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The Copper Brilliance Hairdryer brings you a Fast Salon Performance, in a stylish and on-trend copper colour. The Copper Brilliance Hairdryer has a 2200W AC Motor that gives you a Fast Salon Performance, helping to create everything from bouncy blow-dries to smooth, sleek styles. Its Advanced Ceramic Grille infused with Copper is a stylish addition to your hairdryer, and ensures even heat distribution. With 90% More Ions* for a Frizz-Free Shine, you can enjoy smooth and shiny results every time.

  • Ceramic grille infused with copper
  • Powerful 2200w / 120 km/h
  • Salon quality AC motor
  • Ionic Conditioning – 90% more ions*
  • 3 heat / 2 speed settings
  • True cool shot
  • Removable easy clean rear grille
  • Hang-up loop for convenient storage
  • 3M salon length
  • Accessories: Fast dry concentrator and Diffuser
  • 3 year warranty

*vs a standard Remington Hairdryer

*Average star rating within the product image is based on a Review Crew panel of 49 and is correct as of 25/10/2021.


Remington Copper Brilliance Hair Dryer – AC5700AU


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Everyday hairdryer!

I have medium to long hair and it can take a while to dry my hair most of the time, so I am always looking for a hairdryer that dries my hair quickly. This hairdryer meets my criteria, it dries my hair quickly without overheating or dry out my hair. My hair still feels smooth and has a nice shine after blow-drying. It also comes with a diffuser which is great for wavy hair. It makes the whole hair styling process much effortless. One thing that I dislike about this hairdryer is the weight. It feels a bit heavier than the hairdryers I used before. If you only need to dry your hair without actually styling it, you should be fine since it dried my hair pretty quickly, so you wouldn't have to hold it for too long. However, if you use it to actually style your hair, it may get heavy. Otherwise, I would recommend everyone to use this hairdryer.
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This dryer's a winner!

I feel strange 'raving' about a hairdryer - but this one's a winner! I am SO used to spending ages trying to dry my thick hair (or just not bothering and going to bed with wet hair... I know...), and then being disappointed with the floofiness that comes from the below average hairdryer. Not this one. Using this dryer was quick, easy to use, had lots of temperature and power settings, different nozzle attachments, and didn't feel like I was blasting all the moisture out of my hair when I used it. It was also really easy to manoeuvre around my head, which is great (love a nice long cord...). I had never really been someone who went to crazy lengths to style their hair with a dryer, but with this one, some of those more ambitious fringes and home-blow outs are looking a lot more do-able. I think If you're looking to invest in a really good quality hairdryer that will do the trick - and do it well - then this is the one.
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They have exceeded my expectations exponentially

I have been so excited to try out the new Remington Copper Brilliance tools! These tools do not disappoint. When I first held the items in my hand, they did feel quite plasticity, and cheap. However, the results that are delivered are unbelievable. Honestly, I rate these products higher than GHD and Cloud9. I never thought I would need to stray from these well known expensive brands, but I definitely will be reconsidering my next purchase and ensuring my list includes the Remington brand. 3 year warranty is great. I am literally blown away at the beautiful smooth results that I have got since using these products. I hardly ever received comments on my hair but since using these, man, honestly, everyone has commented at least once to say how great my hair looks from all angles. I really like the temp gauges and how quickly I am able to style my hair when I need to. I recommend these hair tools to everyone and anyone who is looking for a new product. They have exceeded my expectations exponentially!! I’m really glad I got to be apart of this trial as I have been introduced to a fantastic, affordable brand that I would not have thought twice about in the past. I am thoroughly impressed!
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Works really well!

I really liked this hair dryer! I have thick and long hair, and I’ll admit that half the time I let my hair dry because I just “can’t be bothered” to stand there drying it. But this actually dried my whole hair pretty fast. In about 20 minutes my hair was completely dried. It was easy to use and the price point is great compared to other hair dryers I have purchased or used. Very happy with this and I will continue to use. I recommend this for anyone looking to by a hair dryer that does the job and isn’t too costly.
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Great value for money

I must admit I was a sceptic on this brand of hairdryer as I have been using my Dyson for a while now but this product really exceeded my expectations! It is light weight and easy to use and provided me a great result! I use a small round brush for daily fringe styling and this works a treat! I’ve also used it multiple times for a rough dry after washing my hair and it is so quick and still soft on my hair. My hair hasn’t felt damaged or dry from using it on a regular basis which is such a huge concern for me with my thin, dry hair! The fact it is so affordably priced is just the icing on the cake! Would recommend :)
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Feels like it ‘looks after’ my hair

