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The Copper Brilliance Straightener with on-trend copper infused plates, gives you a Fast Salon Performance for smooth, straight results. Create salon-worthy styles from the comfort of your own home with the Copper Brilliance Straightener. Bringing you a Fast Salon Performance, it has a 15-Second Heat-up time and 9 Digital Temperature Settings up to 230°C. The ceramic plates infused with Copper add style to your straightener and distribute heat evenly, while the Slim 110mm Floating Plates ensure even pressure when styling.

  • Ceramic grille infused with copper
  • Powerful 2200w / 120 km/h
  • Salon quality ac motor
  • Ionic conditioning – 90% more ions*
  • 3 heat / 2 speed settings
  • True cold shot
  • Removable easy clean rear grille
  • Hang-up loop for convenient storage
  • 3M salon length
  • Fast dry concentrator
  • 3 year warranty

*Average star rating within the product image is based on a Review Crew panel of 49 and is correct as of 25/10/2021.


Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener – S5700AU


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5-star hair straightener

I just got this hair straightener and only used it once but I’m already over the moon how good it is! Just proved that I don’t need to buy the Dyson haha! I have a very slightly wavy hair naturally so I don’t need a lot of effort to straighten my hair, therefore I use it on 150° but it does an amazing and super quick job! It’s definitely quicker than my old Remington (which about 10 yrs, still works tho). It’s also very lightweight compared to my old one so I was a bit scared when I got it out of the box but it just makes it super easy and actually enjoyable to use. And for the first time my doesn’t get caught in the flat iron. I’m so happy, highly recommend this product. And the price is insanely great!
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Quick and easy straightener!

I have partly wave and straight hair, so I always use a hair tool to even my hair in the morning. I usually use a straightener to straighten my hair because it's easier and quicker. This straightener suits my hair routine, easy and quick! There are no confusing buttons on the straightener, which perfect for me haha! It heats up quickly and I can easily straight all of my hair within 5 mins. It's great for busy people like me! The performance of the straightener is amazing too! It doesn't dry or overheat my hair. My hair is still shiny and smooth after. The straightener has light weight and it's great for travelling too. It comes with a travelling bag, but it does not fit the whole thing with the cord, so that's the only tiny thing to note. Otherwise, I highly recommend this to everyone that needs a quick and easy straightener.
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Works to straighten and curl!

I was a big fan of this straightener! It was light and really easy to manoeuvre around my head, had a good long cord, and it heated up really quickly - like SO quickly! If you want a straightener to throw in your bag to take with you to a friend's pre-pre's, or a partner's place, it's a winner. Plus, at such a good price point! I acknowledge that I have naturally very straight hair, and rarely have to use a straightener to actually straighten my hair. That said, from a styling perspective I've always liked using straighteners to curl and get some nice waves and shaping, and this wand did a great job with styling. The size meant that I didn't get enormous kinks in my hair and it was really adaptable to what I wanted from my 'curls'. Even when I stuffed them up though, it was perfect to just straighten my hair back out - easy! If you're not someone that wants to buy too many products but knows they want a straightener that is easy, flexible, can style with, and very handy to chuck in an overnight bag, this one's for you.
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They have exceeded my expectations exponentially

I have been so excited to try out the new Remington Copper Brilliance tools! These tools do not disappoint. When I first held the items in my hand, they did feel quite plasticity, and cheap. However, the results that are delivered are unbelievable. Honestly, I rate these products higher than GHD and Cloud9. I never thought I would need to stray from these well known expensive brands, but I definitely will be reconsidering my next purchase and ensuring my list includes the Remington brand. 3 year warranty is great. I am literally blown away at the beautiful smooth results that I have got since using these products. I hardly ever received comments on my hair but since using these, man, honestly, everyone has commented at least once to say how great my hair looks from all angles. I really like the temp gauges and how quickly I am able to style my hair when I need to. I recommend these hair tools to everyone and anyone who is looking for a new product. They have exceeded my expectations exponentially!! I’m really glad I got to be apart of this trial as I have been introduced to a fantastic, affordable brand that I would not have thought twice about in the past. I am thoroughly impressed!
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Dyson who?

