Revlon ColorStay 24H Skin Awaken™ Concealer

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Revlon ColorStay 24H Skin Awaken™ Concealer is a multi-tasking concealer that erases, brightens, and perfects skin for up to 24-hour wear. Infused with key ingredients like Caffeine and Vitamin C, the high-pigment formula provides a flawless, natural coverage that is ultra-lightweight, buildable and transfer-proof. The comfortable, flexible formula moves with your skin, preventing it from settling into fine lines, wrinkles, or pores, while delivering a boost of moisture and freshness to fatigued skin. Free from added parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and fragrance. Available in Light, Light Medium, Universal Brightener, Medium, Universal Neutraliser and Medium Deep.

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Revlon ColorStay 24H Skin Awaken™ Concealer


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Not hydrating enough for me.

This concealer is designed to brighten & awaken skin by de-puffing & concealing dark circles, cover uneven skin tone & imperfections while hydrating the skin. It contains caffeine & vitamin C. It has a sponge tip that make application really easy. Although it does a decent job of concealing my dark circles and spots, I found it did very little to de-puff my eye bags & settled into my fine lines after an hour or so, leaving my eye area looking dry & aged. I found this could be improved to a degree by using a super hydrating eye cream first, but unfortunately I couldn't see the results it promised and therefore, can't see the justification for the higher price tag.
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New favourite!

I have really enjoyed using this concealer! It is almost everything I want in a concealer, lightweight and flexible; so it doesn't settle into any creases in my lower lash-line, a decent colour match, the level of coverage I like, a natural finish, and it's fragrance free. The finish is really beautiful, very natural, not too glossy or dry looking. I do not use powder to set my face or under my eyes at all, and this concealer still did not crease and stayed all day, which is very impressive! If you love full coverage concealers, this is not the product for you- I would describe it as being a sheer to medium coverage, which is actually how I like my concealers. While I like the addition of vitamin C and caffeine, I cannot say that I saw any changes in my skin in the time I have been using this concealer. I also had no need to test the 24hr wear claim, so I cannot comment on that. The only thing I don't like is the packaging- it has one of those sponge heads that the product squeezes directly out of, that you use to apply it to your face. I dislike this type of applicator, it seems to absorb a lot of the product and doesn't seem terribly hygienic, as well as feeling quite large and clumsy around my eyes. Overall though, I think I have found my new favourite concealer, and will be re-purchasing.
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Compact. but patchy and a bit drying for my skin

I wanted to really like this product but I found it a bit disappointing. First of all the sponge tip applicator doesn't work well for me. I found that the product gets clogged up. I also found it a bit rough for my under eye so I ended up putting the concealer on my finger or on a concealer brush that I have and dab it under my eye. I was also excited about the brightening feature of this concealer but found it was just a light shade.. I found the consistency of the concealer quite thick and a bit drying for my under eye. It was a bit flakey towards the end of the day. Overall I was disappointed with this product and had quite high hopes with it.
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Wowed me!

I loved this! I found this concealer cheap but effective concealer I have ever used and rated. Find the texture was light but gives great coverage and lasts for long. It didn’t crease under my eyes; the finish was smooth. Perfect size for carrying anywhere and the Price point was good, I would suggest it to my friends. This is a great no-makeup makeup look! 4 stars unfortunately because of the applicator, it gets a bit hard when putting it back into its lid. Revlon could have gone with a better choice. As I'm in Sydney lockdown, I am wearing masks at work so the only makeup I've been doing most days is my eye area. I love that I can do my makeup in the morning and my eyes will still be looking fresh in the evening.
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A good every day concealer

This concealer was a pleasant surprise. It is lightweight, blends easily and very hydrating. I found it covered my blemishes well, with a little bit going along way thanks to it being very pigmented. It is long lasting and doesn't rub or transfer easily. I liked the sponge type applicator as it allowed me to easily control the amount I used especially when blending with a brush. The only downside for me is I found it didn't set too well when used on oily areas of my face like my nose, but was great for use minimising dark circles and concealing spot blemishes. The creamy texture also made it great to use as a substitute bb cream as a thin layer evened out my skin and left it smooth and hydrated. A well priced concealer that is a good option for everyday use.
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Great for day to day use

I really enjoyed using this concealer. It was quite pigmented so did a great job of covering those bags under my eyes. I normally don't wear much makeup and this along with my facial moisturiser has been all I've needed to cover the dark circles or any blemishes each day. It was also great on those occasions when I’ve used with my normal foundation. I liked the sponge applicator as it was quick and easy to use. Best of all, the concealer is long lasting meaning it gave me coverage all day. The only downside for me would be the small size of the product, ideally, I would like one that would last a little longer. That being said however, I would definitely buy the product again as it is great value for money!
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Great everyday concealer