The Remington Copper Brilliance range is a sleek and stylish set of tools which has helped Me to tame my lockdown hair - which had been especially tricky since my last hairdressers appointment is long gone! I have balayaged blonde hair with warm brown tone at the roots and a warm creamy blonde mid-lengths to ends. When using other hairdryers I often find that my shorter hair that has broken off is very visibly after blowdrying and instead of that sleek blow dried look, my hair is instead quite frizzy and shorter strands stand higher than the rest of my hair. The Remington Copper Brilliance Hairdryer reduced frizz and gave me a much sleeker finish than other hairdryers when trying at home. My hair did not feel static and charged after drying but instead silky and soft! It felt like it really looked after my hair whether doing a rough dry after the gym or a full on style (on the odd ocassion) to feel human again during lockdown!
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New Favourite Hairdryer!

The Remington Copper Brilliance Hairdryer is my new favourite hairdryer, I was using a similarly priced hairdryer from a different brand and this Remington hairdryer blows it out of the water! It’s light, small and compact but the power is amazing! With my old hairdryer it took about 30-45mins to completely dry my hair but with this hairdryer it takes only 10mins, which is a game changer for me. I love that the filter at the back is removable as I think that feature will really help to extend the life of the hairdryer. I’ll definitely be using this as my new hairdryer from now on.
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Will blow you away!

Wow, I was really surprised with this hairdryer! Firstly it looks super sleek especially with the copper colour running through. I love to give myself a good blow-dry and found with the 2200W AC motor that it dried my hair insanely fast. It has multiple power settings that I can customise pending how I was styling my hair. I found after doing my classic bouncy blow-dry I had less flyaways and gave it a nice shine. With even heat distribution and this price point you aren't comprising your hair one bit! Highly recommend.
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Powerful, sleek dryer!

I was lucky enough to trial the Remington Copper Brilliance Hairdryer. It claims to bring fast salon performance, that helps to create everything from bouncy blow-dries to smooth, sleek styles. With 90% more ions* for frizz-free shine, you can enjoy smooth, beautiful shiny results every time. Now that all sounds pretty fantastic however it gets better! With a 2200W AC Motor, that can dry even the thickest, long hair within minutes. It’s one powerful hairdryer that doesn’t overheat or have a nasty smell of frying your hair. There’s also an additional button for cool air dry too, removable filter at the back, extra long cord and super light weight to hold. Nothing worse than being half way through drying your hair and your arms tired from how heavy it is, however this one is the opposite. The difference in my hair after using this was huge, my hair wasn’t as frizzy and shortens time to dry. The extra attachments are super handy, if you wanted to achieve super sleek hair or define curls / add extra volume. This dryer really does it all, I’m super impressed and truly believe it will be a fantastic Christmas gift. It’s truly salon quality at a affordable price, looks sleek with its modern black and copper. Highly recommend with how powerful and beautiful the results are. * Vs a standard Remington Hairdryer
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Affordable dryer that does the job

This is an easy to use dryer that looks stylish and does the job well. I have short, asian hair and it dries my hair quickly. You can control the heat and speed, and it also has a cool air function for set your hair. I love that it also comes with two attachments - a diffuser for volume and curls and a concentrated nozzle to style with a brush. It’s not to0 big and fits perfectly in my vanity drawer. Its not too loud, but as others have commented, it is a little bit heavier than I would prefer, however at the price point, it is only really a minor complaint. Aesthetically pleasing black and bronze colour, it’s part of an affordable set of 3 in the new Remington range that includes a curler and straightener.
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Great affordable hairdryer!

I was gifted the Remington Copper Brilliance hairdryer as apart of a beauty crew trial and I was super excited! I don’t normally use hair dryer’s as I prefer to let my hair air dry.. this was before I met this beauty! Firstly it retails for only $60 which is a bargain and it has so many great features! It has copper infused into the grille, super powerful (120km/h), 3 heat and 2 speed settings! It looks super luxe, it’s super elegant and it doesn’t break your arm when using it. It’s extremely lightweight! The cord is the perfect length, I love the cool mode and it’s quite quiet as well! Every time I used it my hair looked so much healthier, shinier and just plain fresher afterwards! My hair is quite thick and curly so I thought it would take a while for it to completely dry but alas it only takes about 20-25 minutes!
Incentivized Review

