Pantene Pro-V Never Tell Dry Shampoo

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Pantene Pro-V Never Tell Dry Shampoo is a dry shampoo that absorbs dirt without white, powdery residue.

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Pantene Pro-V Never Tell Dry Shampoo


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Never Tell Dry Shampoo

This beautiful dry shampoo works as just as good as it looks. It comes a a white bottle with a gorgeous gold and hot pink design that is shorter and slightly wider then the canisters usual dry shampoos come in this just fits so perfectly into my hand. The bottle has a spray nozzle that sprays out in a perfect mist, I love that it sprays out gently so it doesn’t just spray out or have too much product in one spot it is really easy to control. The scent is a beautifully light citrus, melon and mint. I like to part my hair down the middle if my hair needs a good refresh then continue down each side of my head until I get through my whole head. It doesn’t feel sticky nor does it leave any residue behind on my hair what I love about this Pantene shampoo is that it is made with Pro-Vitamin B5 which leaves my hair looking and feeling so soft and healthy in between washes. I then just simply brush through and style my hair.

Absorbs oil with no residue

I love Pantene products and always use their shampoo and conditioners so thought I would try the dry shampoo. I was very impressed, it’s super easy to use, I just sprayed front to back and lightly massaged in with my fingers and it removes all traces of all without leaving a nasty powdery residue like a lot of dry shampoos do. I am not usually a fan of dry shampoos but this one is great and extends my blow dry so I don’t need to wash everyday, a bonus as my hair is quite thick. It’s great for when hair starts to look dull and oily and I can put it in a ponytail before washing the next day. Love this and highly recommended it

Great looking hair everyday

I don't wash my hair daily so I always use a dry shampoo to keep it smelling good and fresh. I've been using this for sometime and I'm quite impressed. I use a few sprays to cover my hair and then spread it lightly with my fingers. This removes the oiliness of my hair and keep it dry and freshly washed look. It gives my hair new life and it smells nice. I wish the scent lingered a tad bit longer but other than that great product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use a dry shampoo in between washes

Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo

I have never been much of a fan of dry shampoos that was until I tried this Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo. I first made a section down the centre of my hair and sprayed it from front to back then repeated throughout the rest of my hair. I was pleasantly surprise that my hair looked more clean and there was not sticky residue or white powder left. My hair felt soft and clean after applying this to my hair. The scent was nice clean and sweet and did not linger in my hair after use. I styled my hair up Into a ponytail after use but could easily have left it down as it felt nice and clean. I love how this is packaged in a shorter more wider bottle and has the prettiest print and design very eye catching and smart on the design as my eyes would draw straight to this and have not seen anything like it before. I would highly recommend this dry shampoo to dry shampoo lovers and those that have not tried them before.
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Now this one is amazing! I am a big fan of dry shampoo ever since I use one last year. This dry shampoo gives me bit of volume to my hair and smells amazing! Makes me look like i just got blow dried at the salon. I love this so much! Usually when i use dry shampoo there’s always flakey bits looks like dandruff. This may be powder but it’s so good! The powder works wonder I had greasy hair the other day but didn’t wanna wash my hair I tried it out. No grease till next day! I will definitely restock thia one! And would highly recommend this!
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Love love love!

Love the packaging! Very cute, very girly! Great for the bathroom shelf or for throwing into your hand bag :) I found the product very easy to use - a few shakes and then spritz away! There was a noticeable scent, but it was quite light and didn't linger particularly long. The dry shampoo itself doesn't leave any residue, which is great for those with dark hair *raises hand* - I'm personally guilty of never actually holding the bottle 30cms away from the hair so with certain brands this means there's a noticeable white residue that gets left on my hair - not with this one though, so I'm very impressed! Very happy with it - would recommend!
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Not the one

