Revlon Volumazing Mascara

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Revlon Volumazing Mascara is a buildable, volumising mascara formulated with olive oil to help nourish lashes. The mascara wand has wavy filaments that hug and coat each lash, creating a soft, fanned-out look. The mascara is smudge-proof, flake-proof and long-wearing for up to 24 hours.


Revlon Volumazing Mascara


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Not good. My lashes need lifting with a lash curler before applying mascara. They have no curl almost and go down, zig zag and all over the place. Curler makes them face same direction. I apply this mascara and in no time (minutes!) my lashes lose its curl! And the mascara gives more no makeup look. It is so subtle. There is no building up, as it would clump and not thicken or lighten anything.  Lashes just look stubby and short. This mascara is more for those who want no mascara mascara look, natural looking  with just added blackness to the lashes. Mine are light in colour so gives a bit (tiny bit) something. But zero length or volume. And no curl hold.
The Revlon volumazing mascara was anything but amazing.  Two things have to work well and thats the formula and brush but unfortunately neither were good.  The brush at first looks like it will help to separate your lashes and provide an even look but the brush was actually quite clumpy and didn't really do much for my lashes.  My lashes stuck together and it didn't provide any length or curl.  The formula was rather thick but that didn't translate into thick lashes.  It only made my lashes clumpy and uneven and I found that it smudged really easily.  It also started to flake throughout the day so I just stopped using it.
This mascara does what it claims to in that it volumizers the lashes, however if length is what you're after you'll need to pair it with something else or by pass it completely. I found sometimes it clumped my lashes but with a little work I could get it to work for me. Overall decent mascara and a more drier formula than others.
I received a small sample-sized tube of the Volumazing mascara in Blackest Black. It is packaged in a purple tube with quite a large bristly brush. I wasn't really expecting amazing results but was pleasantly surprised by the volume it did provide. I have short sparse lashes so find mascara always helps to define my lashes and make them more visible. The effect was very natural and perfect for everyday use. Not for dramatic va va voom lashes. I did not experience any panda eyes either which is a common problem for me so was pleasantly surprised.
I have a few sample tubes of the Revlon Volumazing Mascara in the shade Blackest Black.  The small tubes are a great way of trying the product, plus with regular use the mascara doesn’t have a chance of drying out before it is finished.      Although the two toned purple tube is a mini size the brush is full size.  At first I found the brush a little difficult to use because, although I have long lashes, the brush didn’t appear to be grabbing my lashes and there didn’t seem to be enough mascara applying to my lashes.  However I persevered and the application became easier over a few days.    The brush now coats and separates my lashes evenly and if I want to I am able to go over my lashes to add another coat without messing them up or making them look clumpy.  At the end of a day my lashes still look fresh, and without any smudges or flaking.    The mascara is easy enough to remove.  I have tried an eye makeup remover, micellar water and an oil cleanser and all work without any need for harsh rubbing.    I wouldn’t say it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used but it does the job and it certainly adds volume to my lashes.       
I  got a sample size of this mascara and it's not too bad. It is volumising and gives that nice doe-eyed mascara look. It slightly lengthens my lashes too but not too much. However, to get the look I want I do have to use several coats to make my lash popl. I do find though after a few weeks of using it that it does clump a bit. I have to use another wand to re-define it to unclump it. Overall it's a good mascara for everyday use but I do have others that I like better than this.
I really love this mascara I got a sample size and I ordered the full size makes my eyelashes pop and I love that makes them look bigger and more defined I love that I can just use this mascara on its own and I see results as soon as u apply to my lashes
I love revlon mascaras and have used a lot. This one measures up well, the pigment is high quality and I loved the design of the brush, it distributes just enough product easily and without clumping. I particularly love the addition of olive oil to nourish my lashes, I feel like its doing my lashes good and hydrating them while looking amazing.I found it lengthened my lashes well and made them look thicker with some curl. I found it didnt smudge and lasted all day really well. I recommend using two coats for extra volume, just wait till the first coat dries so you dont risk any clumping or smudging. Love the packaging and love the great price and great results, I would recommend this.
I really wanted to love this mascara from Revlon, and initially I did, but what I found is that after a couple of weeks of using it, the brush started to clump up and the mascara smudged easily once applied, especially on the lower lash line. I did find that it provided great volume and length. It did a good job making my lashes look fluttery and feathery, which I really like. Overall I felt a bit underwhelmed by this mascara and I think there are better options out on the beauty market.
While it's a really decent basic mascara, very easily to apply without any clumps, love the brush that does the job perfectly, nice creamy consistency, pigment that's just dark enough and no particularly harsh fragrance, it just smudges a lot. I don't have any habit of rubbing eyes but still within minutes it would start looking a bit messy which was a big put off. I probably wouldn't mind using it occasionally but not something I can confidently recommend or would consider buying again.
I haven't used many Revlon mascaras in the past but the ones I have used have been pretty good. This is the newest one that has come out on the market and I was excited to give it a try.  The brush is pretty standard, the wand has bristles of the same length across all sides and it is supposed to help with thickening and lengthening lashes.  My lashes are normal length so I only need one to two coats for a defined look.  The wand is able to coat my lashes from root to tip but I find that it's not the best when it comes to volumising and lengthening my lashes.  The formula does coat my lashes but not enough to make them stand out.  I found that I had to go over my lashes several times in order for them to look decent.  I like that it doesn't leave my lashes clumpy which is a plus but I would use this for everyday and not for special occasions.  I would describe it as being a plain and basic mascara