ProX by Olay Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

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ProX by Olay Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a cream that hydrates to instantly smooth uneven texture. Significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. PalPeptide-Gly-N Complex with artichoke extract helps to improve surface skin cell turnover and repair the skin moisture barrier.

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ProX by Olay Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoothing Cream


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Perfect and very good .

The perfect cream ever. It made my face smooth , it is so good that my friends noticed some changes on my face. No wrinkles yet but It is hydrating and also it is soothing. I love the fact that it has no smell or things needed that will cause the face to be scarred. It is non smelly Non irritating, deeply hydrating, rich consistency without being too thick. absorbs quickly, without leaving any claggy film/ residue. Is a great base under makeup (liquid foundation). Left skin's texture smoothed and was a visible reduction in the fine "laughing" lines around eyes and forehead. I recommend this to anyone that want to try. Trust me you won't regret
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Light and nourishing

I have extremely sensitive skin and was very anxious about trying a new product as I didn’t want to come out in a rash or have the product sting my face but I found it to be super light and delicate. My skin actually looked brighter and clearer within a few days of using it. I use this cream each night and find it extremely easy to apply and it doesn’t make my face feel wet and yucky before bed. I wake up feel refreshed instead of having a dry and sensitive face. After feeling reluctant to trial any new products on my face I can now feel confident to recommend this smoothing cream.
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Loving it!

Ive been using this product for the past few weeks and you can definitely see the difference. My skin looks brighter, feel softer and smoother, fine lines are minimised. I have oily combination skin and thankfully this cream hasn't created any issues. The consistency of the cream is quite thin, which in a way I didn't mind as it didn't feel like i was layering something on my skin. It absorbed in very easily and well and no residue! This product is a little on the pricey side in comparison to others but in the long term, definitely money well spent!
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Olay ProX Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

I love how this cream is fragrance free! I have been experiencing a few breakouts but thankfully this didn't worsen my breakouts. Have been using this for a week now, in the morning and at night. I've noticed it moisturised my skin very well, especially if I use it at night, my skin is smooth to touch the next morning. However, I wouldn't personally use this in my morning routine as I need something light and airy. The anti-wrinkle effect might takes abit of time to see the result. Overall, I would fit this into my night cream routine!

Good result

I feel that this cream hydrates my skin well. The texture is quite light, more like a lotion rather than a cream, so it’s easy to apply on after washing my face at night. It feels light and refreshing on my face. I noticed my skin feels smoother after using it for a week. Not sure about the anti-aging claim so far but I will keep using it for a a longer period of time to see if it works on that aspect. The packaging and jar looks and feels like a more premium range of product. The smell of the cream is pleasant too, very light and refreshing. There no strong smell of it which is what I like.
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Very moisturizing and light on your face

I use this every night before going to bed as part of my night skin care routine. This is very gentle on my skin, do not have strong smell. This is light on my skin and leaves my skin soft until the next morning! My skin don't feel oily after using this product. I used it few times during the day as well when I feel that my face need a bit of moisturizer. It works okay with my fine lines under my eyes and I hope to see better result as I continue to use it! I would recommend this product to try specially to those who are worried about their fine lines.
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Intense hydration

I started using this cream and found it made my skin very oily and caused break outs around my nose after just one application. Very red and under the skin kind of tiny pimples. They were super sore. Almost like it was too oily for my skin. I have normal skin and I’ve never had this issue before. I stopped applying to my nasal area and it was fine on the rest of my skin/face. Very hydrating although I did find it oily. Goes onto the skin nicely and definitely gives a boost of hydration. I wouldn’t pay almost $50 for a jar though!
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Great drug store cream!

As a girl that has pretty oily skin, I generally go for more gel like moisturisers and was a bit sceptical about using a cream but this one was great! I found that my skin felt hydrated but it didn't feel heavy and my face didn't look like it came out of a grease trap at the end of the day! I didn't notice any major changes in my skin texture or anything like that but I will definitely continue to reach for the product. This product does also still sit well under make-up and can double as a primer!
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Nice face cream, have noticed small improvements

Using this cream for about 2 weeks now and have noticed small improvements around the outer corners of my eyes. The minor lines appear smoother and my skin appears a little more plump. I'm excited to continue use and see more improvements. There is no strong smell and it appears to absorb quickly which is great when using additional products. A little goes a long way and it's quite nice to apply. I have been using both day and night after a hydrating serum and under facial sunscreen and it sits well.
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Smooth and hydrating whilst combating fine lines

I found the Olay ProX cream to be extremely smooth and hydrating for my skin. It goes on lightly and blends into skin with a great consistency for day or night use. I noticed that after 10 days of use, my skin was more radiant and my frown line had reduced. The skin around my mouth (smile lines) are more plumped. As a person with acne prone skin, I had no breakouts due to this cream. It brightened my appearance and did not leave my skin oily. I would definitely purchase this product and recommend to family and friends.
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Great for visibly reducing fine lines