Easy to use

The hair dryer is very easy to use, it has 3 heat setting, 1 cool setting and 3 fan settings. The buttons are easy to switch in between especially when you need a cool blast after the hair is dried. I have tried using the attachment, the concentrator helps provide volume and lift to my roots as well as keeps my hair smooth when used with a round brush. I also tried the diffuser it help to enhance my natural waves with a bit more oomph to my hairstyle. I have long, medium hair thickness, the hair dryer works effectively to dry my air in around 20 mins. Overall it is a lovely hair dryer that is user friendly and dries my hair effectively. I would recommend this hair dryer to others.
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Lightweight, easy to use, powerful hair dryer

Fantastic hair dryer. This hair dryer is really nice and lightweight which makes it easy to use. While lightweight, it is still a powerful hair dryer. The different heat and strength settings make it super versatile. The changeable attachments allow for greater versatility and a wider range of styling to be done with this tool. The design is sleek and chic, not overly complicated and intuitive to use. I enjoy using this hair dryer and would highly recommend this product to someone looking for a well-designed, easy-to-use, versatile hair styling tool.
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Looking for Hairdryer on a budget? Pick this one!

This hairdryer truly impressed me! As someone with thick hair that usually takes me a minimum of 15 minutes to completely dry, this hairdryer got the job done in almost half the time! I also found that my hair wasn’t completely dry or frizzy which is a usual side effect of using hairdryers - granted I did use a heat protector Pros: dries hair quickly, didn’t cause as much frizz as normal hairdryers, the hot and cool settings work really well, the length of the wire also helps so I can be a fair distance away from the plug point. Cons: some steam/vapour seems to build up in the plastic section at the back and I wish the exhaust section was a bit more covered
Incentivized Review

Great hairdryers

The Remington Copper Brilliance Hairdryer is very beautiful and functional. It’s very sleek and feels very well made. The cool and hot modes work excellently to provide the perfect amount of heat and air to quickly dry the hair without loosing moisture. The unit is a little heavier than I would like but for the price point this is an exceptional dryer that I am very happy with. The dryer comes with two attachments that distribute heat suitable for a blow wave or to dry and seperate curls. It is not overly noisy and switches quickly through the modes. After blow drying my hair is smooth and voluminous without being frizzy or dry.
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A good option!

For such an inexpensive hair dryer, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting much. But this hair dryer looks quite sleek and expensive, I was really impressed upon seeing it. It has a good amount of speed and heat settings, so it will suit your preference. It does get quite hot, but the cool is quite cool which is also nice. I have quite a lot of hair, so I was surprised when it dried my hair in about 15 minutes. The concentrator attachment is nice for getting the hair nice and sleep. It’s relatively light and quiet. A winner!
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Amazing product! Thanks to Remington and Beauty for the awesome trial! I loved this hair dryer, it is very powerful, has a really good temperature control and is not too heavy. Really good for blow drying and for regular hair drying. My hair loves it too! Looks stylish and dries wet hair at a good pace without turning them into crisps! I love the diffuser attachment, so good for curly hair! This has become my favourite hair dryer! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to invest in a quality hair dryer.
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A professional device

My current hairdryer is OLD. I mean passed down from my mother and use by her mother. So when I received this hairdryer I was so happy with how it outperformed my expectations. It's easy to use, dries my hair a lot quicker than I am use too and I really enjoyed the heat settings. I was really confused by the diffuser as someone who has never even seen something like this before but after a few tries I think I managed to get it right. I am by no means a professional but these feel like easy to use pro devices. I do recommend and the price tag isn't a massive hit either!
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Affordable but Just As Good

I've used quite a few hairdryers over the years from more budget options to expensive ones. The Remington Copper Hairdryer is affordable but honestly, it works just as good as the hair dryers that are in the $150 range. I have very long and thick hair so drying my hair tends to take very long and is very damaging on my hair. This hair dryer dried my hair relatively quickly and I only use the medium setting to prevent damage to my hair. It's surprisingly very powerful and the hair dryer is quite lightweight and comfortable to hold. After using it for the last few weeks, my hair is less frizzy and shinier. I love that it is so powerful yet affordable. Definitely one of the best hair dryers I've used at this price point and great for those who like something that is lightweight and easy to hold.
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Easy for every day

I’ve had Remington hairdryers in the past so I was really excited to try this new edition and see how it compares to my previous hairdryers. The design is really sleek and stylish, with some copper accents standing out on the black barrel and the attachments are easy to add and remove as you wish. For my long hair, it’s really easy to use and the settings are simple to adjust with the cool blast button always a welcome feature. Quick and easy to use, this is a reliable hairdryer for every day functionality. I did find it a bit bulky and awkward to fit in a smaller drawer (had to do a bit of Tetris-style action!) but otherwise great!