Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy

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Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy is a lip balm that restores dry lips by keeping them smooth and moisturised. The formula contains mango and shea butters to help restore very dry lips while leaving a faint rosy shine on the lips.


Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy


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I received this lip balm as a gift, and was not surprised when I enjoyed it just as much as the rest of the products in Philosophy's range. It smells lovely and feels really nice on the lips, and I do notice an improvement in the hydration of my lips with use. I am not a fan of the packaging, I find it unhygienic and inconvenient at times, and due to this I think there are other (more affordable) products available that I would purchase over this. I do think this is a cute addition to a gift, but I would only repurchase if I could pick it up on sale..
Along with not drinking enough water (bad gal), the colder months have left my lips anything but kissable. No matter what I lather onto my lips, they end up dry, cracked and irritated by the end of the day. Whilst I had it in my head that I wanted a day product (note: you can absolutely use this during the day), I decided to give this a go to condition my lips overnight. It has now become a luxurious addition to my nightly skin care regime and I can't imagine skipping this step moving forward. My lips are soft in the morning - no cracks or dryness. It doesn't come off during sleep, or stick to my hair and create oily knotty patches in the morning. An absolutely gorgeous product which very much lives up to its name.
This lip treatment has hydrated my lips in a way I didn’t think was possible.  The balm absorbs into your lips without any greasy residue and keeps them hydrated for hours. The tiniest bit of product goes a very long way which makes the cost much more reasonable. Within a few days of use my lips feel plumper and so much softer.  Ive been using this for months now and I haven’t had any flaking or cracking, something I’ve not experienced before. I’m on my third jar of this balm now, I can’t get enough!
This is a wonderful overnight lip treatment. It feels great on my lips and really goes deep to moisturise and keep my lips extra soft. I use it every night before bed and wake up with buttery soft lips which don't flake as much now. Even my husband likes to use it as well. The only downside is the packaging. I have acrylic nails and it becomes hard to get into the pot without getting the product all under my nails. A tube or shallow pot would be preferred.
I love using this lip balm as an overnight treatment - it feels lovely on my lips, isn't sticky, doesn't come off despite me moving around all over the place when I sleep, and doesn't get all over my hair or sheets (which gives it serious points!). When I wake up in the morning, my lips are actually nice and smooth, and they've stopped peeling during the colder months. I always apply lipstick before I leave the house, and it glides on perfectly if I've used this lip balm overnight. Love love love!!
Love everything about this lip balm as it saved my lips from cracking and peeling during winter. It feels good on my lips without feeling too greasy or oily. I apply it on at night and wake up with a nice smooth lips in the morning. The only con is that the product is packaged in a pot which is not as user friendly.
Just over winter I have developed extremely dry lips which feel just awful.  I purchased the Philosophy Lip Balm as I have used this brand's night cream which I really like.  The lip balm is fantastic.  After a couple of nights my lips stopped feeling so dry and uncomfortable so I will continue to use.  I would recommend for dry and chapped lips.