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Revolution Beauty Soap Styler is a dedicated brow-safe soap for brows that won’t budge. Inspired by the Hollywood trick of using soap to set your brows in place, this innovative product helps to keep brows looking full and fluffy, gripping every single hair to set eyebrows in place. Perfect for achieving the laminated brow look. Featuring a portable brow brush and mirror, this compact kit is even perfect for on-the-go brow taming. Dampen the applicator and swipe across the soap, brush gently through the brows in desired direction to create a laminated look, or use without water to hold brows in place. Does not contain any animal derived ingredients. Approved by PETA as Animal Test Free.


Revolution Beauty Soap Styler


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More definition

The Revolution Beauty Soap Styler is packaged in a rose gold coloured compact with a mirror and small brow brush which is more like a mini toothbrush. I thought a product like this would be a waste on me because of my not so great brows but after giving it a try I can definitely see the benefits. After wetting the brush I apply the soap in upward strokes to feather out my unruly brows. It took a while to get used to the stiffness of the brush and how to apply the soap properly but I soon got the hang of it. The soap styler holds my brows in place to give more definition. The product feels comfortable and one application lasts the entire day.

A saviour for my thin brows!

This is a great product that has become a staple in my bathroom, even when I don't wear a great deal of makeup I always apply this. The packaging is lovely and the mini toothbrush is a good applicator although it does get the product stuck in it a bit, I wipe it clean on a regular basis. It is hard but not quite as hard as a regular bar of soap and their are no bubbles when water is used. It can be used with a dry or damp brush. I find it easier to apply damp, my brows dry in place quickly. It can take a bit of practise at first, but once you have worked out what shape you want your brows to take it is easier. Plucking your eyebrows and deciding what style you are going for beforehand helps. I have thin brows but tinting them and using this product makes a big difference and defines them much more. If you are blessed with more eyebrow hair than myself you might find this keeps unruly brows looking tidier.