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Plunkett's Vita E Pure Vitamin E Oil

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Plunkett's Vita E Pure Vitamin E Oil is a high-potency vitamin E oil. The super concentrated vitamin E formula is enriched with rosehip oil to nourish the skin and protect against moisture loss. It can be used to treat extremely dry skin as well as to reduce scarring, soften stretch marks and assist in repairing cuts and wounds. It is also suitable for use on nails, cuticles, fine lines and wrinkles. This product contains no parabens or fragrance.


Plunkett's Vita E Pure Vitamin E Oil


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Nourishing oil

Plunkett’s Vita E Oil, which is also enriched with rosehip oil, is quite thick, and more like a thin balm. Only a very small amount is needed because it spreads quite well and evenly. At first the oil feels sticky until it settles into the skin. I tried the oil on a small, purple scar I’ve had for about eight weeks and over a period of two days the scar has practically vanished. I have some other scars to be worked on so I’m looking forward to seeing how the vita e oil helps them. This is a multi-purpose product which can be used for damaged skin, problem skin and facial skincare, and I’ve also used it as a lip oil. I find the vita e oil to be very nourishing and softening. Plunkett’s Vita E Oil comes in a 25ml tube. The fine nozzle ensures only a very small amount of the oil is dispensed.
John Plunkett's Vitamin E is wonderful! Packaged in a tube, I find it  easy to squeeze out.  I combine it with vitamin C and ferulic acid, rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil- a magical mix! I love that it absorbs very easily and a tiny amount suffices. Compared to other vitamin E oils, this really shines! I will be purchasing again.
I used this product as I had a chemical burn on my face and did not want to leave a permanent scar. I used morning and night and found that the oil absorbed quite quickly and was suitable to wear under make up.  After a few months of application the mark went away and no scarring was left. This was product was recommended to me by the pharmacist at my local chemist. I love how there is no scent and the product has no parabens and chemicals. So grateful I was recommended this!
Love this intensive oil for boosting my facial moisturiser in winter (add a drop to some moisturiser in your hand and mix).   Also as a weekly undereye treatment for smoothing wrinkles.  Also works a treat as a cuticle treatment for your toes - smoothes roughness and dryness.  Vitamin E is my skin's saviour!
All natural based thick clear oil. It is just rosehip oil infused VitaminE. The tube itself is handy and small with nozzle tip opening. Only had to keep the tube uprightish, as if it was lying flat or downwards in the bag or random place it was leaking.  Lasts for ages! because it is so thick, I was using at night time. Makes skin looking super shiny and forms sticky layer. My fave way of using it ended up being as a lip balm/gloss...this saved my lips during dry cool winter. Not one day the lips got flaky, dry chapped. Kept smooth and soft now all 6,7 months I have been using this oil. Every night I apply it and sometimes during the day.  It did not work as fast on my acne healing or skin inflammation (redness, blotchiness) as some other concoction I have. So for this I prefer other product. Also did not do much for my fine lines, but so far no product did.
This comes in a squeeze tube with a pointy tip for easy dispensing.  The oil is quite rich and I smooth it on my cuticles and rough elbow skin at night before bed. I wake up with softer smoother cuticles and skin. It feels nourished and hydrated.  It's also nice to mix a few drops of this oil with my body lotion for extra hydration.  
This Vitamin E oil is a good oil to replenish dry and tired skin. I use it in my cuticles at night and in the morning, my nails look healthier and my cuticles are not dry or cut anymore. This is a rich oil which is slightly thick but still be careful when using it because it is an oil. I use this on my hands a simple an overnight hand mask to nourish the skin. I also have been using this oil on my rough elbows and it helps to make skin soft and look better.  Pros: helps take care of rough and dry skin little bit goes a long way, so lasts a long time  works from first use natural ingredients Cons: doesn't have a fragrance, so if you are looking for a scented oil, this isn't it