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QV Skincare Intensive with Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash

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QV Intensive with Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash is an intensive moisturising body wash that helps prevent dryness and helps skin maintain optimal hydration levels. Ceramides are naturally-occurring lipids that make up 40 to 50 per cent of the skin’s outer lipid layer and are essential in retaining moisture and preserving the skin’s barrier.  Intensive with Ceramides Light Moisturising Cream contains ceramides 1 and 3 to help reinforce skin’s natural barrier plus niacinamide and lactic acid to help promote ceramide synthesis and offers 24 hour moisturisation from the first application. QV Intensive with Ceramides offers a full circle approach in the prevention and management of eczema symptoms helping to reinforce the skin barrier, minimising skin irritation and keeping vital moisture in.  Dermatologically, paediatrician and opthalmologically tested. Soap, fragrance, colour and preservative free. Allergen free.


QV Skincare Intensive with Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash


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QV Body Wash

My children suffer from dry sensitive skin which gets really itchy with a lot of body washes I have purchased in the past. QV Skincare Intensive with Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash is great for their skin. It doesn't irritate their skin. It does however soothe their sensitive skin leaving it calm and hydrated. I like that it comes in a handy pump bottle so they can have one on the ledge in their shower and easily pump it onto their loofahs or hands. I would highly recommend this for sensitive skin that's prone to irritation.

Moisturising body wash for all family members.

This was a saviour for my baby who has dry and dermatitis prone skin. I found it really difficult to find a body wash that is not drying my infant's skin. Thankfully, this product was so moisturising and I am truly happy to have found it. It is gentle and hydrating, my child's skin doesn´t flare up and is left smooth. Our whole family has been using it daily for months now and none of us has any complaints. There is no scent, so it perfect for all ages and sexes. The pump bottle also makes it easy to use in the shower as it does not slip out of hands.

Gentle & calming!

I have sensitive skin & eczema since childhood. This body wash from QV is amazing! it is non fragrant, gentle to the skin and calming. it doesn't lather up like your typical body washy, so I recommend using it with a exfoliating glove or a generous amount. Whilst it doesn't stop your skin from itching completely, I have found it to ease the intensity of itching and redness all over my body. Especially paired with the QV moisturizer. I would highly recommend for sensitive skin & eczema sufferers out there to give it a try.