Raww Nourish-ME Hand & Nail Cream

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Raww Nourish-ME Hand & Nail Cream is a nourishing hand and nail cream formulated with a blend of superfoods, including coconut oil, moringa, shea butter and Kakadu plum, which work to hydrate, firm and protect hands and nails, leaving them soft and smooth.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, cruelty free, Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.


Raww Nourish-ME Hand & Nail Cream


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There is a lot to love about this hand and nail cream.  After recently purchasing it I was excited to start using it as it had a very attractive scent after I had tried it on the tester.  Now I use it every night atleast and also sometimes during the daytime too.  It sinks into my skin really well - in around 5 - 10 seconds it sinks right in and never, ever is greasy.  Did I mention that it had a gorgeous scent?!  To me it smells like a fresh vanilla cake mixture - yes exactly like that!  Quite a delicious scent and also unique too.  It has an extreme hydrating effect on my hands, making them feel wrapped in moisture.   I am completely taken by the packaging design too - it's simple and classy with it's pale pinky-cream toned tube and wood print lid.  I love having it on my bedside table because it looks cool and contemporary.   It's ingredients list is impressive as I love botanical ingredients and this cream has Goji Berry, Kakadu Plum, Coconut Water and Wildberry Harvest as stated on the front of the tube.  I can really feel the moisturizing qualities of this hand and nail cream as I rub it in - I love that it keeps nails and cuticles healthy and strong as well as the skin. It's made in Australia and is not tested on animals.  Using this hand cream has made me really excited about this brand and I am looking forward to trying more products from Raww.
I love the smell of this hand cream and it's easy to get out of the tube. The cream is easy to apply and absorbs well leaving no greasy feeling. I apply at night before bed to get the most out of it and my hands feel nice and soft in the morning. The tube and the lid are recyclable, plus it's made in Australia and not tested on animals.
Hello beautiful hands! I just love this tube of goodness the results are exactly what I want and need. Silky soft hands Well nourished cuticles Delicious scent Fabulous price - buy 2 or more for gifts So portable - perfect for the bottom of your bag or office drawer No cruelty! No Nasties! A wonderful hand cream that delivers, it's simple!
I do adore this brand - they include great ingredients that actually help to repair skin and nourish it, with no nasty ingredients. However I am still looking for my "holy grail" hand and nail cream, unfortunately this isn't it. It definitely does richly moisturiser my skin, and feels lovely and creamy, but the hydration did not seem to last any longer than some of my normal, heavier style moisturisers. I noticed no difference to cuticles or dry patches long term.
I love raw products and this is an amazing hand and nail cream. It smells amazing for a start, the packaging is nice and it fits easily in my handbag for reapplying during the day. I love that this cream is super hydrating and nourishing yet the consistency is quite light so I don't get an uncomfortable heavy greasy feel. This is great for protecting hands and nails and leaves nails stronger as it is so hydrating to prevent splitting, chipping and breaking. It absorbs readily with no oiliness and leaves hands super soft. It's priced really well so is great value for money and is a really high quality product. I love that this cream is full of superfoods so I know it's doing my hands and nails good. I adore this and would absolutely recommend it.
After trying this hand and nail cream I was surprised how much it really hydrated and nuroushed my hands!  The product isn’t too thick and heavy and is easy to apply.  Using this product over the week while at work (wearing gloves all day ) it left my hands feeling soft and smooth and reduced the peeling on my hands that I had been experiencing  The smell is a nice soft fragrance and doesn’t leave your hands over fragranced.  I would recommend trying this product.  Pros: nice subtle smell , isn’t too thick and heavy, works almost instantly and over a period of a week helped to repair the damage to my hands.  A must have in everyone’s bag !!