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Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette - Allure

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Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette - Allure is an eyeshadow palette that makes you look and feel flawless.With 18 matte, shimmer and marbled pressed glitter eyeshadows, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With an array of neutrals, warm rust hues and deep glossy berries it’s the perfect palette to create a rich smoky eye. Use soft nude sensation as a base across the lid, blend in risky and suave shades with an eyeshadow brush and deepen along the eye socket with plum nymph. Add highlights of the two-tone glitter shades in flaunt and sinner and the shimmering particles will illuminate the eyes to make them seriously pop. Cruelty Free and Vegan.


Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette - Allure


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I love the sparkly eye shadows

I would not say I am a huge user of eyeshadow. I wear eyeshadow when I wear make up, which is only for special ocassions. I love this Revolution Beauty Eye Shadow Pallette, as I can make many looks and combinations. I am a fan of burgandys and reds but I have only used red, burgandy and nude shades in lipstick before. When I came across this palette I had to buy it. I love the sparkly eye shadows in this colour variety palette and the more matte colours that are in this palette. I can create many looks and have fun experimenting. Being a fan of burgandy, nude shades and red I can compliment my outfits. Tying in the colours. I would recommend using an eyeshadow primer or makeup primer, if like me you are in your 40's. Any younger in age and you do not have many eye sockets creases!
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Very pretty coloured eyeshadows

All the shades in this Eye Shadow Palette are shades that I like to wear. You really can create so many different looks with it. I like the packaging this Palette comes in, it's very pretty. I also particularly like the large mirror that's inside the Palette. The eyeshadows are pigment and they don't have much fallout at all. I also find that I only need to dab my brush on the shades once as that's enough. I like to apply the shimmery shades with my fingertip though as I find that this makes them look better compared to when I apply those shades with my brush. The shadows blend well and don't crease which is great and they last on my eyes until I wash them off.
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Versatile palette.

Such a versatile eye shadow palette. It has all the colours I would need for a variety of looks. I can create subtle office wear look or a heavy party smoky eye look. There are shades from shimmery to matte. The eye shadows are really pigmented. My eyeshadow Brush picks up the shades easily in one swipe. There is a great colour pay-off . The shades go on smoothly without creasing. My eyelids are oily so this shadows are great as they stay on throughout the day . Great colours to suit my indian skin tone. The shadows are not chalky at all. Feels high quality even at a budget price.
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Amazing Versatile Colour Palette

The Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette - Allure is an all amazing 18 colour eyeshadow palette that comes in a metal case with a mirror. The palette comes in various tones from warm rust hues, to neutral pinks and nudes, to berries that are matte, shimmery or glittery. The palette blends easily, creating simple everyday looks to more dramatic smoky eyes. These are incredibly pigmented and has great staying power, easily lasting most the day. The colour story of the palette is very versatile with plenty of options for different people. This is an amazing palette with a great mix of shades and style, that can easily be mixed and matched for the occasion. I would recommend this palette as it is so versatile, great for all occasions, and it is at such a great price. Plus it is cruelty free and vegan.
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Good pigment but lots of fall out

A self-confessed makeup snob here trying the cheapest eye shadow palette (yet) of my life. Holy moly the pigment is good! Introducing Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Allure eye shadow palette. RRP A$25. This is the third eye shadow palette I opened this year. First Too Faced Nude, then Pat McGrath Labs. I dare say I am most happy with Makeup Revolution's shimmery pigments and colour payout. Effortless blending and the product distributes evenly across skin. In the pictures shown I applied just one layer of the product, which is the intensity I like for most days. While it exceeded my expectations it is not my go-to palette for a few reasons. Despite using an eye shadow primer, the fall out is a problem throughout the day. I don't powder my own makeup so the fallout does get stuck on my face (which will be a much lesser problem if I finish my base with powder). The palette also contains more pink shades than I'd like. An eye shadow primer is a must, otherwise the colour can disappear within a couple of hours. Product is made in China.
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An amazing palette.