Great everyday staple concealer. The sponge applicator is great for application and dispersing the product evenly. Super easy to use and i love the packaging as well. Consistency is great, lightweight but still provides the coverage you would expect. The formula is non cakey and blends well on the skin. Feels quite breathable and lightweight on the skin. I cannot really compare it to any other concealer I have tried. The formula is just really smooth and sits well on the skin. Coverage is sufficient for everyday use but would recommend layering if looking to have the product last a little longer which is ok as I found the formula buildable. If you are looking for an everyday concealer and at an affordable price point though, I highly recommend for everyday use.
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Little wonder concealer

I like this concealer. Let’s talk about the packaging first. I like that it’s a tube that you can squeeze most of the product out but I’m not a fan of applicator. I usually just use my fingers or with a fine brush. I just feel that the applicator l absorbs the product and in a way I still use my finger to blend the product on my skin. I simply prefer if it’s a pointed tip. As for the application and texture, I usually apply primer or moisturiser before makeup and this concealer works so well on me. It’s not too thick and delivers the purpose of concealing some pimple marks and dark under eye. I always bring it in my makeup kit now.
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High Coverage, Easy Application, Nice Finish

This is a high coverage concealer which covers dark circles with ease. It was easy to apply an even amount to each eye with the sponge tip. The formula was really easy to work with and blended out nicely and evenly. I was impressed by the amount of pigment this concealer offers and the finished product looked beautiful and natural. It unfortunately didn’t stand up too well during the day as it did settle into my eyelid crease and fine lines under my eyes, making me appear older. The other concealer I use daily doesn’t do the same thing when applied and set the exact same way. This concealer should be set well with setting powder to avoid this. It is an added bonus to know that I am masking my dark circles while treating them at the same time with Caffeine and Vitamin C (ingredients both known to reduce dark circles under the eye). Overall, I was impressed by the sponge tip, coverage, texture of formula, ease of blending and finished product this concealer offers, but would recommend being aware of the chance that this concealer may not last the full day in place without proper setting.
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Great concealer

I really enjoyed using this concealer. It was very smooth and didn’t crease under my eye. Worked well with the powder that I had and lasted a long time. I used this concealer instead of foundation when I felt like having a lazy makeup day and it brightened my face. I would recommend this concealer to anyone who is low maintenance with their makeup and just wants to cover some spots, or to someone who wanted to brighten under their eyes, because of its longevity. Would happily buy this again and recommend it to my friends
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I actually do look awake!

When I received my concealer, in the Universal Brightener shade, I was concerned that it would be a bit too pink-toned for me. Once I applied it under my eyes, which were dark from lack of sleep, I was surprised at how perfect it matched! And not only that, my undereye area looked bright and more awake. The consistency of this formula is a bit thicker than some concealers, but not so heavy that it's noticeable. No cakey undereyes here! I can feel the smoothing texture of it as well - and looking at the ingredients, dimethicone and silicone are in there. Flawless skin with hardly any sleep is a win for me! The addition of Vitamin C and Caffiene isn't a big drawcard for me. I use Vitamin C serum separately, so having it in my concealer is just a bonus. As for the caffeine, the more, the merrier, I guess! I haven't tested it for more than a few hours, so I can't speak to the 24hr wear claim, but it's a good concealer for daily wear.
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Excellent light coverage for under eye

A great concealer for lightweight under the eye instant awakening. The finish is very skin-like and almost undetectable on the skin. Set with powder, it is long lasting and hydrating. I’m starting to develop dryness and fine lines under my eye and found this concealer to be very flattering. The concealer is light to medium coverage rather than full coverage as the tube claims. The tube itself is kind of annoying, it’s impossible to tell how much product has come out. All in all I’m very impressed and will continue to use.
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Impressive little product!

I was slightly skeptical of this product as I have only ever found the best concealers are normally super pricey / expensive, HOWEVER this is probably the cheapest, most effective concealer I have used and rated. I was pleasantly surprised to find the texture was really nice and light whilst giving great coverage, especially for pregnancy pigmentation which seams to shine through most foundations and concealers. It last for well into the night (nearly 12 hours from application) and didn’t sit in the creases of my eyes, the finish was smooth. Perfect size to chuck into your handbag / clutch for touch ups in the night. Price point is amazing, I would definitely purchase this product again.
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Great no-makeup makeup look

Since COVID I have been using a lot less makeup and just applying high quality products to my problem areas. And my eyes are one of those areas. I have quite dark under eyes and always have trouble correcting it with minimal product. I am super impressed with the pigment and its ability to stay all day (no baking required!) A small bit goes a long way and you will know if you apply too much very quickly as the formula becomes very cakey and hard to use. The applicator did make getting the perfect amount out a little tricky. I love the combination of skin care and makeup as when I am running out the door I don't feel so guilty skipping out on my eye cream. And I am not sure if it is just the incredible pigment, but my eyes do seems bigger and brighter - maybe it its a combination of the caffeine, vitamin c & pigment? Whatever it is, this is a great no-makeup makeup look! I think it's great especially for the price and would certainly recommend.
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Great concealer!

