Revlon PhotoReady Instant Cheek Maker

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Revlon PhotoReady Instant Cheek Maker is a two-in-one cream blush and highlighter duo that is designed to create a contoured look in a single application. The matte side works as a blush along the cheekbones while the shimmery side highlights the top of the cheeks. 

Available in three shades.


Revlon PhotoReady Instant Cheek Maker


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I wanted to love this, I really did, because it's such an innovative product and such a great purse friendly idea.  Save time, save space, save effort - winning! The reality... not so much.  I found it so heavily perfumed (which I should have expected as Revlon are big on fragrance), the highlighter glitter was quite obvious and chunky and the cream blush just vanishes after a few hours, but touching up with the same product just adds more glitter to the top (not a good look for everyone...). I was disappointed with this one as it's such a good idea that just needed a bit more work in the consistency department.
I adore the revlon photoready range and love this blush, it’s so unique. The two in one cream blush and highlighter make getting a professional blush look super easy, the S shape design is unique and follows the contours of my cheekbones, the matte side adds nice healthy natural looking colour and the shimmer side highlights my cheekbones. The pigmentation is high quality and it has a nice subtle shimmer which makes my cheeks look dewey and youthful. It feels nice and light to wear and lasts well throughout the day without turning oily. At under $25.00 it’s great value for money and I love the classy black packaging. Love this and highly recommend it
I bought this as soon as I saw it because it looks so different and cute! It is a two in one blusher and highlighter. All you do is wind up on the bottom and more of it comes out on top if you need it. It is also shaped in a grove S-ish shape, to caress your cheekbones and to highlight in the correct area. It's small enough to fit in my makeup bag and take away. I apply lightly if I just want a flush to my cheeks, if I want more intensity, I apply it with more pressure. Just swipe and glow!  Pros: Easy to use, grip and go Gives subtle definition  Low priced Cons: Has a bit of glitter so be prepared for that Recommendation: This is a small sized travel friendly blusher highlighter duo which gives definition and glow to anyone's skin.