This eyeshadow palette had all the colours a girl could dream of! I think this is a high end product that really allows you to incorporate any colour into your makeup regime efficiently. I used this without a base and found it lasted for quite a while. It is well pigmented and applies really easily. The colours are easily bendable and can be built. The colours are sophisticated and pretty much go with any outfit possible. I really loved the packaging with the mirror as well- I didn't have to use another mirror because the one attached was so clear and easy to apply my eyeshadow. I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who just wants an all-round palette.
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Bargain Eyeshadow Palette

I haven’t tried much by Revolution Beauty so I was very excited to try this eyeshadow palette. The colour story is absolutely beautiful and something I would pick out myself when looking for a new palette. Pros: Vegan. Cruelty free. Affordable. Revolution Beauty products are at a lower price point than most other brands. Beautiful colour story. Can do neutral looks or more colourful. Suitable for any type of occasion. Range of textures; matte, shimmer and marbled pressed glitter. Good quality. Easy to blend. Ideal for someone new to makeup. Great colour pay off. Didn’t have to keep dipping in the pan to build up colours; nicely pigmented. Decent wear time. I have oily lids and the shadows lasted hours before fading, even without eyeshadow primer. Sturdy tin packaging. Has a mirror. Great for travel. Has 18 shades and isn’t bulky. Cons: Some fall out due to drier formula (which also makes it a breeze to blend), though very minimal. When used without an eyeshadow primer I did experience some creasing as I have oily eyelids. I used it both with and without primer and I had no creasing when using the primer. If you have oily lids I suggest using a primer if you don’t already. May not be suitable for all skin tones. Could do with at least one dark matte for those with darker skin tones. Overall, I think this is a fantastic palette for this price point and well worth buying. It performs as well as some more expensive brands and the colour story is suitable to create looks for both formal and casual occasions. The matte and shimmer shades apply well with a brush, and the glitter is best applied using fingers. I would recommend this palette to anyone wanting a decent palette for a low price.
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Makeup Revolution London 18 Shade Palette

My first impression visually was the eye catching packaging, the colours and swirls are beautiful they coincide with the colour palette of the shadows of pinks, glitter, mauves and neutrals. The palette is surrounded by a firm plastic sleeve secured down with tape on each side. Opening the plastic/tin plate there is a clear protector over the 18 shades. I love that there is a big mirror inside the palette incase your using on the go or not in a bathroom. A big plus for me was that with this makeup palette I didn’t need to use any other shadows and it’s all in the one place makes doing my eye shadow so easy. my first makeup application I used shade sensation as a base then followed with shade attract and sinner for some glitz then to highlight used hedonism in the corners of my eyes and on my brown bone. I used both makeup brushes and my fingertips to apply my eyeshadow and found with this palette I preferred using my fingertips to apply from my palette to eyelids as I needed to re apply more then once to get the depth of colour needed, I then just blended the shadow with my brushes, using brushes alone for me took a bit more time. There was a little bit of fallout when using but once applied to my eyelids it stayed on well, I didn’t apply any makeup setting sprays or powers but did apply a Hydrating mist after finishing my makeup which I do everyday after my skincare whether I am apply makeup or not and often re apply through the day. This would be perfect for day or night makeup and would be fantastic for someone who is just beginning to use makeup as they can experiment well with this palette.
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Eye shadow palette that everyone needs.

This is the one and only eye shadow palette everyone needs in their lives. I adored the colours, so earthy and I enjoyed using each and every one of them. Half of them were matte and half were sparkly so depending on my mood and outing I was able to combine the perfect pair or trio. I like applying eye shadow with my fingers and these eye shadows are perfect for doing that with. The palette itself is big and I would not carry it with me every day. Then again there is no need to take it with me because the eye shadows stay on for the whole day without a fault. 10 points also to the fact that there is a big mirror inside the palette which makes the application so easy. There are hundreds of different combination possibilities which makes it an exciting product to use in everyday make-up.
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Beautiful palette

Thanks to Beauty Crew for sending me this eye shadow palette as part of their VIP Box. The tin it comes in is nice and it has a good quality mirror. This palette is absolute stunning without the hefty price tag. It contains both matte and glitter shades, making it an all purpose palette. The matte colours are beautiful for everyday use. They apply well and the colours are pigmented. The glitter colours are bold and there is little fall off. Overall, this palette is stunning and I highly recommend it.
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Revolution Allure Palette