A hair tool that is inexpensive and does what you expect from a straightener. I have always used cloud 9 and Dyson hair straighteners so I was a bit unsure of how I would get on with this Remington version. I truly cannot believe how far inexpensive and accessible hair tools have come. This straightener is lightweight, sleek, efficient and wonderful! The tool heats up incredible quickly and is so lightweight and captures all of my frizzy hair, smooths it out and doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry and burnt. It genuinely felt shinier and softer after use. I have even reached for this over my Dyson straightener because of the ease of use. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new straightener regardless if they have the budget for much more expensive tools on the market. Super impressed and excited to keep using this tool.
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This straightener is everything you would expect from it’s much more expensive friends on the market! It heats up super quickly and is a breeze to run over hair just once to completely straighten my dry, sometimes frizzy hair! I like that it has multiple heat settings so I am not over exposing my hair to high temps every day. The plates glide smoothly through the hair, don’t snag and create a sleek finish. I found that curling wasn’t quite as effective with this product (but that’s what the wand product is for). Only comment I would make is that the handle gets a little warm on the outside toward the plates which I found out the hard way but if you stay closer to the hinge, no issues!
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Smooth smooth smooth

The Remington Copper Brilliance range is a sleek and stylish set of tools which has helped me to tame my lockdown hair - which had been especially tricky since my last hairdressers appointment is long gone! I have balayaged blonde hair with warm brown tone at the roots and a warm creamy blonde mid-lengths to ends, but foils throughout so it is not completely bleached at the ends. The Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener feels very nice to hold and the 9 digital temperatures is so good to have depending on how fragile your hair is or what stage of colour it is at. The slim ‘floating plates’ felt really smooth when I ran these through my hair and didn’t ‘catch’ or ‘crunch’ down like some other straighteners I’ve had, have done in the past. The even pressure of the plates means my hair turns out smooth and sleek without any frizz from my shorter strands. My locks felt soft and also stay hydrated the next day after styling instead of dry and straw-like. Really easy to use and create a nice smooth finish!
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Fantastic Budget Straightener!

I’m really impressed with the Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener; I think it’s a fantastic budget straightener! I’ve used a GHD before and it’s great, but I just can’t justify buying a straightener at that price point. That being said, I think this product is nearly as good for so much less money. It’s lightweight so easy to take with you when traveling, it heats up very quickly (about 10-20 seconds) and I found that the heat was definitely even across the copper plates. I also really appreciated that the manual included a temperature guide for different hair types to avoid heat damage, which is fantastic for people trying a straightener for the first time.
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New favourite straightener

This has quickly become my favourite straightener, firstly it looks stunning and definitely stands out with the copper colour plates. I couldn't believe how fast it heats up, in 15 seconds from plugging in, it was ready to go. I found it so easy to style my hair doing either wavy hair or a super sleek look. It has 9 digital temperatures settings with the maximum being 230°C. I loved having that amount of options so I can protect the integrity of my hair and customise to which style I wanted to achieve. It is pretty light weight and looking forward to using it for many years to come.
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lock in temperature and 60min turn off!

I was lucky enough to trial this Remington Straightener, I’m a big fan of straightening my hair and tend to do it more often then I should. As I have thick hair that tends to get super frizzy, I like to take charge on how I want to present my hair especially when it’s in a ponytail or the little baby hairs that I received after having children. The Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener is copper infused plates that gives fast salon performance results by distributing heat evenly from roots to ends of your hair. I’m amazed at how quick it turns on, like 15 seconds heat up time! With 9 digital temperature settings up to 230°C, being able to change the temperature it’s a huge thing for me. I believe everyone will agree with me that we don’t like to fry our hair and having the option to change the temperature and lock in feature and 60 min shut off feature which is a big bonus, unfortunately not many other brands have this feature so I was amazed at this. It also has a extra long cord, which is amazing especially when you’re trying to straighten the back of your hair and how to twist and turn to make it reach, this extra cord is a life saver. The straightener isn’t bulky or heavy, it’s quite comfortable in my hands. The black and copper bronze packaging is beautiful, eye catching, sleek and looks expensive. Even comes with a pouch to store it in. Super handy if you’re packing it away to travelling or just wanting to keep it outta the way without the cord hanging down. I’m super impressed with how fantastic this straighter is. The whole Remington Copper range is beyond amazing, I’m so impressed with how many features they’re able to pack into such small products. The results are amazing and truly believe each product is a fantastic Christmas product.
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Great straightener that’s bang for your buck

I’m a big fan of how quickly I was able to straighten my thick hair with this straightener. i feel like the copper coated plates definitely helped with taming my waves and frizz without the cost of frying my hair (noting that I did use a heat protectant). However, I was not a fan of the placement of the power button switch, it felt a bit counter intuitive to me. All in all for the price though, I think that this straightener is definitely worth it! Pros: heats up quickly, good heat range, copper coated plates help with protecting hair, tames frizz, comes with long extended wire so you don’t have to be close to the plug point, comes with a travel case which is handy! Cons: button placement could be better, wish it cooled down a little faster
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makes for a great gift to someone or yourself

I have straight asian hair, but it flicks at the ends in crazy directions, so I have used straighteners for most of my adult life. I tend to spend more on straighteners, and have a Remington one which is more than twice the price of this product, however, I enjoyed using this one just as much. Its very light in the hands, without compromising on quality and doesn't look cheap. The light up screen is great and easy to read, but the best feature of all has got to be how quickly this baby lights up! Fantastic for mornings when I'm in a rush but don't want to leave the house looking crazy. I've also used it to create curls and waves, and it doesn't a great job. Fantastic for teenagers or those who are on a budget. :)
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Extremely impressed!