I've been using Revlon foundation for a while, but have always been using another concealer and was lazy to change. I was pleasantly surprised with this product, it feels very lightweight on but provides a lot of coverage! It also blends really well so I don't feel like I need to put foundation on after to even everything out. The concealer is also very long lasting, I had it on all day and it still looked and felt like I'd just applied it by the end of the day. The sponge tip is soft and easy to use, I love the package design as you can easily control how much you need (the one I currently use is a twist, so this is way more convenient!)
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Great Drugstore Concealor

I use the applicator to dab the concealer on my eye area, and blend in with my fingers for a natural finish. I love how creamy and soft the concealer feels and that it didn't feel dry at all while working it in. I went for a super natural finish as I wore this concealer with a bare face, and you can barely tell I had any product on my eye area. The concealer managed to look so natural while brightening my eye area. I wore this concealer alone for a full day, on one eye with no primer or any powder to 'set the concealer', and on the other eye no primer but set with a loose powder. My lids get slightly oily throughout the day when wearing makeup, and surprisingly the side that was left alone did not have product creasing at all while the other side had slight creasing. I love that the covergae buildable to your liking. I have a dry eye area, and this concealer did a good job at concealing my discoluration without causing any further dryness or settling into any creases. I will be taking 1 star off unfortunately because of the applicator, it gets a bit messy when putting it back into it's lid. Considering it's just to apply the product, Revlon could of gone with a better choice.
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Fantastic under eye concealer

am in love. I was offered to try a sample through BeautyCrew Revlon ColourStay 24h Skin Awaken as an under eye concealer is the perfect, natural concealer. It's thick enough to blend dark circles and brighten the eye area without sitting in fine lines. I have fairly light skin and quite dark under eye circles. I often use a thinner concealer as I don't want to look cakey but even with this thicker formula, it stays fresh. As I'm in Sydney lockdown, we are wearing masks at work so the only makeup I've been doing most days is my eye area. I love that I can do my makeup in the morning and my eyes will still be looking fresh in the evening. I did try it on a few blemishes too and can confirm it has great coverage as an all over concealer but I particularly recommend it for under eyes.
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WFH must have

I found this product great for quick touch ups and looking refreshed without having to apply a full face of makeup. Great for last second meetings and zoom calls when working from home. And the added benefit of Vitamin C and caffeine made it comfortable to leave on all day and a great multi-tasker product. The tube is 8ml, slightly smaller than my current concealer, however, due to its heavy pigmentation, a little goes a long way. The applicator is soft and precise, meaning no tugging under the under eye area to blend the product. The concealer wasn’t drying and my eye area felt great once the product was removed. Paired with an eye cream, I this product works very well to hydrate the eye area.
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Neat product but disappointed

Revlon Colorstay foundation is my holy grail and I was so excited to see they had a new concealer! Their previous concealer didn't work well for me so I was expecting great things! I loved the packaging and the sponge applicator, I really was impressed with how compact it was but how much product it came with. I got the universal brightening shade and I was really hoping it would be better than or as good as a competitors product that I've used for years and everyone raves about. Whilst this product wasn't awful, the consistency of the product was great, and the colour was good, I just felt it didn't give me enough coverage for my under eyes. I would have to apply this, and follow up with a full coverage concealer. I think this may be helpful for a 'no makeup' makeup look but if you're looking for something full coverage I'd probably just opt for another product - no point building up two products as it only settles into lines and makes it look cakey. Lastly, I agree with another review where they mentioned it felt though this sat on top of the skin rather than sunk into it. This would ball up under my eyes with my primer should I try to blend it out too much, which hasn't happened with any other concealer that I've previously used. All in all, an OK product but probably wouldn't purchase.
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5 in 1 magic

Absolutely love this!! Definitely will be adding this to my makeup bag. It’s easy to use and buildable and light weight. Was good on my sensitive skin, no irritation or red marks after a day of wear. It didn’t set into my fine lines like most concealers which as a pleasant surprise. Great all day wear, minimum use goes along way for a brighter look. Applicator does soak a lot of product up so you do use a little more. The vitamin C with the caffeine really helps to give you that bright eyed appearance.