Revlon Photoready Prep, Set, Refresh Mist

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Revlon Photoready Prep, Set, Refresh Mist is a three-in-one primer, setting spray and skin-refreshing mist. It can be used as a primer prior to base makeup application for a smooth and even finish; as a setting spray to lock in makeup for long-lasting wear by preventing fading and smudging; and it can be misted over the complexion to refresh makeup throughout the day. 


Revlon Photoready Prep, Set, Refresh Mist


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I really do love most of Revlon's products as they work well and don't ever let me down. This mist is very versatile because you can use it as a base primer for your makeup or as a setting spray. I've used it both ways, and definitely prefer it as a setting spray. The mist feels nice and refreshing on my skin, and doesn't irritate or feel heavy. It absorbs quickly without me needing to pat it or touch it, and keeps my BB cream locked in for the whole day which is crazy, because the fluid formula usually wears away quite quickly.  As a primer, it also works to help smooth my makeup and prevent it from caking. I haven't noticed any effect on making my makeup brighter though. The formula doesn't make my skin oily, and has a nice hydrating effect. I usually use 2 spritzes in the morning to set my makeup. I would recommend this as an affordable alternative setting spray to everyone.