I was extremely impressed by the Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener! I have tried many expensive straighteners in my time and this is absolutely incredible for the price tag ($59). The plates are infused with copper, there are 9 different temperature controls and it can go up to 230 degrees! It only takes 15 seconds to heat up and has it an automatic safety shut off after 60 minutes which is amazing , the amount of times I’ve turned the car around to make sure the straightener is off is too many! I have quite thick and curly hair and this straightened my whole head of hair in 30 minutes! I even got asked multiple times if I had recently got my hair done as it was so shiny, glossy and healthy looking!
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Simple and light

This hair straighter has a sleek design and is very user friendly. It has multiple settings for fine to thick hair. I find that the 170 deg temperature works pretty well for my medium thickness hair. This straighter heats up very quickly which saves time in the morning. It is very effective at straightening my hair and I find that my hair remains straight and styled till the end of the day. I have also tried curling my hair with it, took a couple of times as I don't really use a hair straighter as a curler. But once I got the hang of it, it was not that difficult. I recommend this product to others who are after a new hair straighter that is simple to use as well as being light weight.
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Versatile styling tool

As someone with straight hair, my main use for hair straighteners in the past has been to even out any kinks that may have appeared from different hair styles. Because this straightener is so light weight and has a rotating cord that allows for more seamless and easy use/movement of the styling tool, I enjoyed being able to experiment with different ways of styling my hair using a straightener. I still need some practice but found this styling tool to be a great way to add waves and curls to my normally straight hair, with the added bonus of using the same tool to get it back to its usual straight appearance if I didn't like the way it turned out. The straightener also comes with a small satin-like storage bag.
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Great straightener for a reasonable price

This straightener is great for the price but I personally prefer more high tier straighteners (GHD, Cloud9) and would rather invest a little more money to get the quality from other brands. I enjoyed how lightweight is was and the curved design to create different styles with one tool. However, I tried curling my hair with this and found it looked kinky in some places. I preferred using it to create a sleek straight style or just curling the ends to give a faux blow-out style. The position of the power and settings button on the side of the straightener meant I kept accidentally turning it off while using it. I think this straightener would be perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to invest a lot of money into their hair tools. I would have loved this when I was in high school and didn’t have a bigger budget to spend on a straightener!
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Fantastic little straightener

The Remington Copper Brilliance Straightener is a very simple to use entry level straightener which quickly heats up and straightens hair. My hair is shoulder length wavy, fine and plentiful, and using this straighter I could style my hair in about the same amount of time as my GHD. I particularly liked this straightener to use along side the curling wand to style my fringe and any shorter lengths of hair. Great design, easy to use and feels very well made. All of the products in the Remington Copper Brilliance line are very impressive and I’m extremely happy with them.
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Good, not great.

This straightener looks expensive, which is nice when it’s sitting on your vanity! There are quite a few features that I like, such as the multiple heat settings, the ability to lock the temperature and that it heats up very quickly. For the price, it does a good job! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to straighten my hair as quickly as my Cloud 9 straightener and I had to go over each section a few times to get it close to as sleek and smooth. I tried turning the heat right up, but it did feel a bit too hot on my hair and didn’t seem to improve the speed at which it straightened. At a pinch, it’s good! But not great.
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Silky straight hair!

This hair straightener is so sleek and luxe looking! And the results are amazing to boot! It smoothly straightened my hair which is quite stubborn when comes to hair straightening. It doesn’t get too hot but to a comfortable yet effective temperature! Straightens hair to perfection with this easy to use straighter! Hair doesn’t feel dry after using this straightener instead it feels soft and silky.u It’s super easy to use, and it is not heavy to hold. Gives you the salon results at the comfort of your home.
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Budget friendly

I don't have a lot of experience using a hair straightener if I am completely honest. I have semi straight hair and love to curl it with a curling iron so when I received this hair straightener I could finally try out the curling trick with a hair straightener and I was actually really surprised how easy it is to use. I really appreciated the temperature settings and how fast it heats up (no more than 15 seconds!). It also turns off after you leave it idle for 60seconds of no use so you'll never have to freak out that you've left it on. It didn't leave my hair frizzy or fried after use which is how early amazing and the reason I usually don't use hair straighteners. I am no professional but I do regard this product (and the other Remington copper brilliance line) as budget friendly professional devices. I would absolutely recommend for anyone, any age, any skill level and hair type!