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Rimmel London 24HR Supercurler Mascara

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Rimmel London 24HR Supercurler Mascara is a double-action lash curler and mascara that helps create long-lasting curve and volume in lashes.


Rimmel London 24HR Supercurler Mascara


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I love this mascara. My eyelashes are very straight so I need something to make my lashes look good. Just one coast is needed and it makes my lashes super long and curl right up. It isn't irritating and doesn't clump. It has a curved brush for easy application.
Can't say this product was my favourite drugstore mascara. I love trying out new affordable mascaras for everyday use and what I look for is the way it lengthens and volumizes. As I have hooded eyes, I usually struggle with even the basic eye shadow looks so I simple eyeliner and Mascara is my go to that makes my eyes look bigger and this product just didn't do it for me. I tried putting several coats on lashes but couldn't see any difference, I even tried layering the coats to build up volume but I just took ages.  I must say, I do love the convenience of the curled wand and how easy it is to use but the formula itself was not the best.  There are many better drugstore mascaras out there with the same price tag such as maybelline the colossal mascara and the colossal big shot mascara is a personal favorite as well.
It does not curl my lashes: I was super excited to try this mascara as it read super curler on the product. I have straight asian lashes and I have found that only waterproof mascara holds the curls. I have used all high end products from lancome to benefit to clinique and the best one ever is the maybelline colossal waterproof the yellow tube one. Well I had high expectations from this mascara because it claims to hold lashes curled for longer, comes in a sturdy bulky looking mascara tube, the brush is very awkward and not eye friendly at all, bulky looking brush with thick bristles. Going past how this mascara looks, after applying, it clumped all my lashes and with just one stroke of the brush, my curled lashes using curler, just fell straight down. so i was better off with just curling it with my shu uemera lash curler and without the mascara. I do not understand how this mascara can claim to be a super mascara, seriously? It does not even perform as a standard mascara, it clings to the lashes, clumps it and dries too quickly for a second coat. I would never ever try this mascara everrrrr.
I hardly ever leave the house without mascara, so I have tried a few different ones in my time, and this is definitely one of my faves.  I like the size of the wand, and I like that I only need two coats max to achieve the desired look. My lashes thicken and curl, and I find no flakiness or smudging with this mascara.  I also like that this isn't strong scented (like I have found with some other mascaras unfortunately).  It lasts all day (I remove with micellar water easily), and is great value for money.  I'd gladly recommend this mascara to those after a non-clumpy, thick lash mascara.
I love Rimmel mascaras. They have big brushes with lots of bristles to add that extra oompf. I have blonde tipped eye-lashes, so they appear short or non-existant without mascara. This one has a great non-clumping coverage, and for those nights out, just keep going with the applicator for a bold statement, extra thick and long lashes, which cancels out the need for an eyeliner IMO.
this mascara lengthens and thickens mascara quite easily, the curved brush is easy to use and gives a nice even coat. Two coats works better to look lush and even longer with no problems with clumping like other mascaras after two coats. A great addition to my makeup bag
This is a great "drug store" priced mascara. It's not the best on the market, but for the price is gives a great finish.
I purchased this in the waterproof version and found it flakey. I was looking for a mascara that lengthened and curled my lashes. This mascara did both of those things. I saw a difference even on days I didn't use my lash curler. I like the wand which is old school spool (not the plastic wand). The wand is a crescent shape and I found it easy to use. HOWEVER every time I wear this mascara it flakes on my cheeks by lunchtime. Unfortunately this puts it in the no go mascara basket for me.
This is my new fav mascara. I love the curved brush, it curls and lengthened my lashes and makes them look amazing. I found using several light coats letting them each almost dry before applying the next coat worked best rather than continual applications and it won't clump that way. It did very slightly smudge on my upper eye lids while still wet but that's easily dabbed off and isn't a problem. I found letting the brush touch the underside my top eyelid made it look like I'd used eyeliner to the top lid. I love this mascara
I have naturally very long, dark, curled lashes but like to give them some extra curly boost! This product worked well, it provided some nice definition and curl and was easy to apply with no clumping.
I have naturally long lashes, but lately I have noticed that they are thinner and don't have as much natural curl and lift anymore. This mascara has fixed that completely! It really does lift and curl my lashes!
I remember when this was THE mascara to get (before their tint as you go one - more on that later!)! You begin by applying this along the top of your lashes, then fanning them out from beneath. You can then push the lashes further up and out by turning the brush vertically to use the tip to give them a bit of a nudge.  The curved brush is meant to fit the shape of the eye to prevent smudging during application. I found this to work well for application. The big question is - does it actually work? As far as volumising goes, it gets a big yes from me. It also does smudge, but just a little beneath the eyes, and not enough to stop me from wearing it.  Alas, as for the curling part, I'm afraid it would take more than a mascara to do so with my crazy straight Asian lashes. Much like my head hair, my lashes believe in staying straight and curl free, and remained this way despite the application of this lovely mascara.