Love this cream! After just two days, my skin definitely felt deeply hydrated and I could start to see a definite smoothing effect. The cream has a rich consistency without being too thick. It absorbs quickly and fully, without leaving any claggy film/ residue. It made a great base under makeup (liquid foundation) and kept my skin moisturised all day. I have relatively sensitive skin but this product was totally non-irritating, and didn't leave my skin red, burning or itchy, which some creams have done in the past. It has a nice light scent and as it comes in a tub, the amount you want to use isn't dictated by a pump action tube. I definitely feel like my skin's texture has smoothed and improved, as well as a visible reduction in the fine "laughing" lines around my eyes and forehead. Would definitely recommend this for anyone with fine-line worries.
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A classy moisturiser that does the job

Nice moisturiser. Use it mornings on it's own, and nightly with the serum and lotion. I'm super happy with the moisturiser. It's light but really seems to hydrate my skin. My skin definitely looks better over the last month. For an idea on how long it lasts I have used half a tub of moisturiser in one month. Although I may be a little heavy handed. No real negatives from me. I'll buy it again.
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Smoother skin

I used the cream morning and night in combination with the serum and lotion as recommended. The cream is a pleasant texture and absorbed well, even when layered. During the day, I added an extra layer to include an SPF product in my routine, but utilised this smoothing cream as my night cream each night. I live in a warm climate and even in combination, these products didn’t feel thick or too heavy. My skin did seem smoother after a few weeks and my foundation sat well over the trio, presenting an even appearance. I like the feel and effect of this product and will continue to use it in the future.
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Light and creamy

This cream was light, yet creamy, had no scent and left my skin feeling soft. I didn’t notice any reduction in lines, but I liked the product. It has a very long list of ingredients, which is a little off-putting, but if you don’t mind that. I used the product morning and night, and was noticed a difference after a week.
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One of the best creams ever tried

What can I say. I absolutely love this cream. Along with the other two products in this range this is the icing on the cake!!!! It is so lightweight and creamy and leaves your skin feeling so amazing. My skin felt plump and my fine lines were smoother and less noticeable. I loved the texture of the cream and the fact that a little goes a long way. I also like that you can use it morning and night, which cuts out a lot of products and waste of $$$ The fragrance was pleasant and not overly strong which I liked and melted into my skin making it feel like silk. Daytime usage left my face feeling really nice and not greasy as so many creams do & in the night it gave me plenty of moisture to work overnight. The results I have seen are wonderful and I loved that something actually delivered what was promised. The only downside is that it doesn’t have an SPF but I can get past that as it has eliminated so many other products. I will DEFINITELY be buying this again and I recommend this product to my friends and family. Great job Olay!!!
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Silky smooth

This cream is lovely. The first thing that attracted me to this cream is the fact it doesn’t have a fragrance like most skincare products. I have sensitive skin so fragrance makes my skin break out in rashes. It was a lovely surprise to notice there was no fragrance. The cream comes in a typical night-cream jar with a screw lid. I apply this cream each night after I cleanse and apply the lotion and serum in this range. I apply the cream with my fingers and it glides on so smoothly. This is a thick product so I tend to only use this in my night time skincare routine. The cream leaves my skin feeling silky and after a few weeks I did notice a positive change in the texture of my skin and it did look and feel more plump and hydrated. I’ll definitely keep using this product
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Light and easily absorbed

A very light moisturiser which absorbs easily, probably better for younger skin than mine as my skin did not feel hydrated all day. Sits well under make up though but would prefer some SPF.
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Softened the deep lines

This cream is rich and super moisturising which is great. I can say it has softened the deep lines in between my brows. My skin texture and skin tone is improving. I love to touch my skin because it's smooth and soft. This cream is very light the smell, not too greasy and i like the texture a well. I highly recommend this product. Amazing
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I did like this product, it felt really nice on and had a plump feel when using all 3 of the products. This product got delivered at the right time for me because I wasnt using a skin care regime other then slapping on some moisturiser and wanted to know if I paid more would I get more. Along came this review test. I was hit and miss with it, if I did keep up the regime it worked beautifully but real life enter and I missed a few and lost the feeling. Not being up to date on what to do the box instructions were a little bare. I have been appreciative of being able to test this but honestly with the price I won't buy outright esp all 3 unless I see them for a discounted price. Thank you
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Nice hydration with a pleasant smell

I like this moisturiser but there are a couple of things that could of been added to make it great, I like to put my cream on before my makeup but this has no spf so I had to put another layer on and felt kind of heavy, as a night cream it works well especially with the other two products, I enjoy this range I really liked the lotion but I think the price is a little heavy, I found my skin more hydrated which is nice and definitely a plus