I was fortunate to receive a Beauty Crew VIP trial pack which included the Revolution Forever Flawless eye shadow palette in Allure. I have used eyeshadows from this brand in the past with hit and miss results so I was interested in seeing how this palette would perform. The eyeshadows are packaged in a tin palette. The graphics are just gorgeous with a marble stone graphic that represents the shades inside. These being neutrals ranging from mauves, pinks, nudes and berries. The 18 shades are a mix of mattes, marbles and shimmers. I found after creating looks with this palette that the mattes are powdery, however that makes them blend easily. The shimmers and marble shades are beautiful, I get the best result from using a finger to apply over a sticky base. This is how I always apply shimmers to get maximum shimmer and colour pay off. These shades are perfect for everyday wear yet can easily be built up for a more smokier dramatic eye. The only criticism I have of the eye shadows is that the shimmers begin to fade after a few hours. Although it's easy to dab on some more shadow, I just thought it was worth noting. I enjoyed using these eye shadows from the Revolution Forever Flawless Allure palette. It's a versatile product that performs better than the budget price. Great for the beginner to even the more creative.


Such a stunning palette. It really draws your attention and makes you want to buy it. I purcahsed it as a gift for a friend as it really caught my attention as I was walking past and it stood from the other palettes available at the store. The colours are so gorgeous and suitable for all skin shades. The variety between mattes and shimmers is great also and it’s suitable for a light look but can easily do a heavier glam look with it. It’s definetly a steal at that price. I swatched it and I was quite impressed with that. I can’t really comment on the wear as I haven’t tried it on my lids but it seems to impress so far.
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Gorgeous colours and great quality!

What girl doesn't love a beautiful eyeshadow palette? This one by Revolution Beauty is just gorgeous with a range of colours that work well for both day and night without having to spend a lot of money! There are 18 shades in the palette with a mix of glitter, matte and shimmery eyeshadow colours that work for all seasons. While I am no expert with creating eyeshadow looks it was definitely fun to play around with and create exciting yet sophisticated eye looks. Some colours I would use as a base while the darker ones would look nice on the crease and lower lash line. The shimmery and glittery colours would also work well for the inner corners of your eye and you could even use the darker colours as eyeliner. They are incredibly pigmented, go on nicely and are easy to blend. Considering how many colours you get and the quality of the eyeshadow, the price is an absolute bargain! You can create so many different looks with this palette and it will last you a very long time. I'm very impressed with the product and I'm keen to see other products that this brand has to offer.

Versatile colour palette

I love a great eyeshadow palette, they always feel like a treat. This revolution forever eyeshadow palette is just gorgeous. What I love most about it is it’s versatility, there is a good mix of colours, I love the nude to sweet across lids then build colour and highlight. There is a lot of variety here with mattes and shimmers for day or evening looks but nothing garish or over the top which I love as I hate tacky looking eyeshadow. It lasts really well without coming off and it’s really easy to blend this mix of colours, I don’t need to be a professional. It’s packaged well, I love the metal container, it’s sturdy and the addition of a large mirror is great to check my makeup and do touch ups. Overall a really nice palette that I would recommend
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Beautiful and versatile palette

This is a gorgeous 18-shade eyeshadow palette that comes in a sturdy metal case and a full-size mirror. The shades include neutrals and warms, ranging from nude bases to neutral browns, corals, mauves and berries that will suit most skin tones. There are very versatile and wearable shades that suit everyday daytime wear, and more dramatic shades that will give you more creativity and that 'pop' at night. Ten of the shades are matte, four are shimmer and four are glittery metallics. The product is also cruelty-free and vegan. It was really exciting to trial this palette, as it contains all my favourite shades as well as a light all-over base shade, plus I had also wanted to try Revolution products for a while now. The shades were pigmented and blended well, and there was a tiny bit of fallout. I love the addition of the four metallic shades (not true glitters but multi-coloured and sparkly), they are not over-the-top and are easy to incorporate into any eye look. I can even use them during the day to add a bit of accent in the middle of my eyelids. The colours show well on me and the longevity is outstanding - one application lasts from early morning until make-up removal at night, even without the use of any eye primer or setting sprays. For reference, my skin tone is MAC NC17. While this is not the most 'buttery' pressed eyeshadow that I've ever used, the quality is still excellent and the colours are just beautiful. I am very impressed that one can get such a high quality, usable palette at such an affordable price. Because of this trial product, I have just placed an online order for more Revolution products! Thank you BeautyCrew for this beautiful product that was a pleasure to trial!