore, in the mornings I like to mist my hair with some water and pump out 2-3 pumps of the miracle oil and spread it across my hair with my hands followed by brushing it through- it really does make a difference and keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy!
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Makes my hair so soft

For reference, I have long, dry and thick hair. I loved trying out this hair oil. I am always looking for products to compliment my hair as the wrong products can make my dry hair worse. This oil is easy to use thanks to the pump being the dispenser of the product. I use this oil on my hair after blowdrhing my hair, starting at the mid length and working my way down to the ends, and then I'll very lightly work some through the top half of my hair. As my hair is thick, it drinks up this oil without becoming oily or greasy. Blowdrying can leave me with frizzy hair so I was happy to see that this oil definitely helped tamed the frizz. My hair is left feeling so soft and nourished when I use this oil as a finishing treatment to my post shower hair routine. I also use this oil as an everyday hair moisture surge, applying from the midlengths to the ends before brushing my hair to spread the oil evenly throughout. I wouldn't recommend this for people who's hair tends to get oily easily, however my hair does just fine soaking up the oil everyday without becoming greasy. I moved away from supermarket hair products a while ago. Trying this Pantene hair oil gave me a pleasant surprise as I did not expect a supermarket product to work this great. Can't wait to see what Pantene comes out with next.
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Use a tiny amount - great

I've been trying out the Pantene Pro-V moisture range for a couple weeks now and I have quite enjoyed the products in the line. Products worked well together and never made my hair feel oily, heavy or "fried". The smell is a subtle lovely scent (in my opinion) but was not strong enough to induce a headache - just imagine a fresh clean scent. Check the other products in the range for their individual reviews. The oil leave in treatment felt exceptionally high quality and was more than I was expecting from a lower budget item. However it really delivered. My hair felt soft, smelt great and felt healthier. The only downside is using too much product will make the hair appear more oily - it is an oil after all. Just use a pea size and you're good to go!
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Lovely product for dry, frizzy hair

I enjoyed almost everything about this product although the application could be improved - the instructions suggest to spritz hair but I found that the nozzle was more of a dribble. Instead I applied to my hands and then to my hair, used sparingly to avoid an oily look and feel. Once I was able to apply to my hair manually, I found that the treatment helped combat dryness and frizziness which is exactly what I am looking for. The fragrance is pleasant and the results are pleasing, overall I would recommend this to others.
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Amazing results for dry fizzy hair

Amazing product for fizzy hair. I’ve notice that after I wash my hair it gets quite fizzy and looks really dry. But then I started using the oil after washing my hair , paired up with the Pantene shampoo and moisture renewal treatment from this range helped to combat the fizzy texture of my hair. My hair is more tamed after using the oil, is less fizzy and looks shiny and glossy. Also is so soft to touch I would definitely recommend this product for dry fizzy hair that looks messy all the time. This will definitely get your hair sorted. $15 is not a bad price especially since you only need a little bit at a time. My hair is till my waist and is quite thick and I use 2-3 pumps of the oil through the strands and ends. And that’s more than enough. The bottle would probably last me 4-5 months at least. So looking at that $15 isn’t that much to spend after every 4-5 months
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Works Wonders

Love this leave in treatment! Can be applied to wet towel dried hair or dry hair. I personally prefer towel dried hair and I don't over load my hair with the oil. Leaves the hair beautiful and soft for days. My hair can be dry from midway to the ends, quite thick and can get frizzy. I have applied this oil to dry hair on the days my frizz needs a little love and it works wonders. The oil doesn't spray out of the bottle and you have to make sure you hand is right under the pump dispenser or the oil will drip down the bottle. I usually use one to three pumps of the oil to damp towel dried hair and comb through for an even application. Great for detangling those dry knots out of hair too.
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Super Shiny!

Lately my hair has been feeling dry, brittle and prone to split ends (doesn't help that I haven't been able to get a cut - thanks COVID!) so when I tried this I have been pleasantly surprised that my hair has come back to life. In only a few washes, I have definitely noticed that my hair is looking and feeling so much better. It's super shiny, feels healthier and it's alot bouncier. I was worried that it would feel heavy in my hair but it's actually weightless - doesn't feel heavy or oily at all which is great! While pantene sometimes gets a bad wrap, I think this is a great buy. It's definitely changed the look and feel of my hair and for such a budget friendly price point I think it's fantastic!
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Great Hair oil

I really enjoyed this Pantene oil leave-in treatment as the amount of luxury it gave really surprised me. The product is very heavy and made from a glass bottle which makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is! I am always concerned with my hair because it is very thin, brittle, can tend to be dry in winter and frizzy!! However, after applying this product just as I got out of the shower with damp hair and continued to use a hair drier to dry it, I could see that it considerably helped my hair be less frizzy than usual and left it feeling soft and so so smooth!
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Nice nourishing oil

This is a great product for a supermarket hair oil at a very affordable price point. The oil is the right combination of light and nourishing. It smells nice and leaves your hair smelling beautiful. It soaked into my hair well and did not leave it too greasy. It definitely helped to smooth my (usually) unruly hair and added a little bit of shine. I would still need to heat style my hair to get it totally smooth, but I noticed a difference in using this as compared to air drying with no product. Given it is so affordable, I think its a great buy.
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Worth the money

This was the first time I used Pantene's hair oil treatment. I have used so many other brands over the years. This Miracle oil is Miracle. It does not leave your hand overly oily when you finish applying to your hair. It leaves your hair nice and shiny and does not make your hair look like you have slathered baby oil all over it. It smells great and amazing and so easy to apply. My partner has complimented on my hair and smell multiple times after I have used this. It also makes my hair really smooth and hydrated after you apply to it. You can choose to put it on wet or dry hair and style it as you normally would. Would definitely repurchase