To preface this, I don't regularly use a dry shampoo, I'm more of a wash every day kinda gal, I have super oily roots and fine wavy hair. But because my roots are so oily, sometimes to make my hair go day to night I will add in some dry shampoo to keep the style looking fresh. But this is not the one. It is your standard dry shampoo application of a pressurized aerosol. The packaging is cute and I appreciate that it is shorter in height compared to other hair products, it may actually fit into my bathroom shelves. The product sprays on super wet? Like it took a good few minutes for my hair to dry before i was able to work it in and then brush it out. I wasn't really a fan of that, in my hair that could lead to frizz on styled hair. Also kind of defeats the point of a dry shampoo being quick and convenient. After it did dry and I brushed it was invisible in that there was no visible white powder in my hair, but it did leave an ashy tinge to my dark blonde hair, so I'm concerned how it would fair on darker hair. Also I found this dry shampoo to make my roots look less greasy but they felt disgusting, and it made it really hard to brush out and then I felt I needed to tie my hair up, again defeating the purpose I use a dry shampoo for. And it was hard to wash the product out, having to use a clarifying shampoo to double wash. The smell was amazing though, really sweet and it reminded me of an impulse spray from high school. Would I recommend to friends? No as I've tried better, but I will pass it onto on to a friend who has straight light blonde hair and only washes her hair twice a week, hopefully it will work for her?
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Love it

This dry shampoo was so amazing and I hardly had to use much at all and it was effective and gave my hair so much life. The subtle scent of mint was so light and refreshing and made my hair feel rejuvenated and clean. This was perfect because I colour my hair once a month and this is colour protected which is so hard to find in a dry shampoo. The size was great and consistency and texture was perfect and didn’t feel too heavy on my hair. Also, it provided a great level of volume to my lifeless hair today and was so convenient.
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Love the scent!

It's definitely a different form of dry shampoo than what I am used to but still easy to use! Absolutely loved the subtle fresh scent, not overbearing like many other dry shampoo's do which end up irritating my allergies. Does the job, and is effortless except it was a bit tricky to use the first time as there was a white residue/cast on my roots at the start. Though I do love how the foam just easily dissolves into your roots. After a while however, my hair began to feel gritty so I probably applied it wrong the first time but all the other times it was great! Also, love the formula, I feel like its much safer for my scalp for the long run as unlike other dry shampoo's I've used that aren't as safe for the scalp and give you a dry and itchy scalp as well. Overall, I would buy again, I just wish they made larger cans for girls who need it for their greasy roots/dry ends!
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No residue, does its job!

This product exceeded my expectations - purely because it does its job! It leaves no residue and keeps my hair fresh and bouncy. Having dark thin straight asian hair, this dry shampoo is perfect for days when you're too lazy to wash your hair but want that nice clean no oily hair day. I would recommend this dry shampoo as its affordable and efficient to use. Compared to other dry shampoo brands, this product is a life saver! The bottle is very easy to hold, small and the spray disperses a lot of product so you can easily massage it into the roots.
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Better than any other dry shampoo I've used

I absolutely loved this, this is now my go-to dry shampoo. I will be switching brands and using this. First of all - the smell. It is amazing and people complimented me on how nice my hair smelt. Secondly, it is so light, perfect for thin hair like mine as well as someone who uses dry shampoos most days (gym rat anyone). Thirdly, the bottle is nice and small and compact, much better than most dry shampoos that are in the tall bottles that take up way too much room in my bag. I am hooked! Overall, recommended for people that like nice smelling hair and who have thin hair that other dry shampoos can make clumpy, heavy or flakey.
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Not for fine hair

I have used it for a few weeks on second and third day after wash. The best part of the dry shampoo is no residual as advertised. However, is it actually no residual on hair or just invisible to eyes? My finger smells like this dry shampoo every time I touch my hair, fair to say the residual is still on my scalp like any other dry shampoo. It is convenient that I don't have to worry about brushing off the residual, particularly on my dark hair. But it doesn’t volumize my hair like some more traditional dry shampoo. At the end of the day my hair looks really flat and oily.
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Perfect Dry Shampoo, No White Residue

The Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo is the perfect dry shampoo. It absorbs the oils without leaving any white or powdery residue especially for my dark hair. It also has a nice scent, and comes in a nicely sized can that you can bring around with you - a little wide but ok as the aerosol can is easy to spray. The design of the can itself is pretty and looks amazing in anyone's bag. The dry shampoo easily gives my hair extra life, clean and amazing. Would highly recommend everyone give this a shot.
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Gorgeous packaging

I really enjoyed using the Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo. Firstly, it came in a beautiful pink packaging which is a big plus for me (and would be for any girl who loves a colour- matched vanity table). Secondly, it had a really lovely watermelon scent that I loved having in my hair. Thirdly, it did a great job in maintaining volume in my unwashed hair without leaving any residue. I would definitely consider repurchasing! One downside is probably the thickness of the bottle. For a product that you typically hold with one hand to spray, it could have benefited from a slimmer can.
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Lazy girls' saviour

This product seriously is my saviour, I have thick wavy hair which takes me ages to style, so I hate having to wash frequently, using this dry shampoo inbetween washes keeps it looking clean and fresh, smells great, and doesn't leave any powdery residue like other brands I've tried in the past have. This little gem is easy to carry and comes with me everywhere, it's a little pricier than the dry shampoos I've used in the past but am super impressed with the result. I have all my family and friends using it now and they love it too ...It doesn't disappoint.
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A great product - boyfriend approved!

I was super excited to try this dry shampoo. As I work from home, this is the perfect time to help train my hair to use less and less shampoo. Between washes, i used this dry shampoo for a quick refresh. My black hair which usually gets super oily looked good and lasted up to 4 days without a proper wash. The smell was pleasant and not overpowering. My boyfriend particularly thought it smelt good when he'd go in for forehead kisses. I sprayed it in sections all over my head, waited a few minutes to let it absorb the oils and then brushed it out. Had no issues with oiliness throughout my day. Will definitely repurchase!
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A great way to extend out a blow dry

There is nothing like a professional salon blow dry. So to extend it out and avoid washing my hair, I have been using this product daily. I'm now at day 5 and my hair still looks great, fresh and full of volume. What's great about this dry shampoo is that its not white or powdery, like other dry shampoos, it is just clear. To use, I simply shake the can and spray at the roots, particularly in the areas that normally starts to get oily, and massage it through with my fingers. I then brush it through and style away. It's great that it has no sulfates or parabens, and the smell is simply divine, its so fresh with a hint of mint. Plus the packaging is so striking that it looks great on my bathroom shelf.
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A reliable dry shampoo

I was so glad I could be a part of this great product trial and I did enjoy this dry shampoo. I am usually very cautious of trying new brand/types of dry shampoos because of the issue i get very often, white flakes or residue. I have dark brown hair /reddish coloured and it can be very noticeable. And boy was i relieved that this didn't fail at all. I also liked the smell of the product. I didn't find it overpowering or too strong/unpleasant like those toxic type/ gassy smells you can often get with aerosol type haircare and other products.
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No residue, lovely scent

The Pantene never tell dry shampoo does exactly as it claims. I apply it to my unwashed/oily hair and found that there was no white residue from use (I have dark brown hair for reference). The nozzle applies the product well and the product tends to sink in to the hair really quickly without a lot of massaging. I love that is is quick and easy to use and manages to keep my hair oil free for an extra day or two! The added bonus from this dry shampoo is that it also gave my hair some extra bounce/texture. Usually when I have oil hair it's rather flat and this solves that issue quite easily. Overall, an amazing dry shampoo that I will definitely continue to use!
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I have used quite a few dry shampoos before but always in desperate times rather than choice. The dry shampoos I used previously always left a film on my hair. I'm glad to say Pantene’s Dry Shampoo didn't. This product is super easy to use - especially for someone with dark roots and blonde ends. If I use dry shampoo normally I look like I have some greys - thankfully not with this product. I'm not a huge fan of the smell but it's definitely something I can live with if I don't have to wash my hair everyday! Also, the packaging is super cute and the can is perfect for carrying in your handbag.